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  1. Cardamom77

    11 months.....

    Honey! (sorry, I'm southern and we call everyone honey) Why are you doing that to yourself? You have done FANTASTICALLY well! Weight loss is tricky and doesn't always go on the timeline we think it should. You are doing everything you should and you should be kinder to yourself. You stop beating up on our CJ! Knock it off! <3
  2. Cardamom77

    It finally happened.....

    Yes! I think that's why it bothers me so much. Anyone judging my body can shove it. Haha! Thanks, all!
  3. Cardamom77

    It finally happened.....

    Someone said, "Just don't lose too much weight or you'll get too skinny!" Ugh. How do you reply to this?
  4. Cardamom77

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thanks, all! @BurgundyBoy the knee and chin are fine. My chin is mostly healed, just still has some bruising and my knee is about the same. @Boho Rosy I love that dress on you! So cute!
  5. Cardamom77

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I’m selling my mom’s tie-dyes at a craft show today. I don’t normally wear tie-dye, but I threw on this shirt. It’s a medium!
  6. Cardamom77

    I fell down and went boom, but it all worked out...

    Thanks, all! My chin looks TERRIBLE today. It's all purple and scabby. But I'm wearing it like a badge of honor. My bike will definitely need to be checked out, but it seems safe enough to ride, so I'm going to be back on it tomorrow to go to work! Hopefully I can scrape the money together to get it into the bike shop to get looked at soon.
  7. I rode the Square 2 Square today! It was a little different than it would have been had it gone on as planned, but it was still pretty fun. About 20 miles in, I was adjusting my helmet and hit the edge of the trail weird and wrecked my bike. I mostly have a bruised ego, along with a skinned chin and knee, but my bike will need repairs. My bike was safe to ride, though, so I went ahead and rode the additional 10 miles I needed to finish. If my bike hadn't been safe to ride, I would have gotten a bike share bike and ridden that because I was FINISHING THE DANG RIDE. Haha! I'm pretty proud of myself. (Yes, I wore a cute dress to ride in because I'm femme af and that's how I roll. LOL)
  8. Cardamom77

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thanks! Yes, that is my living room.
  9. Cardamom77

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I'm wearing my sweet Doc Martens, too, but they didn't make it into the picture. Haha!
  10. Cardamom77

    10 months!

    Oh, I'm still not going to put those metal fenders on the damn thing. I tried and the wheels rubbed and it was horrible. I may buy some mudguards, though. It's that or bring a change of clothes when I go to work. It's not a big deal when I'm just riding to ride - I don't care how wet/gross I get when that's the case. On this ride I actually didn't get real wet. The ground was wet but there wasn't any flooding, so it wasn't a big deal. If I'm riding in straight up rain, then fenders won't help anyway. Haha! I'll probably go with the taking a change of clothes plan. And I'm in Arkansas, so our "winters" are about two months long and it's more ice than snow, so it's too treacherous to ride in anyway. I don't worry a lot about speed, so I don't get hung up on trying to reduce weight on the bike. I have a rack on it and I usually carry one pannier to hold my locks, spare tube, tools, etc. I like to carry all of that because when I'm riding to work, my husband is either at work or in class and can't come rescue me, so I need to be able to change a tire or tighten a bolt or whatever is needed. Also I'm stubborn and like to take care of stuff myself. Ha! I may add another pannier soon to carry my clothes. I have decent bike "luggage" because we had planned to ride the Katy Trail several years ago and bought some really nice stuff. I'm glad because we're broke now and wouldn't be able to afford it. Haha! I should probably put a bell on it. I've had some issues on the trail going around corners and the people coming from the other direction were in my lane and we almost hit each other. No fun! I have this cool antique bell I could use, so I might put that on the handlebars soon. But I'm pretty happy with my setup, all told. I have some minor annoyances, but they're not pressing concerns.
  11. Cardamom77

    10 months!

    My ride went great! I’m excited for Sunday, too, when I’ll get my medal.
  12. Cardamom77

    Biker Chick

    Looking good! Do you go to Bikes, Blues, and BBQ? It takes place in my town!
  13. Cardamom77

    10 months!

    I'm 10 months out and I've lost a total of 120 lbs. The weight loss is slowing, I think, but that's totally fine. I'm at 159 now, which I never thought would happen, so I'm doing well! I'm sticking with around 1500 calories a day or so and more carbs than I was having before - largely because I need fiber. The ride I signed up for today was canceled because we had some intense rain overnight that flooded some of the tunnels and they can't really hold the ride and risk the liability if someone hurts themselves. However, I'm still going to ride the 30 miles this afternoon, rain or shine. I've ridden in flooded tunnels before and it's fine, just wet. They low key rescheduled for next Sunday - minus all the pit stops, etc. - and I'm going to ride that too. I'm still in about a size 12, though some size 10 things fit me (and some 14s, too). I'm about to have to shop for fall clothes, which will have to be from thrift stores. I'm actually thinking of doing a capsule wardrobe for fall now that I'm slowing down so much on weight loss. Things will fit me a bit longer and I'm wanting to simplify. Still mulling it over. I'll let you all know if I end up doing that.
  14. This article is very validating for me. I've been worrying that I'm snacking too much and worried about eating carbs, even though it's almost exclusively carbs in dairy or whole grains with an occasional treat or cocktail once a month or so. I have only overeaten maybe twice since surgery 10 months ago and it was a bad experience both times. I do not want to do that again! This article helped me see that I'm actually doing the right things already. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Cardamom77

    Confession time...

    I chose to basically tell everyone, but I can completely understand why someone would choose not to tell anyone. I haven't had the experience of people being jerks about it, but it's because I'm a very assertive person and they know better. People have asked really invasive questions, though, which gets old. :-/ I don't think you have anything to feel bad about. It was a very personal question that you aren't obligated to answer, so I think whatever you decided to say is fine.