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  1. AliPat

    New here

    Wow...those are awesome numbers. I started at 230 5'2', sleeved on 2-5-18. I'm lucky to get an average of 1lb per week. In the beginning, I too thought I should be losing more. But I figured (at the time) that one pound a week would get to 165 by my birthday next month. I'm slight a bit behind with 5 more weeks to go...but I should be within a few lbs of that goal. Today I was 172.4.... our bodies don't always do what we want, mostly does.....most of the time. Chin up, you're doing great!
  2. Thank you!!! I wanted to first get my whacky thoughts out and leave here with your kind words in my head instead! You're looking great too....cheers to us!
  3. so, my final weight loss for month 6 is 4.6 lbs....thanks to attempting the 5dpt. I say attempt because I never made it a single day of liquids only....But............... it DID shift my eating habits and thoughts back to closer to where they should be. I attempted it again the following week, and I can't really even call it an attempt. pathetic really. So, I had thoughts of trying it again this week, and I ruined it with breakfast. My thought now are this..... I attempted something and failed. While I may have finally broken the soft stall with the attempt and lost 3.2 lbs in one week.....I did in-fact lose that weight not by doing to the 5dpt, rather some sorry quasi excuse for it. And since I attempted something and I am obsessed with (the thought of) doing it. I am determined to do a two day liquid diet followed by the rest of the 5dpt......but I have to make it a whole day of liquid first. In the mean time, lots of obsessive thoughts followed by some really wild excuses and justifications. One minute i'm a glowing success story, on top of the world in my head,,,,,then the pendulum swings the other way and i'm a dismal failure. I feel like surely there has to be a pill for this!!! UGH Here's to getting into a 12 soon.....
  4. Thank You! I hope someone else can benefit too. I can't imagine that I am the only one freaking out "in the moment" and then seeing the truth on future reflection. It's not just weight related perceptions..... its time, portion size, food type, the face in the mirror, the "size" of my pants, the "size or weight" of other people in comparison to myself....the list goes on and on. I'm coming to realize and believe that the perceptions obese people have are REALLY skewed and have very little to do with reality. But then again, a great quote.... "perception IS reality" so I think that's why we are so screwed up mentally and possibly a good deal of the "why" we BECAME overweight....which brings me to...... which came first.... the faulty reality or the obesity...??????? The chicken and the egg don't matter....they are both protein that I need to eat.....LOL .... Blah ha ha ha
  5. STOP... drop the bread.... put your hands behind your head ... and back away from the loaf!!!! Seriously, you don’t need all that &$$(()$. You can get all the “fiber“ you need from vegetables. Now that I’m six months out, and I understand what my sleeve is about, I can say this with confidence. Since the moment I was off stage 1 liquid diet, I have been eating one bite of vegetables for every bite of protein. Bite of chicken, bite of zucchini, bite of chicken, bite of zucchini… Etc. All of those carbs are going to ruin your weight loss, and you’re still not gonna be able to poop right. Cooked vegetables, steamed vegetables, sautéed vegetables, Raw Vegetables… Forget shredded wheat… Buy the little chewable fiber wafers, Costco size MiraLAX, and vegetable laxative. Just like your sleeve, you’re going to have to get to know your new colon. If anything, you can get your protein in places other than your food if necessary, so eat, eat, eat those vegetables, and stay away from cheese and flour. This is going to be a little long but here’s your science lesson for the day, as it was explained to me by a doctor.… here goes..... Your your mouth‘s job is to start the primary breakdown of food, the stomach’s job is to break down the food further, your small intestines job is to extract nutrients, and your large intestines job is to extract water…. Slow down and really think about what I’m about to say… The more processed and the more refined a Food stuff is before you put it in your mouth, the less work your digestive system has to do and the harder it will be to poop. Let’s take a raw carrot for example... your teeth really have to work to break down that carrot, it’s so hard that your stomach can’t do too much more to break it down, your small intestine will pull out as much nutrients as possible… But since it’s so hard the Carrot moves through quickly.... now the carrot hits the large intestine and since it’s still chunks of Carrot It can’t pull out too much water so the carrot moves through quickly. Now as this Carrot is moving through quickly, it is taking a lot of the other food in your intestines with it… And you have a bowel movement rather quickly from the time it entered your mouth, to the time it exits your body. Now let’s take a hostess mini chocolate covered cake donut for example. Flour is not a food... It is a food by product. If we can started as A grain of wheat. And that tiny little grain Went through a looong process of pulverization after being cooked, and the end product looks nothing like the original. To take that even further, Cake flour is more refined than regular flour, the particles are a finer dust. So when you put it in your mouth, your teeth don’t have to do anything to break down that grain of wheat, and your stomach doesn’t really have to do anything either, other than to let your gastric juices moisten that dust and turn it into paste. Then it goes into your small intestine, where it moves rather slowly as the intestine tries to find nutrients that don’t exist. Then it sits in your large intestine having every last molecule of moisture being pulled out....because it CAN, so as it sits there, and sits there, and sits there… It is literally being turned into a brick. Now as it’s trying to exit your body, you were having to put forth a great deal of effort to expel it… And you are putting a great amount of force on the walls of your final bit of intestine, and that force is also being put on the veins in the area. A hemorrhoid is nothing more than a varicose vein on/in your patootie. I am myself, had 12 inches each, of two veins, completely removed. That’s how far up inside my colon, I had been putting pressure on those walls, trying to extract, a plate full of Colby cheddar and three mini donuts!!! So now that we have that information, you will never look at a loaf of white rainbow bread the same way again! And while a whole grain slice of bread is better than a slice of refined white bread, keep in mind that all of those “whole grains” Are surrounded by refined flour that just so happens to be Brown. And it is brown because, in the processing of that wheat, they stopped short of the last step of bleaching it. To add insult to the injury of a lifetime trying to expel whatever food stuffs we put in our mouth, most of the women here, had already previously put the maximum amount of pressure achievable in “that” area, when we gave birth to a minimum of one child. And while we may have healed to the naked eye, on a cellular level, that damage is still there. Now add to that....after bariatric surgery we are not to drink for a half hour after eating. I understand the "bariatric" need for this rule, BUT.... now you have even less water IN the food at the time it hits the critical larger colon....less water to extract...means it will sit there longer trying to exctract what isn't there, creating a BRICK! So now I will repeat my advice. Lay off all of those “fiber “ carbs. Get the benefiber chewable wafers, Some generic Senokot, and a lifetime supply of MiraLAX. Stop eating “all”your protein first, and instead eat it at a 1 to 1 ratio with your vegetables. Get a good balance of raw vegetables and cook vegetables. Get some flavorless protein powder to put a little in all your liquids (coffee, tea, soup, pudding etc), and/or Half to a full bottle of Premier protein as needed to get your 60 g of protein a day. You have two primary goals in life now… Number one you must always be able to poop, what goes in....absolutely MUST come out. And number two, don’t screw up your sleeve surgery and put weight back on, because the rest of your body needs you to not be sick... as we all know obesity comes with a very long list of co-morbidities! And doctors… Bless their little hearts… Don’t friggin know everything! Right After my hemorrhoidectomy, I was brought a cup of coffee, a banana and a croissant… Oh yeah… And a whole bunch of Vicodin ! Oh yeah, and on that note, for the rest of your life, when you are given pain meds, suck it up and get off of them as quick as possible, Nothing will constipate you like a little bit of opioids! I ended up back in the hospital 4 days after Hemorrhoidectomy surgery, having two nurses give me a 3 gallon hot soapy water enema to, again, help me go poop.... !!!! It was after that that I took my bowel movements into my own hands and left nothing to chance. I took a senekot and 15 FiberCon capsules a day for the better part of a year! Problem is...after bariatric surgery, I don’t think it’s a good idea to take fiber pills. The risk of them swelling and causing a different kind of blockage is too great. Raw veggies are your new bff. ps, i had to edit this as I dictated it with siri....god bless her...but she has no idea what a carrot is!
  6. So this WLS journey sure can be an interesting ride! I’ve been thinking lately about our F’d up perceptions in relation to reality. A lifetime of dieting, self hatred, restrictions, punishment, giving up, binging.... you name it... we are f'd up. case in point...the above quote. I am now days away from being 6mos post op, and looking back, I don't recall THAT "stall". I have been one that has weighed myself everyday for almost a I looked it up on my weight log. The log showed no stall..... hmmmmmmm. A mystery that requires a better memory than mine. I looked in my scale ap, and there it is 12 days of the same weight. now it's been a minute since I was in kindergarten, but I know a week only has 7 days. If my weekly weight log shows NO stall, how could I be the same weight for 12 days? The ap doesn't lie, and neither does my weight log. So how could both be true? That's when it hit me..... I started that weekly log BECAUSE of that stall. All I had been doing at that point was looking at my daily weight, and I was just too close to the action to see the magic. Once I picked a day....sunday...and went back to write down all my sunday weights since surgery..... I saw that in fact I was/am losing a pound a week...and that above mini melt down was for nothing. Once I started my weekly log, (still weigh daily) I could see that the "stall" was just the regular daily ups and downs with a little more down than up Then I hit a REAL hard stall at week 19 that lasted 3 weeks, but if you asked me at the time, I was saying 6 weeks! the second 3 weeks was a soft stall of severe ups and downs. I broke through that and now things are moving along. But, I'm not holding my breath. I had to get real with myself about my eating, that my surgery honeymoon was over, and that it is now up to me to put in the work and quit relying on the surgery alone to lose weight. And lately I have been thinking really hard about only weighing once a week. I'm addicted to the ritual of weighing daily, so I'm trying to get ok with it in my head first, or maybe just diving in head first..... I don't know, probably something I should talk to my therapist about first before finding myself in some crisis ptsd attack.... still thinking..... This REALLY is a mind game, and a long one at that! So here are my REAL (not perceived) stats since surgery: starting weight 230, surgery weight 215.4 month 1 - 19 lbs month 2 - 6.4 lbs month 3 - 5.2 lbs month 4 - 2.8 lbs month 5 - 3.2 lbs month 6 - 4.6 lbs I've lost 55lbs since the begining and 40.4 lbs since surgery. I've gone from a 3x shirt to a L/XL, and from size 22 pants to size14 (and...just squeezed into a pair of 12's last night )
  7. AliPat

    New Sleeve

    Welcome aboard! it all gets better and in no time you will forget all the discomfort. Soon enough you will "desire" food.... only to find out, just because you're "allowed" to eat something....doesn't mean your body will let you. AND the other sharp edge of the sword....things you're not supposed to eat, your body will tolerate. but once you start dropping will all be worth it!
  8. Oh my.... I know what you are going through, or better yet, what you are going to go through for the rest of your life. If you remember, what first brought me here to TT was to find out what I could take Before WLS to ensure I would poop After WLS..... I too had a hemroidectomy (double to be exact) 16ys ago . Mine was VERY invasive, and it took a year before I could poop normally. I have NEVER again looked at cheese with the same adoration that I once had. Every bite of cheese requires 1oz broccoli chaser. steer clear of refined white flour to the best of your ability (if not, your body WILL punish you) EVERYthing that goes in my mouth has to pass a litmus test..... "if it goes in.....will it come out?" If you have any questions about it....I'm here for you. HUGS
  9. AliPat

    Confused Eating/Drinking

    the "bloated/swollen" belly may be from the air they filled your abdomen with so they could see/move around easily while in there, combined with gas produced inside your intestinal track. try some liquid gasx. As for the water retention probably need to MOVE around more and then get your feet up when you're sitting. it will eventually go away. I felt like i had alot of fluid retention in my belly, even though I was dropping a pound a day for the first 14 days. I'm the queen of "fear of poop related issues" and miralax has saved my butt (pun intended) many times since surgery. My first two BM's after surgery went ok, the next two....almost required intervention, and that is when i started with miralax. I forgot to take miralax with me to hawaii and barely lived to regret it. Never again. I put it in my morning coffee. as you can see, we are all a bit different, yet somehow it is all normal PS...welcome aboard!
  10. AliPat

    Quotes To Live By!

    Two of my favorites
  11. AliPat

    Quotes To Live By!

    A few years ago, in a moment of encouragement, someone said this quote to me. The quote just wouldn't leave my mind...and eventually it inspired me to write this.... A ship may be safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships were built for. She is a mighty ship, strong and resilient. Never to have sprung a leak despite being run aground many times by her foolish captain. On a lifelong voyage, my soul is the captain, my heart a mere passenger, braving the pirate seas together. Battling each other, whether they should fight the thieves, or surrender and risk the sting of the salt air on open wounds, having my heart smeared along the hull, to be washed away by the waves. All to feel the freedom of the wind in my face, the embrace of the water along my weathered wooden planks. Sails tattered but pure, they weather the storms, with the mercy of an angel. ~AliPat~
  12. AliPat

    4 month update

    Fantastic Job!! You look great!!! I agree, your wife looks a little thinner too! Both my mom (9y post op RNY) and my husband have lost weight with me. I think it's because I was the primary chef in the house....not so much any more.
  13. AliPat

    Period changes

    mine changed too. I have pcos but still have reg periods....ish they've gotten heavier and irregular...ish.... still not bad though, I went from 1.5days to now a half day teaser then a day off THEN a 2 dy period. nothing to complain about there but the mood swings between periods are killin me. crying one minute, screaming the next.... yikes! with mood swings like that...who needs birth control....!!!
  14. AliPat

    4 month check in

    congrats!! Impressive results! I personally can't eat more than 2-3 parm crisps in a week.... they tend to stop me up...and that's a GO!!! (pardon the pun)
  15. I too am having a hard time with enough fluids and also considered a week of liquid only. In hopes of getting my mind focused on fluids. I can and do sometimes drink right up to eating (funnel thoughts) but I occasionally have a few teeny sips during a meal. it's that or mayonaise. some foods just make me need SOMEthing for moisture.