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  1. Hello everyone

    Hi Gretna. A big thank you for the welcome and I am very happy I found you all.
  2. Hello everyone

    Hello Res. Thank you for the welcome. I was feeling rather alone (re the bypass) but I can see that I'm going to be fine by the response so far, it's nice that we are all trying to reach the same goal and when we do we still have the support of everyone . l don't know when you were last in London but it has drastically changed in the last 20 years, some parts very beautiful but others not so good. I still love my country but prefer to live in the leafy suburbs. And as for the afternoon tea I am just finishing a cup now, trust the English , we love our tea .
  3. Hello everyone

    Hi Jen . Lovely to meet you on here and looking at your chart you have done very well . Im struggleing with my last 20 lbs but still happy with the weight I have lost. I'm sure from what I have seen so far the support is definitely here.
  4. Hello everyone

    Great to hear that and I wil check out the threads this weekend .
  5. Hello everyone

    Thank you very much cinwa , I am happy that at least my post can be seen I see you have a UK tea mug and your quote from Thomas Edison is so true.
  6. Hello everyone

    Its 30 months since I had my gastric bypass and this is the first time I have been on a forum . I am hoping I can find some friends that I can share my experiences with and get some tips from . I do not know anybody who has had a gastric bypass in the area of the UK that I live ( a village 15 miles from the city of London ) I would be happy wherever you are in the world to chat to you . kind regards