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  1. Daisygirl

    3 and a half weeks PO

    Hello! 3.5 weeks out and I feel like I am getting the hang of sipping and my new pouch! I am down 27 pounds since surgery which feels great! My program has me eating several new foods and no restrictions at 6 weeks. I have questions on when/if you were able to eat foods like lettuce or nuts (I am guessing not for sometime)?
  2. Daisygirl

    Before/After (more or less)

    You look amazing!
  3. Daisygirl

    Halo Ice Cream

    Thank you. Yeah I am not an ice cream person but thought I would try since my NUT said it might be ok on the soft foods on occasion and it definitely was not! I had no more than a tablespoon and it was awful, I will stick to refried beans, Greek yogurt and ricotta bake for the next week or two.
  4. Daisygirl

    Halo Ice Cream

    It was suggested from my program as it’s not “real” ice cream I guess, that is why I tried it. . . Thanks for the suggestions, I won’t be having it again.
  5. Daisygirl

    Halo Ice Cream

    I had a few bites today and dumped it was awful.
  6. Daisygirl

    October GBP partner

    Great find, thanks for sharing!
  7. Daisygirl

    11 days post op

    How about making a smoothie and adding in protein powder? It has been working for me!
  8. Daisygirl

    October GBP partner

    Hi! I had gastric bypass on 10/2, it’s going well so far. I’m sorry you have no support at home and I would be happy to help each other! Hopefully your spouse will come around when they see the benefits to your health.
  9. Daisygirl

    Almost a week out

    Hello- Surgery was last Tuesday and I am feeling great! No pain meds, no appetite but able to “eat” yogurts, tomato soup, pudding and sipping away at the water. The pain has been minimal and my incision sites look great thus far! Thanks again for everyone’s words of wisdom and support!
  10. Daisygirl

    Im just starting this journey. A little scared

    Hi MeadowBlue- I just had RNY 4 days ago and had so many of the same concerns. While I am just starting the journey after surgery I was really excited to start it and for my surgery day to finally come! The people on this forum have been so wonderful with their posts and the support they show everyone here that it made me that much more excited to begin my weight loss. Good luck with your journey.
  11. Daisygirl

    Going home!

    Thank you everyone! It was nice to come home and get comfortable today! @BB my Dr Kim is a male out of Washington. I keep walking, hoping to pass some gas and relieve some pressure, never hoped for that before
  12. Daisygirl

    Going home!

    I love ice water but not the way it felt! Lucky I am not an ice cream eater!
  13. Daisygirl

    Going home!

    Surgery went well! I have minimal pain, mostly just from the gas. The trick of drinking warm or room temperature water and protein shakes sure did help. I had some ice chips and it made my little pouch angry. I am being discharged in a couple of hours and I can’t wait!
  14. Daisygirl

    Today is the day!

    Surgery check-in today at 0800! Excited with a little nervousness. I cannot believe the day has come so quick!
  15. Daisygirl

    2 days until Surgery

    Good luck! My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday October 2nd and I am very excited!!