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  1. Muscle Mass

    Does anyone have any advice for gaining muscle mass? I'm 6'6, and my doctor's weight goal for me is 250. My personal goal is 260lbs with 10lbs of new muscle. I have just been released to hit the gym. My plan is cardio out of the gate for the first 2 weeks. But after that, I wish to incorporate some weight lifting to strengthen my core, and build my arms. Should I add an extra protein shake? Are there any muscle mass mixes that I can add? HELP!! Sorry if this duplicated. I started having internet issues right when I went to hit the submit button.
  2. Hey There!

    I was only giving my perspective. I only wish to motivate others in the same scenario. I don't wish to come off as a know it all. I leave that up to others.
  3. Hey There!

    Yeah, I agree. The pain is terrible. Especially right now when the weather is changing. But with an extended lease on life, I can always hope for a cure, or meds that actually have a positive impact on the pain. I refuse to take ANY opioid medication. I made it 42 years on this planet without being addicted to anything. I'm sure as hell not going to start now. Yes, That's a Boston hat I'm wearing. My nickname is "Beegoe." I'm having my hat custom stitched using the Boston "B" as the first letter. I'm a 1st gen American. My family came to the U.S. from Ireland. I'm a Detroit fan, first and foremost. But all my second teams are from Boston. I root for my Red Wings. I root for my Bruins. But if they're playing against each other, it's nearly a "Sophie's Choice" for me!! LOL As for the Tigers and Lions, well, there's nothing too positive to say. I watch them....I suppose that's something, right? LOL
  4. Hey There!

    First, thank you very much!! Congratulations of your success!!! I spoke with my rheumatologist after posting here. She told me not to expect the weight loss to yield much relief in my pain. I don't care. I'll take a longer life with pain and flareups over losing my life by 50. I gained more time with my wife, kids, and friends. That is all that matters.
  5. Hey There!

    Hi everyone!! I just joined Thinner Times yesterday, and wanted to introduce myself. I will be 5 weeks post sleeve surgery 10.23.2017. My weigh in the day of my surgery was 375lbs, at 6'6. 375lbs was NOT my heaviest. As of today, I'm down 41lbs. So far, this has been a great experience, with some trying times sprinkled in, here and there. I still get weak from time to time. But I attribute this to the adjustment period that we all experience. I want to congratulate everyone for taking the steps needed to improve their quality of life, including myself. This is a step in my life that I never thought I would have the guts to take. For me, I just got tired to being fat, and feeling terrible all the time. I had enough. Full transparency, I am also one of the very few men out there that suffer from Fibromyalgia, and my case is a pretty severe one. So while I still experience quite a bit of pain, I was hoping that the surgery would also help with my Fibro pain. Pain-wise, the sleeve surgery really hasn't had a positive impact. But keep in mind, my pain is much different than "normal." I am still hopeful that with time, and as the weight comes off, the pain will lessen. If it doesn't, I'll just shoulder it, and carry on. If you're reading this and you're ramping up for your surgery, I applaud you. Some advice is this: GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME. I wholeheartedly believe that there are two important keys to succeeding post surgery. The first thing is to have a solid support system. If you're reading this, you're already on the right path. But the most important key is to mentally prepare yourself for this undertaking. You have to prepare yourself for frustration. Because you will have some. That's where your support system comes into play. Another piece of advice is this: DO NOT CHEAT. Do yourself a favor and look around at other forums, and you'll see several posts from people asking what they can get away with while still on a restricted diet, post surgery. There's a pretty high chance these people won't fully experience the benefits of this surgery. Also, but look at the horror stories from people that cheated on their diet, and totally regret it. It's not worth it. Not only that, but why put yourself through this process, just to return to old habits? You will be hungry post surgery. There's no hiding it. This is where your mental preparedness, and your support system comes into play. If you're experiencing hunger between meals or snacks, clean your house, go for a walk, DO something. Don't just sit there and contemplate your hunger. It's counterproductive to what your goals are. Drink some water, and get busy doing something to take your mind off of food. Whatever you do, don't give in. Post-op, you have to keep your mind busy. All. The. Time. Face it, whenever we were bored, or didn't have anything pressing to do, we'd eat. At least that was my experience, and the experiences of other threads I've read about. Don't make excuses. This is one that I've had to battle with since day one. Especially having Fibro. "Oh, I'm in too much pain today." B.S. Get off your butt and get to it. Once you begin to see the weight coming off, this will become easier. Follow your doctor's direction to the T. Do NOT deviate from their instruction. There have been countless studies done. Their science behind this surgery is constantly changing. These are words right from my doctor's office. Don't overdo your exercise. I did that, and almost passed out in a store. Push yourself, but at the same time, know your limits. Even if you have to take 10, 10 minute walks, do so. This sleeve was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My kids & wife are proud of me. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I am proud of myself too. Like I said, I never would have thought I'd ever have the guts to undergo such a life changing procedure. I had to renew my driver's license on 8.27.2016. I looked at a side by side comparison with a new picture I had taken. The difference is astounding. The first 30 days are tough; NOT impossible. Steer clear of negativity. Remain positive. Join support groups, either online, in person, or both! You NEED people to be your cheerleaders. If you find yourself "on the ledge" speak up. I don't care how mentally strong you might be, you WILL need support. That whole "It takes a village" adage is SO true. That's why we're all here, right? Keep grinding away my fellow WLS people!! We can do this together!!