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  1. Cardamom77

    Brave, brave article by Roxane Gay on WLS

    Oh wow. This is an amazing article. This part really hit me: "I had to face the extent of my unhappiness and how much of that unhappiness was connected to my body. I had to accept that I could change my fat body faster than this culture will change how it views, treats, and accommodates fat bodies. And I had to do so while recognizing that losing weight wasn’t actually going to make me happier — which may have been the bitterest part of all." I was so involved with fat liberation before my surgery and it's such a strange place to be in. This article is very affirming for me personally, whether she intended for it to be or not.
  2. Cardamom77

    Are people nicer to you?

    I'm in the same boat. I wore flamboyant clothes, smiled at everyone, started small talk, etc. before, too. I don't think it's a confidence issue for me. I think it's pretty much the weight. I like your therapist's take on it. The nerd in me needs to remember it's just a correlation. Haha!
  3. Cardamom77

    Are people nicer to you?

    Yeah I had weeded those folks out a while back. Haha! @Jen581791 - I'm curious about your evals, too! That would be really interesting. Let us know how that shakes out - I love me some data. @Bigfuzzy - I'm a social worker and I know exactly what you mean. I know that there's often a lack of touch for larger people, especially those living alone, so I try to touch my bigger clients on the shoulder (if it seems appropriate - it doesn't always) or do the social worker side hug - ha! Again, only if it's appropriate. I also am cognizant of the fact that they may avoid medical treatment for VERY understandable reasons, so I consider that when I'm helping them with resources.
  4. Cardamom77

    Are people nicer to you?

    Ha! Yeah, I know that jealousy can be an issue. No one has been nasty to me about it, but I have had some folks be really upfront and honest and say that they're struggling with seeing me lose weight. But I really respect that candor and we talk about it and move on. I don't know what I would do if someone was a jerk about it.
  5. Cardamom77

    Are people nicer to you?

    So I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. People (strangers, essentially) are far nicer to me now that I've lost weight. In stores, while walking on sidewalks, in restaurants, at the library, etc. - people smile at me, ask if I need help more often, people flirt with me more. I think it's the weight and bias, because I've always been a very outwardly friendly person and I've always carried myself confidently, even when I weighed 80+ lbs more than I do now. Just pointing that out so we know what variables we're working with here. Anyway, it bothers me a bit. It's nice to feel like people are being nice and that they think I'm attractive and worth their time, but I know that they wouldn't give me the time of day before and that's really a bummer. I was awesome then, too. I decided to lose weight and have been able to do so, but what if I hadn't been able to get insurance to pay for it? What if I had complications that made it difficult to lose weight? Then people would still ignore me and treat me differently. It just makes me kind of sad and I wanted to know if others had experienced this. It was honestly an outcome I hadn't expected.
  6. Cardamom77

    I need a better sushi strategy

    I commend you on your sushi adventures. I'm to scared to eat rice, but I've always preferred just slabs of raw fish (sashimi) anyway, so it works out. Haha! I like @BurgundyBoy's method. But then I would.
  7. Cardamom77

    November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    On a brighter note, I made these Thai Chicken Salad Wonton Cups with pantry food and leftovers, so I am feeling good about my kitchen skills.
  8. Cardamom77

    November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    @CheeringCJ I’m not riding my bike. The brake pads that came with it are not reliable and need replacing and the derailleur adjustments are outside my expertise. I can’t afford to have that stuff done currently, so I’m kinda stuck.
  9. Cardamom77

    November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    Thanks, all. I'm trying not to get discouraged/give up. It helps that I'm still very much in active weight loss mode. And this is temporary. We'll land on our feet and things will be ok again before long.
  10. Cardamom77

    November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    OMG! So sorry I'm late to this. I haven't been on much (well, at all, really) lately. I've had a lot going on with work and being super duper broke. But I'm doing well! I am down 83 lbs total, 69 lbs since surgery November 21. I'm down to 196 lbs. So that's 69 lbs in just under 5 months - not too shabby! The weight loss has slowed, but it's still steady. I'm moving around a lot more now, but still haven't settled into a good routine with exercise. I've been walking a lot. I joined a StepBet and I can't afford to lose my $40, so that's been a good motivator. Haha! I'm planning to start a Couch to 5k program on Thursday (because my org is having a summit tomorrow and I have to wait until that's over because it totally screws with my schedule). My eating hasn't been going as well as I would like, mostly due to having very little money. We're having to visit food pantries currently and the options aren't the best. I'm trying, though. And I still have plenty of protein powder to make sure I get all my protein in. I'm still good on supplements, also, so it will all work out. The main issue is that I'm eating way too many carbs currently, but this is a temporary situation and I have a good handle on it. I just wish I could afford some better quality food right now. At least there's a cool place that gives away farm fresh eggs, so we always have good eggs. I have a couple of friends who gave me some clothes, so that's good! And my clinic is actually having a clothing swap on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to that. Here's some pics of me now, so you can get an idea of what I look like currently. You'll have to excuse the fact that my mirror is in the middle of my "Here's where we stack the Goodwill donations" area. Ha! I still have just under 50 lbs to lose, but I'm at a point now where even if I didn't lose another pound I'd be happy, which is pretty cool! I'm so glad to see how well everyone's doing!
  11. Cardamom77


    Just wanted to share the excitement. (Although I feel like I should have swept, dusted, and gotten a pedicure - but whatever. Haha!)
  12. Cardamom77

    Sad news

    I'm late to this, but I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I know this was a big shakeup for social workers across the country. Anger is a completely understandable reaction. I'm also angry.
  13. Cardamom77

    a little frustrated

    I’m going through a similar thing right now. I’ve been able to eat more at a sitting, so I think the fact that I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to fat before is catching up with me. I’ve also been eating too many carbs. So it’s back to basics for me, too. But we got this!
  14. Cardamom77

    do you have Netflix?

    @Readytobeme I'm on episode 4 of The Big Ward and Maria and her son Vincent are hilarious and I LOVE THEM!!!! Thanks for mentioning this show.
  15. Cardamom77


    The weather is good enough, but the brakes aren't. I have to wait until I can replace the brake pads. Thanks for asking!