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  1. Approved for surgery

    Thank you CJireh!
  2. Approved for surgery

    Yes I am for sure, I’m so excited!
  3. Approved for surgery

    Hey everyone I received my surgery date! I will be having my surgery December 18th I’m so excited to begin this new journey!
  4. Approved for surgery

    BurgundyBoy and Greta thank you for responding. I have been very active all of my life but still overweight. Greta kudos to you for going back to teach Cardio, not to mention the length of your class! At my age of 65 I know longer teach classes like I did years ago but work with young children and also Dementia/Alzheimer’s clientele. I alsolutely love it and it is low key. BB I started taking Probiotics a couple months ago and will continue, it has helped with heartburn that I occasionally got after drinking coffee. I walk my dog Joey a couple times a day and generally stay pretty active. Good idea on the exercises to strengthen my abdominals they need it! By the way I’ve tried uploading a picture, I tried several but not successful. The file is too large or pixels, haha Have a wonderful day and thank you again!
  5. Approved for surgery

    This group is awesome, thanks so much for the encouragement and also the suggestions. It seems everyone is in agreement with going forward and scheduling as soon as I can. One question I do have is how long we’re you laid up for? Besides lifting things were there other things you found difficult at first? The reason I ask is I own my own business (dance & drama teacher) and I’m mid session into this quarter. I do have an assistant so can have her lead some of things I normally would do but I would still be there. My Doctor does surgery on Wednesday’s each week and my classes are Monday and Tuesdays right now so I’m thinking maybe having 5 days to recoup might be enough. Question on this forum, is there a way to reply to someone after they leave a message?
  6. Approved for surgery

    Thank you all for your responses and welcoming me to the group. I really appreciate it and will call my clinic on Monday and see what their first availability would be. Then I believe I have one last meeting with the dietician to go over my liquid diet. How long did you have to do the liquid diet prior to surgery? I’ve heard some say 2 weeks, 10 days or a week. I hope for me it’s a week and that I can stick to it. It scares me that I might cheat.
  7. Approved for surgery

    Hi all, I just received my letter from my insurance company saying I’ve been approved for sleeve surgery. I’ve completed all my appointments so I’m getting getting very nervous about taking the next step. This time of year is going to be so difficult with the holidays coming up, do you recommend me waiting till after the first of the year or maybe right after Christmas if I can get a date? It will be so hard to do over it over holidays and with family gatherings. I’d appreciate any and all thoughts. By the way I just joined this forum this morning so I’m a newbie! Thank you!