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  1. Cardamom77


    I went this route, too. Mine should get here tomorrow. I got some bike short style bottoms and a black and white striped tankini top. I'm both dreading trying it on and looking forward to it. Lol!
  2. I've been eating full servings of mustard onion pretzels and chips and salsa (though a half serving there - I don't think I could even fit 13 chips in!). Like, basically a snack that is entirely carbs. The obvious solution to the problem of eating too many carbs is, you know, to not put them in my mouth. BUT y'all know how hard that is. I guess what I want to know is how to make this not a thing. I want my family to be able to eat the foods they want. We don't have junk in the house typically, but my family wants to have stuff like tortilla chips and pretzels around and I can't blame them. I do try to stay under on my carbs (and I'm successful about 90% of the time), but the issue is that if I eat a serving of carbs, I'm not leaving room for protein and it gets harder to work in all of the protein I need. I'm still losing weight consistently, but I know it's because I'm still in the honeymoon phase and it won't be too long before it's not that easy. How have you battled this? I want to get a grip on it before it can screw up my goals. I know it's a mental thing, but sheer willpower is hard to come by. Any pointers?
  3. Cardamom77

    Six months

    Kick @*#! You're doing so great! I love the idea of redoing a trail to see the difference between then and now. I walked across my old campus the other day and noticed such a huge difference in how I felt compared to when I was in grad school a year ago.
  4. Cardamom77

    Back to the Goodwill...

    You look fantastic! And those are some great finds!
  5. Cardamom77

    One year check up - a little late...

    What a bunch of jerks. That’s all I can really say about that.
  6. Cardamom77

    6 month appointment!

    My triglycerides are fine now! @Res Ipsa I am not someone who chases after thinness and never have been. I'm comfortable with my goal weight. I originally was not going to have one, but decided I needed to have an indicator of when I should consider starting maintenance. I only started that out at 150 before because I didn't know what my clinic had it set as and I just went with 5 lbs over the high end of BMI. We'll see when we get there, though. I may find that I'm still losing steadily and I'll take my body's "word" for it if it's telling me I need to keep heading that direction.
  7. Cardamom77

    Period changes

    Mine went back to being regular. I have a Mirena IUD, though, so it's a different deal there. From what I've heard, though, lots of people who menstruate have changes in their cycle after weight loss.
  8. Cardamom77

    Could use a hug

    Oh, no! @ktallon I'm so sorry things are hard right now. ((((hug)))) It sounds like you are one tough cookie, though. You have a lot of strength and lord knows you have had to tap into it. <3
  9. Cardamom77

    I’m ready for my close-up...

    I’m really 40! That’s the maaaaaagic of makeup. Lol!
  10. Cardamom77

    I’m ready for my close-up...

    My friend and I went out tonight. I wore a wig for fun and got all tarted up. She took some pictures of me at the hipster coffee shop.
  11. Cardamom77

    Summer Vacation, baby!

    So exciting on all counts! I'm glad maintenance is going well for you. I can imagine it comes with its own pitfalls and it sounds like you're rocking it! I have only traveled once in my whole life - to Rome. When I went, I probably should have asked for a seat belt extender, but I just put the belt under my belly and let it cut painfully into my thighs. And I did a lot of apologizing to all my neighboring passengers for taking up so much space. Then, when we got there, the walking was difficult and there were stairs EVERYWHERE. There were side trips I didn't take because my weight held me back. I hope to get to go again eventually - now that my health is better and my size won't hinder me. I'm really excited for you! I was wondering about the evals! I'm glad you got great feedback! I am curious about whether or not your weight played a role. I'm sure you're a fabulous teacher! I just wonder if your students couldn't see past your weight before.
  12. Cardamom77

    6 month appointment!

    Thanks, everyone! I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. My mom told me she was really proud of me - that I've been doing this through a very difficult time (my sister's unexpected death, financial strain, etc.) and still doing well. It's hard for me to give myself credit for that, but she's right. It's been hard, but I've been doing the work. @BurgundyBoy - no real changes health wise. I won't get my lab results for a few days. My last labs were good - other than my triglycerides were still somewhat elevated, but not so much that they're worried. My blood pressure is still great. I wasn't really on any medications before, so there's not really anything to take me off of. I was getting very close to needing blood pressure meds, though, so I'm glad those numbers are getting better. Also, I have no knee pain anymore. I can run up stairs repeatedly with no problem. I'll update on the labs, but I'm guessing there won't be issues. I'm very nearly a model patient and take my supplements religiously. Also I don't feel like garbage (I'm pretty sensitive to fluctuations), so I'd be surprised if any of my numbers are off by much.
  13. Cardamom77

    6 month appointment!

    I had my 6 month appointment today and it went really well! To start, the nurse who weighs us did not recognize me at all when she came in to get me - and said so! Haha! I am down 93 lbs from my first appointment and 81 since surgery (I've had those numbers wrong - I thought I lost 14 lbs before surgery, but apparently I only lost 12. Oops!). The weight range they wanted me to be at by one year was 167-194. I've surpassed their expectations, to say the least! They're happy with my diet, but want me to up the protein a little. I've been getting my protein in ok, but they're concerned that since I'm just riding the line, there are days when I won't be able to get it all in. They're totally right. Currently I eat about 900-1000 calories a day. I walk most days, but I REALLY want to do more exercise. It's just been a struggle to work it into my schedule. I got some advice on how to modify workout videos so that I don't get discouraged. I was commended on my choices of good carbs. I don't eat tons of carbs, but I do eat them and I'm careful about them, so I got kudos for that. And y'all. Y'ALL!!!! I painted my own toenails today!!!!! I have not been able to do that in YEARS. Stats: Highest Weight: 279 Surgery Weight: 267 (apparently) Current Weight: 186 Goal Weight: 167 (I'm adjusting it to the low end of the clinic goal for now) Dress size: 14 Toenail color: Eternal Optimist by Essie I'll add some pictures later! I think I'm going to have my daughter take some 6 month photos for me.
  14. Cardamom77


    Sorry I missed this!!! YAY!!!! So excited for you!
  15. Cardamom77

    How long till drive after surgery

    I was home the next day and had a ride home. The hospital required it. I took pain meds one more day. I was driving five days after surgery, but did not return to work until I was about a week and a half out.