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  1. CelticGirl

    Can you have too much protein?

    @Res Ipsa thank so much for the kind words! and encouragement! Yes, men do lose faster women. Those little buggers! LOL. I appreciate you answering. Take care, Karen
  2. CelticGirl

    Can you have too much protein?

    @Cheesehead Thanks for the words of encouragement! Take care, Karen
  3. CelticGirl

    Can you have too much protein?

    @BurgundyBoy the water aerobics work for me now, but when I'm able I will up the exercise. For me it works for firming and toning as well as aerobics. I do a two part workout with water weights. They actually make my arms look worse because of the muscle underneath the fat, my arms look like they have cellulite! LOL. I think that will go away as I lose more weight. Thank you for the words of encouragement. Take care, Karen
  4. CelticGirl

    Can you have too much protein?

    @Jen581791 That's good to know. Thanks! I must admit I do love that Turkey. LOL. I've always loved salt, but don't feel the need to put it on anything anymore. I've already had to cut my blood pressure medicine in half because it was so low. I'm kind of excited about that. Now that I know 3 lbs is normal, I won't sweat it. Now I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. A novel idea, I know! Ha. Thanks for answering. Take care, Karen
  5. CelticGirl

    Can you have too much protein?

    @cinwa You're right, all doctors are different. They told me to have at least 60 grams of protein a day, but didn't say anything about a max amount. I've been having 2 whey shakes with non-fat milk to make sure I got that. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Take care, Karen
  6. CelticGirl

    Can you have too much protein?

    @athenarose Thank you . I feel so much better. You're so smart about this stuff! I It's weird but eating makes me feel like I'm cheating even though I'm only eating whats on the plan. I'm sure you're right about the 3 lbs a week. My metabolism has always been so slow and that's why I had such a hard time losing weight on my own. The reason I mentioned the water aerobics is that I wanted to add that I'd been excising which speeds up my metabolism and I was still losing so slowly. I added the yogurt and watermelon because the protein alone was clogging me up which was very uncomfortable. I used to be so regular this is a new thing. I appreciate you taking the time to impart your wisdom on me. Take care, Karen
  7. Hi everyone, 3 1/2 weeks post-op and have lost 19 lbs. It looks like I'm settling into losing 3 lbs a week (last week and it looks like this week too) and I have to admit it's disappointing. I thought the average was 5-7. I'm 57 if that matters. I do an hour of water aerobics 6 days a week and am eating mostly protein. (on soft foods) Besides the two protein drinks made with non-fat milk (72 grams) I'll have a light & fit yogurt after my workout.(12 grams) hour later fruit. hour later string cheese (12 grams) was eating sliced turkey (on one meal) but after I went up a pound yesterday I think it has too much sodium. (I got the smoked. LOL) so last night I ate 7 oz of fat free refried beans at two intervals. (lost the pound plus one) Bottom line is I'm exercising more than usual and eating less than 800 calories a day and getting more than my protein in. Am I eating too much protein? Do you think it's my age? Thanks for your advice.
  8. CelticGirl

    Life changes

    Thanks. I'm the same. When going through the cream soup faze I was looking at the label and realized there's no nutrition in this so I added skim milk. I hate fake cheese sauce.
  9. CelticGirl

    Life changes

    Thank you, Nana Trish. You are an inspiration!
  10. CelticGirl

    Life changes

    Sounds great @Cheesehead can you have melted cheese on it or is that what you call cheese sauce?
  11. CelticGirl

    Need Recipes for Stage 3-Pureed Food

    Hi all, For some reason my nutritionist didn't supply me with any websites to find meal suggestions or recipes for stage 3 and I need help. I start tomorrow, and wanted to go shopping today. I found a good on my phone last night and lost it. Now I can't find it again. Looking online, there are all kinds of stuff, but not compliant. All suggestions would be helpful. Thanks,
  12. CelticGirl

    Life changes

    Nana Trish, I totally understand. I'm sure it will be the same for me, but right now I'm dreaming of the days I can have a piece of pizza or a taco. I just keep telling myself 6 months. I have to be perfect for six months, then maybe I can chance a bite of something off plan. That dumping syndrome scares the hell out of me. I'm still reaching for things in my mind, a cashew, a Frito, these are the things my mother eats that are tempting me. Salty things. I stop myself of course, but it freaks me out. I started cooking for my mother again because I don't want her to suffer because I'm doing this. The smell of the Nathan hot dogs kills me, but I don't let on. I don't want her feeling bad. I think the real challenge will be bacon. She mentioned she's been craving a bacon and egg sandwich. That will be tough, but I don't like to say no to her. I will endure. Thanks for your input.
  13. CelticGirl

    Life changes

    Thanks, @Cheesehead. It's always good to hear it will get better. can't imagine having a job cooking while doing this! My family has had 2 celebrations in restaurants lately and I had to beg off. I'm new (14 days) and I can't imagine the smells and watching people eat right now. Maybe when I'm able to eat something along with them I won't mourn their food. Take care, Celtic Girl
  14. CelticGirl

    Life changes

    Sounds fantastic! My triggers are carbs, I love pizza and tacos. At 13 days post op, I can't imagine ever feeling that way. Congrats to you. BTW your hair is amazing!
  15. CelticGirl

    E - L - E - V - E - N (plus)

    Congrats! It all sounds so exciting. You must be having a ball. Thank you for sharing.