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    Dr. Callery

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  1. Missmyeshia17

    Pre op appointment??

    What happens at the pre op appointment? And what happens at the hospital visit with the scheduled nurse. What tests do they run? And what are they looking for in blood work?
  2. Missmyeshia17

    Whats next after the Sugery Date is scheduled?

    What does the pre op history and physical consist of?
  3. Missmyeshia17

    Whats next after the Sugery Date is scheduled?

    Thank you all for responding it means so much. What exactly is the pre op diet? I know they told me not to eat breads and to read labels look for food under 10g that's all not much of a diet any ideas?? The last time I seen Dr. Callery he said that my abdomen was fine and that u don't need to lose anymore weight and to not gain anymore weight. Any tips??
  4. My doctor says on my next appointment he will give me a surgery date? Can someone give me an idea of what happens after surgery date is scheduled??