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  1. I have an ongoing argument with my spouse about how much improvement you can actually make on your excess skin with exercise. I remember Dr. C talking about being able to 'tone' the muscles underneath the skin but you can't make your skin taught. Once the loose skin (257 down to 163 over 9 yrs ago) happens the only fix is plastic surgery. He is of the opinion you can firm up the skin.
  2. greco02

    So flippin frustrated!

    A provider does not have to send the records with any sort of priority or special handling. We don't do it here unless someone asks. We are a very customer oriented facility so whenever possible we do what the patients ask of us. It sounds like your problem mostly lies with the staff at the surgeons office. Unless you have another possible provider I guess you are sort of stuck. You never know if you call and call if it bugs them or helps your case. It does sometimes happen that records get misplaced or lost but you had them sent multiple times .... If you could get a glance at the doctors desk and see that it is a mess then that would explain why his staff can't find anything. We don't have much control over our providers, just over our staff and I think we run a pretty tight ship. I am sorry to hear other medical facilities don't provide the same level of service that we do. Good luck,sorry I wasn't much help.
  3. greco02

    So flippin frustrated!

    I know that the office staff can really set the tone for an entire practice. Are you sure you can't request records be 'given/handed' to someone if you provide written autorization? You didn't mention but are your records being sent from a military hospital? I work in Medical Records and I am very familar with release of information requests. At this point your best bet is to have the records sent to you and yes, as you already know it can be costly. Then you make a copy and keep one for your self. Do you really need everything? Most people don't need the accounts of their flu, cold, and annual negative test results. A good start is the last complete blood work up, last history and physical exam, last pap (for women) and any significant surgeries. I have been a patient with one provider for 23 years. Not everything in my chart is relevant. Just some select pages. We call that 'pertinent' records. Good luck.
  4. greco02

    5 Day Pouch Test Rocks!

    I am intrigued by this topic. I could use a jump start. I know my pouch still works. But maybe this would help me get back on track (kinda like a kick in the pants). So, I am interested in some details.
  5. Here in the states you are not required to tell your employer why you need time off if a physician says you need it no details can be demanded of you. I had a friend who decided to tell everyone she had gallbladder surg. She was more comfortable with that explaination than the GBP. Her weight loss was attributed to complications, she just 'couldn't eat'. Your confidence will grow as you lose weight. You will find your voice. For now if you would rather not say you are on a diet how about a food allergy to some obscure donut ingredient. Or 'did you see that 60 minutes show with the donut shop on secret camera? Ick!' You don't owe anyone an explaination but I understand the pressure of the office. Just after my surgery very kindly office staff would fill a plate for me and bring it to my office when there were potlucks. I thanked them, then when they left I tossed the food away. Good luck.
  6. greco02

    TT can I cause a rash?

    I have heard rumors that Prell shampoo works....but you didn't hear it from me.
  7. greco02

    Asthma, knee issues and exercise

    There is a program for chair exercise. The lady created a DVD. Perhaps that is the place to start. I don't have asthma but I did have knee problems that did not go away after my GBP. My saving grace was a right total knee early this year. Along with the GBP 6 years ago I have my life back. czg
  8. greco02

    My Karen goes in tonight for WLS

    Happy Anniversary, even though I am late with our regards. Hope Karen did well. We will be thinking of you both. Connie and Jim
  9. greco02

    The compliments... bitter sweet

    I just skimmed over some of all these posts. I would like to share a similar situation. At a big company awards dinner Jim & I attended I got all spruced up. Black super styling dress (low cut but classy, My Sisters Closet $10.00) heels, extra make up, the works. I was talking with a physician I have known for years but haven't worked with in a while. He never looked at my face (hummm). Then when Jim walked by later and said hi to him he told Jim I was a hottie. Never looked at my face. Go figure. If anything isn't worth looking at these days its the part he was looking at but hardly exists anymore czg
  10. greco02

    Friday - August 6, 04

    6:00 p.m. sounds good. czg
  11. greco02

    Im going bannanas!

    Briggie.....20/20 hindsite is the best. But not of much value in this case. Too bad you didn't think to say "you will look pretty good when you get your extra weight off too!". I have become a little bolder with my new found confidence, you will too. czg
  12. greco02

    Friday - August 6, 04

    Forgot to mention a about 5 - 7 p.m. We will have 2 large birds with us. If you don't see us (which is doubtful) you will hear the birds. Pre-op, post-op, newbe, old timers, ALL are welcomed. czg
  13. greco02

    Getting sick

    My husband ate a couple of different things earlier than he should have and ended up feeling 'blocked up' and throwing up clear/whiteish stuff. Kelly told him it was saliva. His stomach was trying to digest the meat he ate but was having trouble. He never truely vomited (you would know if you did). It took a while for the meat to go through his pouch. He is 8 months out and now & again when he eats meat (usually red meat) this will happen to him. So, you are not suffering anything too different than others have. Since each one of us is different we cannot tell you exactly what may or may not agree with your pouch. It is pretty much trial and error, with some good coaching from Kelly. czg
  14. greco02

    Friday - August 6, 04

    If anyone is interested Jim and I will be @ the Starbucks in Mira Mesa on Friday for a casual support group get-together. We usually go to the pre-op on the 1st Thursday but cannot make it there this month. We need the support so we thought we would invite others to join us for a visit. Hope to see some of you there. We may bring our birds so we will be easy to recognize. Thanks. czg I will also be celebrating my 3rd anniversay
  15. My husband had GBP in Dec and has lost almost 100#. What I don't understand is his horrible lack of energy. His B and Iron tests were normal. I was beyond energetic after my surgery, so I think he should have more energy, not the same (or in some cases less). This condition is really getting him down. Any suggestions? czg