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  1. KRie


    I love water ice! Is there any, such as Rita’s sugar free that are okay? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  2. I wasn't sure if diet peach Snapple was okay, because I'm really getting sick of water and propel, but y'all answered my question again! This is such a great forum!!
  3. KRie


    Hi, i already posted this once, but I am computer impaired. If there are mentors on this site, I could really, really use one! I'm going off track and my surgeon and his team are no help. Will someone please let me know? Thank you so much!
  4. Hi again, i just posted a question, and I'm having trouble navigating this site because I am computer user impaired. I noticed some members are mentors, and I could really use one if that's possible. Would someone please advise me about that? I will be most thankful!
  5. Hi everyone! I am a computer dinosaur. I can't even find my previous questions! I have been really upset this past week, my son is a heroin addict, And things got really bad. I could hardly eat without throwing up after. I wound up only getting 30 grams of protein a couple of days! I know I have to get it together emotionally, but I'm back to not really knowing what to eat. Someone posted the tufts food guide for me before and I can't get to it. Will someone please do it again? I will be most appreciative. Thanks so much!
  6. Thank y'all for your help! Most appreciative!
  7. Hi,. I was told by a nutritionist- not specializing in bariatrics- that after 10 weeks, 1 of the weight watchers smart meals is an appropriate portion. Seems kind of big to me. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi,. I am 7 weeks post surgery and I don't know what to eat! My surgeon and his team are more into,"you'll need to figure this out on your own, since this is what you'll have to do for life" but I don't feel like I have enough resources. Can someone just give me a few examples of what an average day's meals contain? Thanks so much!