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  1. We3wimps

    Question about pregnancy

    I so understand what you are going tnrough. I am suppose to get my surgery date Sept 20th. I am 36 and my husband is 40. We have 1 child, who is 15 and want another one. So my dilemma is do I have a baby then the surgery or go ahead with the surgery as planned? I have already lost the 25 pounds and have done all the other requirements for my insurance. I am so confused and really stressed out about it. I am so afeaid if I go ahead witn my surfery something will happen and I will not have another child. But then I am so close and have worked so hard.
  2. We3wimps

    Belleville, Il

    Are there any support groups in the Belleville, Il area?
  3. We3wimps


    Was wondering how long you have to wait after the gastric sleeve to get pregnant.
  4. We3wimps

    Headache & Fatigue

    I am trying to lose the last 3 pound my insurance requires before they will approve my surgery. Problem is I only have about a week left to do it. I am doing a liquid diet but have a comstant headache and absolutly no energy. Not to mention how crabby Iam. What am I doing wrong, or is this normal?
  5. We3wimps


    I am just wondering what kind of pain to expect after surgery. How long are you in the hospital for? How long does the pain last? I know what the doctor says but would really like to heqr from someone who has actually gone through it.