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  1. AustinJ

    I have not forgot about you!

    Thank you!
  2. AustinJ

    I have not forgot about you!

    Thank you
  3. AustinJ

    I have not forgot about you!

    So I have 5-6 oz of boneless Skinless chicken breast 2x a day which make up 70-75 grams of protein I have 2 protein shakes a day 46 grams of protein. I make up the rest with peanut butter, nuts, beef jerky, cheese, and cottage cheese. Throw in some veggies and fruit and a ton of propel and water I have not time or room for anything else. I have tons of good low carb chicken recipes so it doesn't get stale.
  4. AustinJ

    I have not forgot about you!

    Thanks Jen, it does feel good. 275 was my original goal but as I approached it I decided to aim lower. The reason the DR wanted the calorie increase is because of my recent inbody (BMI) testing that breaks down Muscle mass, Bone mass, Organ mass, Fat mass, and fluid mass. Basically they have found that excess skin registers as fat, and the plastic surgeon estimates I have 30-35 lbs of skin an detached fat to be removed. The bariatric center doesn't want us dropping below 12-14% body fat and that puts me at 242-250 lbs. So the way they see it is I am at my best weight right now and just need to hold steady to get the skin and detached fat removed.
  5. AustinJ

    I have not forgot about you!

    Hey, CJ I'm glad things are going well for you. I am only getting in about 1200 cal a day as it is and have sort of settled there. I am still working out but have been changing my workouts as needed to the hyponatremia. As of currently I am running 3 miles 3 days a week and then try to get 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week some days are way higher than 10,000 but everyday is a new day. I decided that I am going to start lifting again. The plans are to do that after I get back from vacation. I am really looking forward to it. Maybe I can fill all the lose skin on my arms.
  6. AustinJ

    I have not forgot about you!

    I agree just upping my calories form 1000 to 1200 - 1300 daily has increased my weight loss and isn't so impossible to attain. My macro break down for the last 2 weeks is about 140 g protein, 40 g carbs or less, and 55 g fats per day. Sugars hover around 10 g daily, mostly from small amounts of fruit. Sometimes I have more fats and protein but always stay under 40 carbs. I have lost more weight in the last 2 weeks than I had the month and a half prior.
  7. AustinJ

    I have not forgot about you!

    Hey all, its been awhile since I have posted anything but I have been diligently reading as many posts as I can everyday. I am in the process of starting a new business and that takes every waking moment to stay on top of. We are (my wife and I) starting a custom printing business for personalized and promotional items. I have a lot of work to do and a lot of marketing to get our name out Cyclone Custom Prints. That's not why I am posting today. I had a few spare minutes and wanted to let everyone know yesterday I met my first "final" goal of 275lbs and today I was 274 lbs the weight loss has slowed substantially for me but if it didn't I would have turned to dust. At my 6 month check up my surgeon mandated that I jump ahead to the one year caloric and nutritional goals. So he wants me at 1500 -1700 calories per day. I have a hard time getting in that many calories. Nutritionally, I was already getting more than enough protein for the year goals, it just allows me to have more carbs if I want. I chose to keep the carbs down and increase the fat and protein intake. Since those changes my loss rate has increased slightly. Just so you know I keep an eye on my TT friends and if you ever need me just tag me.
  8. AustinJ

    Almost passed out

    Orthostatic hypotension is not fun to deal with, but it becomes much easier to handle once you know what it is and how to handle it. As I've learned from personal experience there are several nutritional imbalances that can cause the low blood pressure issue. I would make sure when you have your blood work done to have them check your electrolytes as well, this is not a usually part of the post op blood work regimen. In my case I suffer from Hyponatremia, which means I have low sodium and electrolytes. To compensate for this I had to slowly increase my sodium and electrolyte intake until the symptoms subsided. I currently take in 3000mg of sodium a day, 1000mg of which comes via Propel so am I getting all the other electrolytes as well. The hyponatremia also caused reactive hypoglycemia (blood sugar crashes after eating). I would get hot and flush and all my energy would be drained, my thoughts would be fuzzy and unclear. Just remember every person is different and everything is trial and error, listen to your doctors they have been doing the trial and error for a long time and have some idea of what direction to go in. Make small adjustments and listen to your body it will tell you when something isn't right.
  9. AustinJ

    I did it!!!!!!

    Way to go CJ!
  10. AustinJ

    Down 200lbs!!!!

    Thanks CJ, this is something I plan on never being "done". I will always have to keep an eye on it and keep focused as to not lose my gains by gaining back my losses.
  11. AustinJ

    Down 200lbs!!!!

    Yes, there are a plethora of other health benefits, Lower pulse and blood pressure, no more gout meds (saves a ton of money), bad cholesterol is non existent good cholesterol is good. I never had high BP, pulse or cholesterol to start but they are all lower. BP from 125/77 to 100/60, resting heart Rate from 74 to 52, and I don't have my papers to tell you cholesterol but its in the same boat. The blood pressure is low and is an issue from time to time with the Hyponatremia, but that is easier to deal with than gout. The best part is I don't go to bed every night wondering when its my turn for a heart attack.
  12. AustinJ

    Down 200lbs!!!!

    Thanks again to everyone for all the awesome support. I do fear maintenance a bit, I have my routine and like it. I don't feel like I'm that close to "goal" and I definitely don't look it. But I suppose that is what the follow up is for.
  13. AustinJ

    Down 200lbs!!!!

    Thanks again to everyone. Its been awhile since I have had time to make a post, I have been working on expanding my business and fighting with "the man" (a big corporation we compete with) trying to shut us down. It has been quite exhausting and time consuming. Monday I went and talked to a group of pre-surgery people and that seemed to go very well. Afterward I had Body indexing done to find out where I need to stop losing to stay safe and health. Turns out it is a bit closer than I thought it was. They don't want me going below %15 body fat and that would put me at 243.7lbs for my minimum with my current bone and muscle mass. They also believe I have between 30-35lbs of skin to be removed at some point. So if you take my current weight 284 - 30lbs for excess skin that puts me at 254lbs which is only 10lbs away from the minimum they want me at!?!?!?!?! We decided to change my exercise routine to lower the calorie output and maybe help some more with the Hypo natremia. and I will go back in 4-6 week for another body indexing to see where I'm at. Total down 220lbs
  14. AustinJ

    Post op 9 days SICK of shakes

    I used and still use Syntrax Nectar Carmel Macchiato and Vanilla latte with 8 oz of hot but not super hot coffee. It's not like shake, it's more like coffee with creamer.
  15. AustinJ

    100 lbs down !!

    Way to Go!!!! You are amazing! Keep up the great work.