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  1. My dietician and I talked about this, too. He mentioned having kind of a contingency plan for if/when I am injured and have to take a break from cycling. That it may be difficult to adjust to having to eat less again to maintain my weight. It is honestly a STRUGGLE right now to eat enough (I burned 2100 calories yesterday - 65 miles - and that's on top of what I already have to eat just to maintain. Not happening), so I'm not terribly worried. But I also know that going from having to try to pack in 2700+ calories on an average day to needing to drop down to 1700 or so if I'm sedentary would n
  2. I'm noticing I can eat more now - probably a good cup to a cup and a half of food at a time. That's the absolute most, though, and it depends on the food. But I am definitely happy that I can't eat half a pizza anymore. Ha! I totally get this. I don't dump when I eat sugar, which is an issue. I've been eating a lot more of it lately and even though I don't gain weight with it because I'm burning it off, it's not a good choice and won't help me nutritionally. We're all works in progress, though. I need to rein that in.
  3. I second the papaya enzyme! It works well for me.
  4. @CheeringCJ The other person was fine, too! I have to say that the 2016 Nissan Rogue is a very safe car. My husband was incredibly lucky. I still ride when it rains. I have no choice! I have a good rain jacket and rain pants to cover my clothes, but I can also just take a change of clothes in my panniers. I have a rain fly for the panniers, too, so that keeps everything inside dry. Those are some great deals you got! I definitely still shop at thrift stores. The cycling outfit I got was on ebay. I paid $22 shipped and it probably cost around $150 new. Lord knows I can't afford new cycl
  5. It's been a year and a half for us now! How's it going? @CheeringCJ @AustinJ @Michael_A @Boho Rosy @kristinwitha_k @Lauraw96 @delilas @Lynn74
  6. My clinic had us go from liquid to soft foods - no pureed stage. Do you notice if it does it more with things like cottage cheese than with broth or pureed soups? If so, it could just be the texture - especially if you're not chewing it (yes, you should even chew cottage cheese!). If not, it could be sugar content from foods giving you the stomach ache. If you're pureeing soups, especially canned soups, make sure the sugar content is very low. Some canned soups add sugar which might trigger dumping syndrome. For me, dumping feels like nausea and stomach cramping for about 30-45 minutes. Also,
  7. Hey - good job catching these habits early and working hard to meet your goals! And it sounds like you had some stressors that could have sent you into a tailspin, but you powered through it. Go you!
  8. We’ll start with the bad: My husband totaled our car. He’s ok, though. The ugly: Our finances are still a hot mess and we can’t afford to buy or finance another car. The good: Now we have a great excuse (well, REASON) to ride our bikes literally everywhere. So I’m averaging about 15-20 miles a day commuting and running daily errands and taking 40-65 mile rides on the weekends. I’m burning roughly 600-800 calories on weekdays and roughly 1000-1500 calories on my weekend rides. I’m trying to look on the bright side. No car payment. No car insurance to pay. No gas
  9. Wow! I realized it's been December since I posted. Holy cr@p! I haven't poked around the threads yet to see how everyone's doing, but I will! I'm doing well. I'll post the not so great first - I developed kind of a not great relationship with alcohol and may have given myself an ulcer as a result. I've only been experiencing pain for about two weeks, so I contacted the doctor ASAP. They're giving me a megadose of PPI daily and I'll have an endoscopy when I go in for my 18 month appointment in May. I'd do that sooner, but I can't afford the procedure so I'll have to save up for it. I'm hope
  10. Sooooo I date. Yes, I’m married but we are polyamorous and we date and have relationships with other people as well. We have since we started dating 13+ years ago. It works for us. It had been years since I had even bothered, but I decided to start an online dating profile on a whim and WHOA do people respond in droves when you’re thin! I actually put on my profile that I didn’t want to talk to anyone who had a “no fatties” policy because I used to be one. Lol Anyway, I met someone who is a runner and works out religiously and is pretty objectively hot and he is not put off at all by my l
  11. A) no such thing as "too young" for you. You rock that dress! Wear it! B ) Your arms are AMAZING. I mean, AMAZING!!!
  12. A year ago today, I was headed into the hospital all nervous that I had made a wacky decision that I might regret. My sister had just died, so I was grieving and looking at going through this process without her - which was not part of my plan. She was my support system. My family needed me, but I told them I needed to go ahead and do this for myself and that everything could wait until I was healed from surgery. I almost backed out. Some of my friends and family thought I should have at the time. But I didn't. I felt like Brittney would not have wanted me to back out. She would have called me
  13. Hey - thanks for asking, @CheeringCJ. I started to post a reply to this the other day and ended up not really knowing what to say. I'm still not sure what to say. We have had a difficult time the last few weeks. The holidays will be rough. My nephews' dad is being horrible. It's just difficult. I don't know that there's a lot more to say about it. I also feel bad that it seems like I'm always getting support on here and not giving much support to others. In my day to day life, I work with people who are experiencing homelessness, my mother leans on me very heavily, and I'm the main caregiv
  14. Today’s NSV - I just crawled through my dog door because I locked myself out of my house. Lol!
  15. Yeah, I don’t wash everything after every wear but I also keep things pretty clean. I also have a clothing steamer that helps freshen things up between washes. My mirror and selfie taking skill are both terrible, but here’s what I wore today. Grey sweater, grey dress, black tights, Docs and jewelry. I also wore my coat. Ha!
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