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  1. Hi, I''m new!

    @BurgundyBoy You know a lot. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hi, I''m new!

    @BurgundyBoy Great idea! Thank you for the education. Do you chill the champagne after it settles, or drink it warm?
  3. Hi, I''m new!

    My pleasure. I love that so many ladies on here have a good sense of humor!
  4. Hi, I''m new!

    @TammyP Wow, thanks for sharing! Just looked at the LIKES for this post and it looks like you're trending.
  5. Hi, I''m new!

    @BurgundyBoy Thank you for all the information. And I do appreciate you doing that scientific research for me. That is really going the extra mile! Regarding the Champagne, that is not until I lose my weight. Future reference. Although I must say I'm not sure about the new and old. I probably drink the new right now. The old is probably out of my budget, but would like the results of your research just the same! The mineral water question is more immediate. Something I'll have to find out for myself I'm afraid.
  6. Hi, I''m new!

    Thanks ElleVons! So glad you liked the doc and staff. Thank you for your well wishes. I can tell already this is a great group! You're right, can't expect the family to understand no matter how hard I try to explain it. Take care
  7. Hi, I''m new!

    @BurgundyBoy Thanks for chiming in. I like French Roast with Equal and a splash of Molcha Mix. Not a Starbucks kind of gal. Don't like flavored coffees or creamers. Don't care for flavored water or tea. I guess I'm kinda basic. If I cheat it's with a Coke. If home I have only one. If I'm out it's more like 3! But that's only with Mexican food. LOL. Love the sweet with the salty chips and salsa. Good to know you can drink mineral water. How long after surgery could you do this? Do you know? Thanks for answering this thread. Take care
  8. Hi, I''m new!

    @NerdyLady Love it! Yipee!
  9. Hi, I''m new!

    @NerdyLady You're my new best friend! LOL. So glad to hear you drink coffee everyday. And yes, I love my ice cold seltzer water all day long!!! It's so refreshing. I'm already halfway there in that I don't really eat during the day. I work from home on my laptop and find carbs make me want to sleep so coffee is breakfast, organic granola lunch around 3:00-too many carbs for the diet so that will be a protein drink after surgery. No great loss. In the daytime I'm excited about the surgery then at night in bed I'm stressed. Those advertisements are killer. There was some show called Donuts or something like that and every time the commercial came on it showed a picture of all kinds of donuts. One being cherry with sprinkles, that and maple are a favorite. I don't normally eat them or even think about them, but that commercial killed every time even though I fast forwarded through it. I'm glad it's gone! We watch the show The Fosters and it starts with a big stack of pancakes with butter and syrup. What is wrong with these people? Shows where they're drinking Champagne make me want some. I am looking forward to my cravings subsiding. Feeling gung ho now. Talk to me again two weeks in. LOL
  10. Hi, I''m new!

    @Gretta Oh, thank you for the explanation! Good going. How wonderful that you lost all that on your own before the surgery. Kudos to you! Also I appreciate the link. Never heard of it and will have to check it out! Take care
  11. Hi, I''m new!

    @Jen581791 Yes, I know you're right. I would never rub her nose in it. She will come around. It will just take time. I've seen it in the past. She is my older sister and has felt competitive with me for awhile. I think it's because we are more similar than our oldest sister and have gone through many similar things. I just want to help but will have to wait until she asks. In the meantime this is where I'll get my motivation. I'm very grateful to have a group like this. I was looking for a group in my area to meet in person and couldn't find one. I did find one that was a bit of a drive but they meet in a bakery! What's wrong with that picture? LOL Anyway, thanks for reaching out. Take care
  12. Hi, I''m new!

    @Gretta Thank you. It's so nice to meet you! Yes, his seminar had me snoozing most of the time. Congrats on your weight loss. That is awesome!!!! By the way, what's Mio? Might I add that your numbers on your profile are a bit mixed up. I think they need updating. It says you had your surgery 5 months ago. Did you lose 90 lbs in 5 months or 9 months? I'm hoping it's 5 months. LOL. Thank you for welcoming me. Take care.
  13. Two truths and a lie.

    @NerdyLady I totally agree. I was so excited last night after I'd made my decision to go through with the surgery that I wanted to tell my family right away. We are in Bunco together and I was at a table with my two sisters and my brother-in-law. Someone at another table overheard and I lied. I told her I went to a diet seminar with several solutions including drugs.She kept pushing wanting to know which one I picked and I told her I hadn't yet. I don't want everyone in my community to know. I'm not telling my friends either. I want it to be a surprise. I don't want people asking me how much I've lost, etc. My friends live in another town and I only see them about every six weeks. Thanks for sharing
  14. Hi, I''m new!

    @Jen581791 Thank you. This is my reasoning too. I have to admit I'm excited and frightened at the same time. I think this group is what will keep me going. The people here are the only ones that understand the process. I know I will need the support. I broke the news to my two sisters last night. One looked worried and the other, well, lets just say she was not as excited as I thought she would be. I thought it would be great to get her back on track! They didn't have forums like this back then. Thanks for your input. It really helps.
  15. Hi, I''m new!

    @TammyP Thank you. These are the things I need to hear right now. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond!