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  1. Aww thanks everyone. I had a blast, both in Hawaii and the Mud run. I can say for sure that a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. (pun intended) I will do my damnedest to lever lose this woman again....the only thing I'm losing is weight and resentment. AND....those riding boots I once spoke of in another the time I dug them out of the basement, they are too big!! ...AND too worn out to bother having them taken back in....soooooooooo the Horse expo is coming up in a few weeks and they have world renowned shopping opportunities.....great place to put my new addiction to good use and get some new boots!
  2. This time last year,I was just starting to come out of severe depression. I had spent the previous year getting married, buying a new 100 year old fixer upper, going to physical therapy so that I could walk or stand for more than five minutes, going blind in my right eye then being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and as if all that wasn’t enough... due to a family crisis....gazing straight into the eyes of my co-dependency illness . I was staring at a selfie I had taken with my husband on our one year anniversary trip, and truly wondering who that woman was standing next to him. I had no idea who I was anymore. Then I had a moment of déjà vu. It was 2012 and a cold day in February on a Boy Scout trip to bodega bay and I was staring at a picture of myself and my ex/then-husband on the beach. The woman in that picture was a miserable hot mess. She was pathetic and I hated her. I vowed in that moment to kill her and never let her see the light of day again. And so I got a divorce, lost a few pounds, did a massive over-haul to my brain and a new woman was born. I loved this new woman, took care of her and we had a lot of fun. So 5 years later, I sat there gazing at this picture wondering what the hell happened to her and who let that pathetic woman sneak back in to our party?And even though I could walk for more than five minutes, I was finding it physically difficult to complete the most basic of personal tasks. That was when I first had the conversation with myself about bariatric surgery. Until that time, I felt the risks were too high, and that it would be a personal failure. So I gave myself 60 days to lose 10 pounds. If I met the goal then I would continue, but if not, it was clear that surgery was the right choice for me. I began doing my research, reading bariatric websites and chat forums, watching YouTube videos and talking to the few people I knew who had bariatric surgery. Not only did I not meet the goal, but I gained weight, and on July 31, 2017 I called my doctor for a referral. For the most part, you guys know what happened after that. But my support group got the brunt of my struggles and really had to scrape me off the floor at most meetings. I seriously doubt I would have made it to surgery day were it not for my online and in-person support. (thank you) I share all this again with you, here in one post, because I just had the most amazing NSV… And I almost can’t believe it myself. If you would’ve told me last May, that by May of this year, I would weigh 183 pounds, that I would have had an amazing adventure in Hawaii, and that I would not only complete a 5K but a light weight tough mudder at that....well... After I fell out of my chair with laughter....I would’ve told you that you were either insane or high on drugs. Either way, go sell crazy somewhere else, I’m all stocked up here!Needless to say....But I'm gonna say all this anyways...I’m 3.5 months post-op. I’ve lost more than 50% of my excess weight, I weigh more of everything else (bone muscle water etc) than I do fat, and that pathetic hot mess of a woman, is gone again.And THIS woman… Is REALLY friggin HAPPY!!!PS… It’s never too late to be young again! .... AliPat got her groove back!some pics.... because I know how much we all love pics… Enjoy!!!
  3. I wish!!!! get ready for a mind blowing update!!! PS.... sorry I just saw this and I can't even begin to tell you how touched I am that you thought of me..... HUGS!!!
  4. Preach it sister!!! Yes, for the first time I have a tool to inject wisdom, will power and reason into my brain and stop me from letting 1... or 5.... mistakes.... become the 17,000 mistakes of my future! just now, at the airport, I finished half of a child’s chicken teriyaki bowl (no rice) and I stopped when my sleeve told me too! I never even made my miso soup. Maybe later on the plane. Day 17,773 is shaping up to be mighty fine as well
  5. And today I lost another pound!! ain’t it grand.... the chain of events that can start in the bathroom!!
  6. Awe, thanks you you too. And...FWIW.......NOTHING beats a good poop!
  7. Yep... that's right, I've been alive for seventeen thousand, seven hundred and thirty two days! So the piddly little 66 days I have been sleeved are relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of my time on this planet. And considering that I can eat pretty well now, I guess these stats can reassure me that the few days of not being able to eat or drink much of anything were totally worth it. I guess that means it should reassure you, that you can do this too! I've been a bit down and worried lately because I have been stuck at the same weight for 13 days. I know intellectually that I will have weight loss stalls and it's normal and happens to everyone. But I still wasn't prepared for the day after day disappointment. I tried to focus on my non scale victories and that got me through most of the days. But the last few days got me really worried that I am somehow screwing up. I started scrutinizing every bite I put in my mouth. I'll be honest, I've made a few mistakes. I've been dealing with some emotional issues that have reared their ugly head for some time now, and of course I turned to food just like I have always done. But fear not, the scale moved again this morning. I finally broke into the 180's by a whopping .4 lbs. and I'll take it!!! So, one of the mistakes I made was to eat a bunch of baked cheese. This was actually a BIG mistake. I made that mistake because I was looking at the calorie and carb count, which was very low, and the tastiness of the treat! It was 152 calories - 6 carbs and 10g protein per serving which was 6 crackers. I call them "crackers" because it is the closest thing in relation that I can think of. Basically it is baked pepper jack and Parmesan cheese with a hair of gluten free flour tossed in. They were so crunchy and so savory and so salty and so low carb/high protein....that I deluded myself into the fact that they were guilt free and completely forgot it was CHEESE.... My colon's arch nemesis! One mistake led to two.....servings that is....and the next thing I knew, I did it again the next day....and the next day....and then it dawned on me....when was the last time I pooped? Oh my... was I in trouble. I've been eating one bit of veggies for every 2 bites of meat for a while now. Usually a green veggie....but it was not helping combat that cheese. I loaded up on the miralax and I can report that I am cheese free and a half a pound lighter today.... WHEW!! And for some fun Non scale victories... I can feel some bones now. I noticed a few days ago the bones in my hand, last night I could feel the bone in my upper arm (with a little digging) and today I noticed my collar bone. Also, My legs finally "look" thinner to me, as does my side view silhouette and I got to throw away my granny panties!!! To top it off, I'm leaving for Hawaii tomorrow for the first time and I bought a bathing suit that I actually feel good in! Yup, Day 17, 732 is damn fine day!
  8. AliPat

    Confused about meals

    that video was AMAZING...I will never forget the visual.....thanks for sharing that!!!
  9. AliPat

    Almost 30 lbs down

    You're doing great, don't look back. Here's how I feel about eating/out with friends..... food and the scale has been my enemy for most of my adult life. yet food is a vital part of our social life. I made a decision before my surgery not to make food the enemy in regards to family and friends. I don't want to intentionally not be included in activities that food is involved. I don't want people to fear, pity, avoid, envy or despise me. So I go, I eat my little 3oz of food and enjoy the people I love. we joke about my itty bitty fork and plate, and we do all the things we did before.....minus me killing my self with food. I went to indian food last night with my friend. we go there at 6p and left at 8:30.....eating was only a teeny part of our fun. we choose places that aren't soo busy that they ruin our fun by kicking us out so they can seat someone else. my friends and I can talk for HOURS!!! so go enjoy a meal with your friends, you'll have plenty of left overs for meals to come!
  10. aww thanks! You've done amazing too I see! my profile was a screen shot from a video of a bunch of facial expressions I make when looking at the scale every morning. I made a collage, but it's not appropriate for here because of a few shots with obscenities....LOL thanks..,,, and isn't amazing how beautiful we are in our man's eyes but not our own?
  11. I just may be the most recent "quitter" here. Last cigarette was 9-24-17 9:06am. I vaped until my first WLS orientation where we were told we would be drug tested and it would include nicotine! I read that it takes 30dys to get the nicotine out of your system to pass a drug test. a few days later I switched to zero nicotine in my vape. I was nicotine free 30+ days when I got drug tested after thanks giving. I believe they drug tested me again right before surgery! My surgery was 2-5-18 and I am soooo glad quitting cigarettes was long behind me. I honestly don't think about smoking and haven't since about halloween last year. BUT...that doesn't mean I'm ok. I think because I don't think about smoking, that I think I don't have moments that need some type of coping skill. and since in those moments I DONT think about cigarettes...I also don't think of taking care of myself in that moment, and I end up raging pissed at something/someone, where removing myself from the moment to smoke would have stopped my anger in it's tracks. I will also say that almost all of my outside plants have died, because I I no longer go outside every hour to smoke. It has taken me 6 months to be able to be outside among the lifeless brown carcasses of my once lush green sanctuary. the only thing that survived was succulents and things planted in the ground. but i knew i couldn't be among them and not I'll be visiting lowe's and home depot soon to replenish and renew. keep up the good work and know that every once in a while, you will reach for a cigarette without even thinking about it. you'll be diggin in your purse for a while before you figure out that what you are looking for doesn't exist. sometimes i'm driving and reach in the spot they used to be.... and then i'm glad I'm no longer controlled by those stinky expensive buggars! One last thing.....I've spent my cigarette money on clothes at the thrift store and I ..... LOVE... shopping for skinny clothes!!! I promise there will be a day that you just don't think about it any more..... HALLELUJAH!!
  12. You're soo sweet. thank you! I'm shocked too at what a difference 35lbs has made. No matter what activity I'm doing, I'm going to spend my time in Hawaii listening to a self help program about "letting stuff go". I need to figure out this whole anger thing.....cuz that stuff ain't cute!
  13. Thanks! You're doing pretty dang good yourself! I stopped wearing that shirt back in sept because it was doing me no favors, and started wearing an identical but pink one. I've stopped wearing the pink on, because I just look ridiculous in looks like a dress on me. This black one is soon to follow. But I will continue to take pics in it for comparison. @Burgundyboy was mentioning looking at our arms. You can see the difference in these two pics in the white stripes on my arms. pic one....stripes tight...pic two....stripes wavy and lower on my arm!! I can't believe I used to fill that shirt out...all the way around, and now ....I'm just gobsmacked. PS....that shirt just came out of the dryer for this pic. I cannot stress enough how much "before" pics have saved my sanity. I took pics from front, side and back that shirt, a black tank top, and also in just my bra and panties. Believe it or not.....nothing highlights my success like that shirt does!
  14. 1. I have no regrets!!! 2. I lost 14lbs the first 14 days, then slowed to 2lbs week, to 1.5 last week....and I haven't freaked out 3. I am in "One"derland FOREVER!!! 4. For some ODD* reason, I am mad as HELL, and I don't feel like talking (for the first time in 48ys) 5 *** it's not ODD, I do know why I am so Angry, it's just hard to figure out why I am so angry. (if you are going thru the same know what I mean) 6. I've gone from a size 22 pant to a 16 depending on cut (low rise pants I'm 18) and 3x shirt to 1x 7. Before photo's compared to "after"/current photo's, have saved me from getting depressed/discouraged when I think I don't see a change in the mirror. As much as I hated that first photo, I love it now, because I know that woman is fading into the darkness, and this one shines in the light. 8. Family/Friend's/Boss'/Coworker ... drama/sabotage... is lurking around every corner....tip toe or run thru Hell before the devil see's you're there. 9. No matter how bad things have seemed, I haven't thought once about having a cigarette. 10. Sometimes.... if the angle is just right...I'm cute as hell. 11. Screw everyone....I'm going to Hawaii....ALONE. Refer to #8.... plane departs 4-13-18....reservation for 1. 12. I had a list of 25 things I hated about being fat....I've crossed 18 off the list, and only have 7 left to go 13. My body does what ever the hell it pleases, which often doesn't please me....and that's OK 14. For the first time in my life, I have faith I will be successful at losing weight and keeping it off 15. WLS is not going to solve all of my problems. It will however expose them! 16. If I only lose 1 lb a week from here on out... on my birthday 9-30.....I will weigh 165..... How cool is that ?!?! 17. I feel great !!!. I don't get winded just walking to my car, I'm quite flexible now, I sleep better, a lot less pain...DANG!!.....If I feel this good already, How amazing am I going to feel when I've lost another 30 lbs...or 60 more lbs. 18. I wish I would have done this sooner 19. I have the most amazing husband in the world....but Hawaii is something I need to do for myself....just like WLS 20. I'm going to have crepe'y loose skin and that's year I'm getting a tummy tuck and neck lift !! 21. I have all the time in the world to figure the rest out. 30 lbs of weight loss.....The below pic is my "before" 230 and then a month ago 200.4 (I've lost another 7lbs since then)
  15. AliPat

    NSVs—Let's share!

    Oh, they be special alright! Boots and stark white breeches..... High Class!! Lookin Gorgeous!!