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  1. So Angry and Upset

    Can you get in with a new Rheumy before next week?
  2. Hello, my friends.....

    Glad to hear things are going well with the hubby. Your stall will break soon I'm sure. I have been in one ever since I had to adjust my diet for more sodium. It is less of a stall and more of putting the breaks on but once my body finishes adjusting it will take off again I'm sure.
  3. Sad news

    Prayers to you and your friend and everyone effected by the shooting at the Pathway Home .
  4. Glad to hear all went well. I used to track ketone but over time I noticed I could tell by the smell of my urine so I now only check every few weeks. I notice more now when I go out of ketosis. I do also track my blood glucose but I do so for my reactive hypoglycemia. I wish you the best. It sounds like you are taking this seriously. Remember to keep up your fluids so ketones don't buildup in your blood, it can really mess you up.
  5. Unintended experiment

    Same here I have coffee with Syntrax Nectar Carmel Macchiato. If its real early and I won't be able to eat for awhile, I'll have a hard boiled egg first then 30min later have my coffee.
  6. Gaining? Seriously?

    A pound of fat is approximately 3500 cal so unless you consumed 14,000 cal in the last few days and didn't burn any, it is just water weight.
  7. Look for Syntrax Nectar Sampler they make 2 different packs one with 15 flavors and one with 17 flavors. I found the on I don't know if they ship to the UK.
  8. How many different protein shakes have you tried? There are literally hundreds of different brands and types out there. Different flavors and textures, I tried probably 50 different ones before I found a couple I like. Nashua Nutrition sells single serving packets of a lot of protein powder. My favorite is Syntrax Nectar Carmel Macchiato. I would star here:
  9. Protein Powder

    I use Syntrax Nectar is 23g protein, 0g carbs, 0g Sugar, 100 cal per serving.
  10. Going to the gym

    Good news, it's probably not from not eating enough. Its probably from not getting enough sodium and electrolytes in you diet. Do you track your intake? Even though we are on a reduces calorie diet our sodium and electrolytes need to stay in normal range. Your symptom sound like Orthostatic Hypotension I have been dealing with it for a few months now and when my sodium intake is low I get light headed and lose my vision for a few minutes. It's always best to talk to a Dr. about your symptoms so they can pinpoint your issue specifically. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
  11. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I have an NSV that is a little different. I received an e-mail today from my dietician asking me to come and speak to a group of pre-surgery people. She said the bariatric center wants someone who has been successful with WLS but has had WLS related issues. They want me to talk about what I have done to be successful, and how I deal with the WLS issues. She also said that if I was willing they would like to have a Q & A with me so the pre-surgery people could get real answers from a real person. They don't want me to sugar coat it, they want me to tell them all the good and bad. They want these people to have realistic expectations. I'm stunned by this because I'm not anywhere near my maintenance weight, my issue are mostly from me over exercising, and I'm not perfect. I've eaten things not on plan, I've fallen short on fluids and protein, and forget to take my vitamins sometimes. I've told her this on several occasions and they still think I fit the bill. I think I'm going to do it because I love talking to groups of people, and I feel everyone needs to see the raw side of things WLS related before they have the surgery.
  12. I read this article as well as several others, dozens I'm sure. I also talked to the dietician and Dr. who said that I should not worry about getting too much sodium because they average American gets 5,000mg+ on a daily basis. I went back to see my tracking last year when I first started and sure enough it was 5,000mg-6,000mg per day. Crazy!
  13. I eat 1% cottage cheese everyday now, 1/2 cup has 470mg sodium, 12g protein, 2g fat, 5g carbs, 4g sugar and is only 80 cal. This is about half my sugar intake for the day unless I eat some fruit. I also use Propel Powder packets, I get at Sam's, each packet has 210mg sodium and tons of other electrolytes, they are 0 calories and taste pretty good too. When the rest of my fam. wants pizza I get a broasted chicken breast from Pizza Ranch 230 cal, 840mg sodium, 33g protien, 13g fat, 4g carbs, 1g sugar. I cant usually eat the whole thing in 1 sitting. They get pizza about every other week, so its not a mainstay but when I have the broasted chicken my sodium goal is easy. My normal day now is 800 cal, 30g carbs, 30g fat, 100g+ Protien, 2250mg+ Sodium. Before supper I look at my stats and adjust supper and maybe an evening snack to get me to my goals. I usually don't have to make changes to my supper but pick my snack accordingly and add a propel if needed.
  14. This is one of the issues I was/am dealing with right now. There are several factors that make us losers susceptible to Hypotension. Our rapid weight loss and shrinking bodies being the main factor, followed by fluid and electrolytes. Since we lose weight rapidly our blood pressure tends to drop, and as our bodies are shrinking our veins and arteries are too, just not as fast. These two factors cause blood to "pool" in whatever body parts are lowest, thanks to gravity, usually our legs. Then when we stand up there is not enough blood getting to our brains, this is what causes the dizziness. There are nerves in our jugular that send a signal to our lower extremities telling the veins and arteries to contract when our blood pressure to our head drops, this is how we recover. If you don't have enough fluid and/or electrolytes, especially sodium, that signal is delayed and the recovery process takes longer, and the symptoms can become much worse. I had a Hypotension incident where I lost my vision for almost a minute and a half, and a lot of people pass out. To deal with the Hypotension, I talked with my DR. and Dietician and followed their advice. I took a few days off from exercise, Increased my sodium intake to 2500mg per day, because I exercising a lot and sweat a lot. I also started drinking multiple electrolyte replacement drinks per day, which also helps with the sodium intake. I increased my fluid intake, I drink 25 - 30 cups per day now, I was at 18-20 cups a day. I'm not supposed to take hot showers or baths, or use a hot tub or sauna. I also have sodium pills in my car, just in case I need them. @Kio mine started the same way yours did just one time, then a week later again, then they got closer together and worse. Then I blacked out and knew I needed to get it fixed. I hope yours doesn't progress but keep an eye on it. The sooner you address the situation the better off you'll be. It took 2 weeks before I felt I was back to normal after my worst incident.
  15. "Too" Skinny

    No one chases me. They just try to keep up.