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  1. That is so great. Congrats! I notice things now (71 lbs down) that I haven't done in years and it's so exciting. Good for you.
  2. Thanks, Cindy, I guess I need to step it up in the fats department. I only just started using a bit of olive oil dressing in my romaine lettuce. Take care-Love the shirt! Karen
  3. @cinwa Thanks for answering! I'd like to head it off next time. Take care, Karen
  4. @msmarymac Thank you for the great explanation. Take care, Karen
  5. @cinwa I don't understand why I'm still constipated. My diet changed two weeks ago so I now can eat romaine lettuce and cherries. I also eat Greek yogurt and exercise daily. I'm good with my fluids and even drink coffee every morning. Do you know why this is still happening? Also, you mentioned stool softeners. Can someone not quite two months post op take those? The nurse only mentioned suppositories. Thanks for your time, Karen
  6. @athenarose Maybe it's thick because I mix it with milk for the added protein and because I hate the watery taste. Wow, you've done really great! You're an inspiration. You're right, now that I'm approved to add more foods it's much easier to get my protein in. I've been drinking protein drinks for breakfast since high school, I guess it's part of my routine. So I'll continue with the one a day. I guess I'm lucky that my favorite one is approved by my doctor. Thank you so much for your input, Karen
  7. @Jenn42606 OMG, just had the Premier Protein for the first time. Nasty stuff! I have vanilla but I don't taste it. The stuff tastes like cardboard. Did I mention it's thick? Yuck. I don't know how you're choking this stuff down unless you've never had any protein drinks and thought this is what you had to endure. So sorry. I'm going back to COSTCO and getting my 100% Whey even if it is 3 times the price!
  8. @Emmy5 Thank you for the explanation. You're right, they don't do that everywhere. I'm so sorry you've had a difficult time. I don't know what I would have done if I had to have a drain. We had to give ourselves shots for seven days and I thought that was hard. Hopefully now that you can ingest food it gets easier. I know it did for me psychologically. Hang in there, the worst is behind you. Now you can look forward to becoming the new you. Take care Karen
  9. @Emmy5 Congrats! I was thinking about you. How are you doing now? I've got to ask, what was the drain for? Is it out now?
  10. @Jenn42606 Go to your binder from Dr. Callary. It will state what you need in a protein drink. (high protein and under 10 grms of sugar per serving) I haven't tried the Premiere Protein yet, but just bought it because it was $20.00 at Costco and the Whey shake I was buying is $45.00. I mix my powder with Fat Free milk to get more protein, plus I hate the taste of water. If you get a pre-mixed drink you can bet it's mixed with water. Was the drink you tried chocolate? I prefer vanilla in my protein drinks. I find they're sweeter. Good luck!
  11. Wow, congrats!!! That's amazing! Although I never had regrets, the beginning was hard for me because of the commercials on TV. Even though I sped through them it wasn't soon enough to miss the hot, gooey, pizza! Argh. But yes, once I was able to eat something that went away. I swear Olive Garden commercials are on every show I watch!!! Like was mentioned before, I did have the 3 week stall and freaked out. I stopped losing weight when introduced to food. It lasted a week and a half then my body kicked into gear again. I knew the moment it happened, suddenly I was peeing every fifteen minutes and I was no longer constipated. So if this does happen to you, don't worry. It's not you-you did nothing wrong. I'm thankful for the people on this forum, they helped me through it. So if you ever have a problem, come here and voice it. We know what you're going through. Take care,
  12. Hi Em, Welcome to your new thinner life! It's natural to be nervous before surgery, we all were, but you're going to do great! I don't understand the whole throwing up thing. No one ever mentioned that to me, nor do I know anyone who had that problem. I'm sure it's rare. I too hate to throw up. I'm always afraid I'm going to choke to death! LOL. Needless to say, that didn't happen to me. In fact I had zero complications. Like Burgundy Boy I had a problem peeing, but I figured out it was the girdle. You may want to lift that when you sit down, then when you're done put it back in place. One thing I did have was gas pains, but they didn't last long. They were gone, or handled, by day 3. I do suggest you take the pills they give you morning and night, plus get the extra ones for that time and emergencies. I was dismayed my second day because even water made my stomach hurt, not nausea, just sharp pains like...gas! The doctor and nurse warned me about it, but since I never had that problem before, I didn't understand. Like I said, it didn't last. Now I take the pills morning and night (I'm 5 weeks out from surgery) and I drink coffee every morning. No problem. (My doctor allows caffeine) So relax. I know it's hard to do when having surgery, but just remember; this is the first day of the rest of your life! I know, a bit cliched, but it's true. Good Luck & Take care-