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  1. Peanut butter recommendations?

    That's what I do. I prefer this to peanut butter with added oils, also.
  2. Peanut butter recommendations?

    I think Justin's makes a no stir natural peanut butter that's just peanuts and palm oil. It's a bit pricier than other brands, but they make decent stuff.
  3. Another newbie!

    Hi! Welcome! You seem to have a great attitude about surgery and I think you'll find some good information here. I'm really glad l found this board before my surgery. It has helped tremendously. I could have written the part about dieting. I have tried EVERYTHING. The last diet I did before surgery was Whole30. What's ironic is that now I'm pretty much eating that same diet, but with basically no effort. Haha! This is a great community. Glad you're here!
  4. BIKEY BIKES!!!!

    Yeah, I think I'll prefer them to the bar-ends. I just need to get the hang of them! I HATE fenders. I will probably put some different tires on this bike soon and the clearance wasn't great on these fenders - especially given that the front one was already rubbing on the tire. They're just too finicky. I don't mind getting some mud on me. When I used my bike to commute, I always wiped down and changed clothes anyway, so it was no biggie.
  5. How much fat do you eat?

    SCIENCE! I also wonder if the fact that I'm incorporating fats into a healthy diet now will help my long term success. I do not miss sweets. Honestly - which is a HUGE shocker for me! I thought for sure that I would pine for them, but I really couldn't care less. But I think that I would pine for fats. I would feel really deprived if I couldn't have bacon or oils or coconut or avocado, etc. So I'm thinking that I should probably chill a bit and just make sure I continue to keep my calories where they should be and my protein high and my carbs low.
  6. How much fat do you eat?

    Oh and the last couple of days I've gone back to dropping 0.5 - 1 pound a day, so I'm just a worrywart and I need to CHILL. Haha!
  7. BIKEY BIKES!!!!

    Fenders are off this morning. I'm going to put her on the trainer later this afternoon and see how that is before I go outside on her. My former bike had bar end shifters and this one has brifters, so it's a new shifting situation and I want to make sure I have the hang of it before trying to ride on the street. Excited!
  8. BIKEY BIKES!!!!

    Meet Mildred! Millie for short. Those fenders are coming off though. I forgot I hate them. They’re cute, but if they’re not juuuuust right, they rub the tires.
  9. BIKEY BIKES!!!!

    Starting to build it tonight! I had to go buy some grease for the pedals and seatpost, but I should be good to go now. It's been a while since I've put any bike stuff together, so I'm both excited and a little nervous. But I should be able to handle it. The hardest parts are adjusting the derailleurs and brakes.
  10. What will it feel like when I wake up?

    I had a bypass, but I think it's roughly the same other than I think sleeve patients may have more post-op pain due to the removal of the stomach through one of the incisions. Anyway, I don't remember the recovery room at all and woke up when they were wheeling me to my hospital room and getting me settled there. I wasn't in any pain at all, but I was chock full of morphine and had a button I could push for more. So basically I felt high as a kite. Haha! My family thinks I'm hilarious on pain meds, so they made sure to ask me questions and get me to say stupid things. Buncha lovable jerks..... After a few hours, things started to hurt a little, but not nearly as much as I expected. Honestly, the pain was the worst the day after I went home, but quickly subsided. My throat was dry in the hospital, but they gave me these swabs that had a sponge end that was wet with this lemon flavored stuff. I could use them to swab my mouth and suck on for moisture. I LOVED those things. I had to pee constantly, which was annoying, but it also got me up and walking around. Take a robe.
  11. How much fat do you eat?

    I should clarify - I don't like cream dressings - only oil/vinegar based dressings. I also don't like a lot of dressing on my salad. So when I say "full fat" I mean that I want dressing with oil in it, not the ones that have added sugar/etc. to make up for the lack of fat. The exception is if there's a REALLY good balsamic available - I don't need any oil for really good balsamic. Salad is good for me, sure, but I also want it to taste good. I don't like to put a lot of cheese/bacon/croutons/etc. on salads, either. Just a nice bit of greens and some veggies and a maybe a sprinkling of sunflower seeds for crunch. I'm seriously fantasizing about salad right now. I'm probably going to go straight to Whole Foods and get one from the salad bar after my appointment next week. I've never been one to like a lot of anything as a dressing/condiment. Whenever you get a salad at a fast food place and they give you two dressing packets, I'll use like half of one. And I use Duke's mayo, but I pretty much never use a whole tablespoon on anything. Blech. Sometimes I honestly wonder how I even got fat and then I remember that I used to eat half a pie at a sitting pretty regularly. So that was probably it. Ha!
  12. How much fat do you eat?

    This is a relief to hear! I have no interest in fried food, luckily. Like, when I smell it, I feel like barfing. THAT level of no interest. What I *want* is avocado and salad with full fat dressing (which I can't wait to have!), chicharrones, and OMG CHEEEEEEESE. All the cheese. All the different types of cheese. Nothing in this world tastes better than cheese to me right now. Haha! I wonder if the fat is helping more than the biotin on my skin. I have not had issues with skin except for a short time because I was very dehydrated. But it makes sense to not worry too much about it. I'm still not getting a ton of calories in, so it's probably not something to freak out too much about. I do need to get a grip on the "habit" foods, though. I really think that will improve once I can eat raw veggies, though.
  13. You look fantastic! I love your style, too! Thank you so much for writing this. Being so new, I think I can get really caught up in feeling like I'm stalling or that I'm not losing fast enough, etc. It's good to see how well sticking to it can pay off.
  14. How much fat do you eat?

    So my weight loss has slowed down. I figured it would eventually, but I'm still just shy of 3 months out, so I'm wondering if it's not diet related. One thing I've noticed is that I don't really watch my fat intake. I'm still getting pretty few calories in (600-800 a day) and getting my protein and coming in usually at under 30 carbs, but always under 50. Because of this, I don't really freak out about eating full fat cheese or avocado, etc. Fat doesn't seem to give me stomach trouble, either. I haven't even tried anything with much sugar in it because I don't WANT to know if it doesn't make me sick - haha! But fats don't seem to be a problem. Except sesame-based stuff. I can have some sesame oil, but if something has tahini in it, I'm screwed. It makes me a little nervous about nuts. Anyway, this will probably get way better once my diet progresses next week and I can crunch on some carrots and such, but I'm finding myself eating pork rinds (the bougie ones from Whole Foods) and those crunchy baked parmesan things that are 100% cheese. I won't even keep that stuff in the house because I know if I have a whole bag of it at home, I'll eat it within a couple of days. It used to be sugar sugar sugar and now it's fat fat fat. We'll see if things get better when I can crunch something better for me, but I'm a little worried. I am definitely able to see my food issues in sharp relief now. I just need to make sure they stay at bay. Anyway, how much fat do you typically eat in a day? Do you worry much about it?
  15. What are you eating today?

    I didn't think it was very difficult, but it was a little fiddly - there are several steps. I used the same recipe that @cinwa posted. I did use the frozen riced cauliflower, though. I just used a stick/immersion blender to blend it a bit after it steamed in the microwave. Seemed to work out fine. And you could make these as big as you wanted to. I made a whole smallish pizza last night, but only eat about 1/4 of it and put the rest in the fridge. That's why I had some of the leftovers for lunch today.