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  1. My Divine Weight Loss Surgery Manifestations: I must do it. I've reached the threshold. I must lose fat now. I MUST do it! I take full responsibility for creating a body that I deserve. I can do it. My belief in my ability to be trim now is the number one predictor of My Success . My past does not equal My future. I'm prepared and I have an effective strategy. I am not my behavior. I am a human “being” not a human “doing”. I concentrate my power on my challenges, Becoming thin is a challenge. When I have a challenge in my life, I look forward to overcomi
  2. Hi all, sorry I've been gone....been living life on the "WTH' is going on" side of life. got hurt at work, I've been sitting at home, in pain, and the MS has reared it's ugly head. as if it wasn't bad enough I didn't make it to the goal I set for myself for the 1yr mark, I gained 5 lbs in a very short period of time, sitting at home. BUT.....this is not a "poor me, I failed" post, rather a "yeah me, I'm getting control of myself and my situation" post. I planned on being at 165 by my birthday sept 30 last year, NOT, I finally got there in jan. still there, if you count the pounds i ga
  3. Aww thanks! I stopped weighing myself daily. I only do it once a week now. It has helped with the mental madness for sure. I too have 30+ ys of yo-yo dieting, and I definitely will get discouraged in an instant....when I don't see "instant" results on the scale for my mediocre efforts. Once a week weigh-ins are forcing me to put forth a larger, more consistent and sustained effort before making a judgment on myself, my decisions and my actions.....and the results. (be they good or bad)
  4. aww thanks, so true..... It's so hard to remember when looking at nearly the same number week after week.
  5. Thank you.....you just helped me realize just how close I am to my goal. I've been focusing on a goal of 135 just so I don't sell myself short. My actual "goal" is a size 8 pant....what ever weight that ends up being. there's a pair of pants I've had in a box for 25ys..... I would be ecstatic to put them on again. And a pair of jeans I've been hoarding since high school. If I could get those on...... OMG I think I would drop dead on the spot... I could finally throw them away.
  6. Sunday 11/25/18 -- I haven’t been saying much to anyone for a while now, because I have only lost 5 pounds in the last 3 months, for a total of 7 pounds since last posting on here 4 months ago. I am/was embarrassed at my lack of progress. I hadn’t taken any official progress pics until this last weekend. And that was only due to an odd incident that prompted me to measure my body. I had been a bit depressed for a while due to stalls, but I started to notice I was fitting into more and more size 12 pants, and more and more of my size 14 pants were getting too big for me…including some
  7. Good Job. I remember reading all your ups and downs during my pre-op and early post op....and honestly think of you often in my non-online life...when I am experiencing one kind of set back or another....and how in the end, you always come out on top! Thanks for the inspiration! I am doing this now, and am experiencing the same thing. If i eat breakfast, I have less restriction at lunch, and even less at dinner. If I drink breakfast (coffee w/ vitamins and protein) I feel very restricted at lunch and still feel some restriction at dinner. My window is from noon to 8pm. I'm sure m
  8. Wow...those are awesome numbers. I started at 230 5'2', sleeved on 2-5-18. I'm lucky to get an average of 1lb per week. In the beginning, I too thought I should be losing more. But I figured (at the time) that one pound a week would get to 165 by my birthday next month. I'm slight a bit behind with 5 more weeks to go...but I should be within a few lbs of that goal. Today I was 172.4.... our bodies don't always do what we want, but....it mostly does.....most of the time. Chin up, you're doing great!
  9. Thank you!!! I wanted to first get my whacky thoughts out and leave here with your kind words in my head instead! You're looking great too....cheers to us!
  10. so, my final weight loss for month 6 is 4.6 lbs....thanks to attempting the 5dpt. I say attempt because I never made it a single day of liquids only....But............... it DID shift my eating habits and thoughts back to closer to where they should be. I attempted it again the following week, and I can't really even call it an attempt. pathetic really. So, I had thoughts of trying it again this week, and I ruined it with breakfast. My thought now are this..... I attempted something and failed. While I may have finally broken the soft stall with the attempt and lost 3.2
  11. Thank You! I hope someone else can benefit too. I can't imagine that I am the only one freaking out "in the moment" and then seeing the truth on future reflection. It's not just weight related perceptions..... its time, portion size, food type, the face in the mirror, the "size" of my pants, the "size or weight" of other people in comparison to myself....the list goes on and on. I'm coming to realize and believe that the perceptions obese people have are REALLY skewed and have very little to do with reality. But then again, a great quote.... "perception IS reality" so I think tha
  12. STOP... drop the bread.... put your hands behind your head ... and back away from the loaf!!!! Seriously, you don’t need all that &$$(()$. You can get all the “fiber“ you need from vegetables. Now that I’m six months out, and I understand what my sleeve is about, I can say this with confidence. Since the moment I was off stage 1 liquid diet, I have been eating one bite of vegetables for every bite of protein. Bite of chicken, bite of zucchini, bite of chicken, bite of zucchini… Etc. All of those carbs are going to ruin your weight loss, and you’re still not gonna be able to
  13. So this WLS journey sure can be an interesting ride! I’ve been thinking lately about our F’d up perceptions in relation to reality. A lifetime of dieting, self hatred, restrictions, punishment, giving up, binging.... you name it... we are f'd up. case in point...the above quote. I am now days away from being 6mos post op, and looking back, I don't recall THAT "stall". I have been one that has weighed myself everyday for almost a year....so I looked it up on my weight log. The log showed no stall..... hmmmmmmm. A mystery that requires a better memory than mine. I looked in my s
  14. Welcome aboard! it all gets better and in no time you will forget all the discomfort. Soon enough you will "desire" food.... only to find out, just because you're "allowed" to eat something....doesn't mean your body will let you. AND the other sharp edge of the sword....things you're not supposed to eat, your body will tolerate. but once you start dropping weight....it will all be worth it!
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