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  1. Thanks. I really wish I did not have to do this 6 month diet, because as I said, I am almost 18 and I have plans for college and for other things and now I have to adjust them drasticly. But It is what it is I guess. I will just try and get some good out of it by giving msyelf extra self education and maybe lose a little weight.
  2. I was weighed probably about 3/4th of the time I went. I was going, mostly, because I was fixing my mental issues. I have them undercontrol for the most part now, but my weight was not the primary reason I was going, although it was secondary. That's why I'm worried it may not be "good enough." And I wont' know for a while, either, which is frustrating. And thank you, I will make good use of the forums in the mean time.
  3. Not at all of them. I read more about my states health insurance policy: https://www.illinois.gov/hfs/MedicalProviders/MPAC/Pages/BSCriteria.aspx Quote, " ix consecutive months of participation in a medically supervised weight loss program within the setting of a pre-surgical multidisciplinary evaluation must be completed within one year before the prior approval request for the bariatric surgery. There is a demonstration of participant responsibility. 6 Patients must demonstrate motivation to comply with proposed post operative treatment, dietary modifications, and participation in long-term follow-up. Documentation of nutritional assessment and counseling at each visit with at least one visit with a registered dietitian or nutritionist. Dietary history, eating disorder, pre-surgical caloric reduction, dietary behavior modification, and lifelong need for dietary changes must be completed. An opinion for candidacy for the proposed procedure must be offered. " Maybe I could get some sort of expedition because of the severity of my weight, idk, but it looks like I have to do 6 months of dieting. Makes no sense. I'll do it if I have to, but for f***s sake. If I could stick to a clearly defined diet for 6 months, we wouldn't be here now would we? Thank you for the kind words as well. I'm really stressed right now over the fact I'll have to waste 6 months, when I had planned on maybe having had the surgery and having recovered by then, so I can go on to college and move on with my life. But no, now it seems I have to put college on hold, as well as other things, all thanks to insurance.
  4. Hello, everyone! I have yet to introduce myself formally, but let me give myself a quick intro before I ask this question, because I'm pretty anxious about this. I am 17, 18 here in a few months, I weigh 356 lbs, 5'11. I have some serious mental illness (been under control for about a year now), due to my childhood, and my weight is a result of it. Over the past 2 years I have avoided gaining weight, only going from 330 to 355 in 2 years, which for me isn't much. I put on most of my weight from 12-15 years old. So, here is my question about insurance. I got in contact with my local surgeon center that would do this on me when I'm 18 (November 22). They said that I have to do a 6 month program before insurance would approve this. So, here is my question. For the past 7 months, I have been going to my doctor once a month, every month. I have to get medications refilled that are scheduled, and I also go there to talk to him about how my anti psychotics are working. Here is the thing: I never have discussed my weight/diet with the nurse (so maybe it's not in the notes?), but every time the doctor would come to see me, I would tell him what I've been eating and my exercise. He gave me an idea of healthy foods to eat and ways to exercise, I have been following them for the past 7 months. I haven't lost any weight, really, but I've still been doing a "6 month program" my doctor made up for me. The issue is, I had not really considered WLS until about 2 months ago, so when we started this "weight loss program" it was kind of informal. Just a friendly conversation between doc and me about my weight and health. I doubt he even put notes down on it. He did, however, say that he would tell the insurance that we were working on my weight the whole 7 months. So, will they accept this from my general practitioner? It's not a huge deal, if I have to wait 6 months, I have to wait 6 months, but I really hope I don't. I figured you guys know more than I do, so here I am. Thank you.