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  1. I like the Almond Bliss One bar. It tastes like a freaking Almond Joy! I can only eat a half of one at most, but dang it's so yummy!
  2. Cardamom77

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Not clothes, but hair. I’m probably going to color it, too. Probably a light pink, maybe lavender. Anyway, getting back to my punk rock roots. Oh and I used one of those makeup apps because I have some lovely 5 o’clock hormonal facial hair stubble. Lol! But that’s why my face looks a little cartoony.
  3. Cardamom77

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    LOVE! You look amazing! I miss Torrid, honestly. I can't shop there anymore. But, having been a plus size woman, I also understand the need for plus size niche stores.
  4. Cardamom77

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    Oh yeah. Sorry for the MASSIVE thread-jacking, @NerdyToothpick !
  5. Cardamom77

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    Haha! It can mean that here, too. But then it's also a cycling term that alludes to hitting a wall. Basically not having any energy left and feeling like crap. So the opposite of the "good" meaning. LOL @BurgundyBoy I'm sure someone in Portland had tried bonking on a bike during that naked ride. But that whole thing looks like mayhem anyway. Hahaha!
  6. Cardamom77

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    So far, I just chill on worrying too much about the carbs I eat on days when I ride more than an hour or so. Not in the sense that I go crazy, but I don't worry about getting in some extra fruit or I might order potatoes on the side of something. There's this place right on the trail that does these AMAZING roasted potatoes and they're an "only when I'm on my bike" treat. I can only eat like 3 or 4 of the little things along with the eggs and house cured bacon I order, but it's worth it. Haha! I don't tend to eat while I'm actually riding, but my rides rarely last more than an hour. I take some turkey jerky with me on longer rides (I think my longest so far has been about an hour and a half), so I guess I do something similar to what you do. This morning I'm meeting a friend for breakfast and I decided to park at a trailhead and ride, so YAY I get potatoes! Haha!
  7. Cardamom77

    New work headshots!

    My org is doing new headshots and team photos at the end of next month. Is it weird that I'm excited? I no longer look like my picture from last year, so I'm stoked that I'll actually be accurately represented, but I'm also kind of excited for having a well-done "after" shot. Haha! I don't think I looked bad when I was heavier - I've always appreciated the beauty in all sizes. But I do look very very different. Here's my work photo from last year: I'll update when we get the new ones.
  8. Cardamom77

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    I would also like to know this. I don't think I'm at bonking-level rides yet, but they're not far away.
  9. Cardamom77

    Always Second Guessing Myself & My Choices

    Hey there! It's ok to not be sure about this. It's a big decision. I was very nervous about it and it took me about a year to even consider it as an option and then another several months to finally get the ball rolling. It's natural to have doubts. I grew up in abuse, too. Have you heard of ACEs? Adverse Childhood Experiences? Researchers started studying them because, as they were studying obesity, it became clear that ACEs were a factor in people who grew up and became obese. That could be due to higher cortisol levels from stress and trauma or emotional eating or a variety of other factors, but there is certainly a relationship between ACEs and obesity. I recognized that, while my obesity was a largely a result of overeating and lack of exercise, there were other factors at play that I couldn't ignore. Like so many of us, I had tried every diet and "lifestyle change." I had tried so many workouts and struggled to get the hang of it. None of it worked long term. I recognized there was no shame in needing to surgically address the issue. At 280 lbs (on a 5'4" frame), I was starting to have issues with my mobility. I could no longer ride my bike. I couldn't climb stairs without feeling physically ill. My blood pressure was starting to get high. I had constant GERD that was not responding to treatment. I knew it was a matter of time before some of these issues became irreversible and I had to do something. Like @Res Ipsa , I only wish I had done it sooner. I do struggle a bit with emotional eating still, but I recognize it and keep it under control. I don't know that surgery saved my life, but I can say it makes it where I'm actually living my life and it's totally worth it.
  10. Cardamom77

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    I can't have dried mangoes in the house. I will eat them all.
  11. Cardamom77

    Food fail and sore pouch

    Nooooooooo!!!!!! That would be heartbreaking. I seem to not be able to handle shrimp. I mean, it's not my favorite, so it's not the worst thing in the world to not be able to handle, but it's annoying when you go to an event and they have like pasta, rice, 5 kinds of cake, and then some shrimp. So I'm sitting there like...
  12. Cardamom77

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Uh, super cute! I love the overalls on you!
  13. Cardamom77

    Food fail and sore pouch

    That's what I'm doing this morning. It is my lifeblood. But I also like the taste, so that helps. @Jen581791, I'm sorry you're having pouch troubles. Glad you're on the mend, though. I wish we got an owner's manual, too. My clinic gives us a manual of sorts, but with everyone being so different and having different experiences, it would be hard to make it where it applied to everyone. I know folks who have issues with cold foods and folks who have issues with hot. It's a bummer to find out that some of your favorite stuff won't work out.
  14. Cardamom77

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Today I walked my daughter to school and then rode my bike to work, and I'm planning to ride it across town for a meeting this afternoon. This would have been not just unpleasant a year ago, but impossible. A ride that takes me 20 minutes would have taken an hour and would have been MISERABLE. Now it is not a big deal. It's just what I do. It's how I get around now. Also hills don't even LOOK as big now. Haha!
  15. Cardamom77

    Mammograms Mammosuck

    Yay for a nice clean boob squish!