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  1. In case you pop in - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. You look fantastic! Can you be my post-op diet coach please?

  3. Our instructions were none before or after for 30 minutes, and none during. Some of us have found that we're good to quit sipping 15 minutes prior. I only sip during the meal if it was cooked poorly and it's too dry with nothing on my plate to wet the food. Usually, that means I didn't cook. I've tried sipping again at 15 minutes after, but that's usually too soon. But, in the desert, if it fits in and I'm not wincing from fullness, I'll sip until I'm good to drink again.
  4. Your lookin' fab, Goob!

  5. If you're happy where you're at, talk to your doc and figure out your basal metabolic rate and activity level and calculate your required calories. See what you can do to get close to that. The key is to be healthy and happy, and only you know when that is.
  6. Hey, stranger! Just thought I would check in to see how you're doing. Had fun travels?

  7. It depends on the density of the food. I can eat a whole bag of microwave popcorn, but I can only eat 3 ounces of meat and cram in some veggies (1-2 oz) before I'm full to bursting, measuring BY WEIGHT, not by volume. Foods that contain a lot of water or air are going to break down more before they get to your stomach in the first place. It also depends on the size of your sleeve as to how much you can cram into it... But I still sometimes measure my food when I think my portions are out of whack, and I measured for about the first 12-14 months post-op. "When in doubt, measure it out." Y
  8. I was in a little bit of pain, but I'm a wuss. It was nowhere NEAR that of child birth, and a pretty far cry from my appendectomy. I think, really, what hurt the most constantly was the gas buildup from the laproscopic procedure, because it like gets into the joints, and so my shoulders hurt way worse than anything else. But I was up and doing my laps around the floor toting my IV more often than the nurses expected me to (but less often than the doc told me I should). My throat hurt a bit, and I think the worst thing feeling-wise was not being able to drink anything until he following mor
  9. Good call. Yeah, no, seven years ago I swore I'd never wear lined bifocals and I've been in progressive lenses ever since. A donut pillow is not likely to be part of my being any time soon. When I do get the really bad broken skin, I use the Gold medicated baby powder. I've been wondering about using Aquaphor (been using it on my kid to prevent chapped skin or heal it on his face).
  10. gooberific


    omg I hate you. I'll trade you skin. Just for a day.
  11. I like the shirt in your pic :)

  12. It depends on the pill. Ask a pharmacist and your nutritionist... Some docs and nuts still say no on gummy vitamins because they can get stuck (and they're not water soluble within a couple of hours), especially when you're still swollen from surgery.
  13. Thank you! It's going on two years already, but I hit 150ish and below and above and below and...you get the idea... around March (18-month mark), when I had my appendix out and felt better and got even MORE active. Most of my weight loss was solely diet-related, and a healthy appetite for intimacy. I've found that since I've been through therapy to deal better with my food addiction and to re-learn healthier ways to comfort myself and de-stress, I've had a much easier time of maintaining. I freaked out when I started Taekwondo after my appendectomy and gained some weight, but then I flexe
  14. Physically, half the woman. Mentally times four. Pre-op jeans, size 28 from Layne Bryant...
  15. That's fantabulous! You look great!! I should see about getting my BFF in my pants with me. My kid fits in just one leg, as he's just five, shoulders and all. I keep my pants around as a reminder, too, and I was just about to put the pic up.
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