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  1. LorettaLynn: It DOES end. Mine took a little less than 2 months out from surgery. Peppermint tea, and peppermint oil into a bottle of water. Slow sips. That was the ONLY thing that ended up helping. Nothing else did. It was miserable. Important part was, it ended. I don't know if it was the peppermint or just happened to be coincidence of time, but once i had that within a few days i felt tremendously better and been great since.
  2. I am 5 weeks out post rny and gallbladder removal. First 2 weeks, I did great. 3 weeks or so, I have had all day nausea and dry heaving. Doc tried a few meds, including Zofran, but didnt work. I went into er last week and got fluids, they did cat scan and all that and everything physically appears fine. I keep having to miss work, used all my sick leave and almost out of vacation leave. Tell me this ends. Did anyone else have this nausea crap around 5 weeks out? When does it end? I feel like crying and hopeless. It doesnt seem like this will ever end. I reg
  3. What are the best reasonably priced protein powders? Must be: 25g+ protein Less than 5g Carbs Less then 5g Sugar
  4. Of course. Both Multicare and Chi have excellent surgeons.
  5. Did anyone use Multicare in Tacoma, WA? I am currently going through Chi Franciscan, but they are kinda dropping the ball with my paperwork and I am thinking of switching. What kind of requirements and medical tests were needed? (I did all the ones chi requires, but curious if there is a difference).
  6. I have done most of my communication via email (I like a written trail) and there have been two staff involved. One didn't have a problem with it, but isn't the one that submits to insurance. The one with the problem is the one that does that portion. I sent an email on friday and I expect Ill hear back on Monday or Tuesday. Depending on how that goes, will depend on what I do next. I have put in for a consult at another place, waiting on a phone call. So if all else fails, i'll go elsewhere. Though i am hoping I can get this resolved here, I otherwise have liked this place.
  7. I contacted the place where my EKG was and the psych eval place, the hospital that did the EKG says the medical office has to ask for it. The psych eval place I am waiting to hear back back. I contacted them asking them to send over the results again. I sent an email this morning to the two people I am dealing with at the doctors office and we will see how that goes. If not well, I might see about contacting the doctor.
  8. Vent... having a difficult time getting bariatric doc office to submit to insurance. I did a 6 month nutritional program through my former insurance, gave release to doc office (still haven't requested it). I also did 10 months of Weight watchers from august 2016 - may 2017 and even had doctor visits in august, October, April, (and several others) where my weight was recorded and even nutrition discussed - though the visits were not specifically for that. I have talked to my current insurance several times and they are very much encouraging me to have my doc office submit for approval. Especia
  9. I got all my medical tests done today. Talked to doctors office and they forwarded my stuff to the surgery scheduler. The surgery scheduler will contact insurance and then contact me to setup an appt. The person said that they will let me know when they submit for approval.
  10. So I called Weight Watchers and got my weight history from August 2016 - May 2017 emailed to me (10 Months of Weight watchers!). I emailed it to my bariatric doctors office tonight and asked if this would work or if they needed the records directly. They responded back very quickly and said that should work. She was forwarding it to the person in the office that does the insurance stuff. I am hoping it will be submitted for insurance approval here tomorrow or Monday! Psych eval is already done and should be at docs office already. My medical tests I have an appt for tomorrow mornin
  11. I am currently waiting for my bariatric place to send me the records release forms for Molina and Weight Watchers. They will then get the records and process that part to my insurance. Love the place I am going through, they are great. I am also waiting on them to send the referral for all the medical tests to my docs office so i can get those scheduled too.
  12. Thanks for all the clarification! No, that certainly is not me. I am quite excited about the process and realize there will be times things do not go as fast as my lack of patience wants. hehe I had my psych eval tonight and passed -- another item off the list. Hoping tomorrows dealings with the insurance company go well.
  13. Aussie, I think you may have taken that comment more literally than I meant it. Also, I've been able to lose weight but then I gain it back and then some. I'm well aware it's alright to lose beforehand. I wasn't meaning that statement as a "woe is me" way, just eager to get it done, more of a aw sort of way. Just frustrated that I may have to repeat the 6 months.
  14. I am waiting to hear back on Monday. The Molina customer service leaves much to be desired. I called them to have them transfer my record over to Regence and they had no idea how to and had to get managers, supervisors, etc. Then they mentioned maybe doing a letter stating I finished my 6 months of stuff, but the guy needed to talk to his supervisor and figure out how. Then tried telling me, oh there was only 5 of 7 tickets sent to me, had to go through explaining that they were definitely sent and I have my ww booklet right here that says otherwise. That didn't seem like much of an issu
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