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  1. Hi Lisa, My surgery was Sept.5th 2017 also. I just wanted to share with you that I TOTALLY understand the struggle you have had. I was ready for surgery at the end of last year and my world was turned upside down. My father was diagnosed with cancer and had to go through chemo and radiation simultaneously . During his journey my grandmother passed away. So needless to say my weight loss was put to the back burner and I regained 20 of the 55 pounds I had lost. But my doctors understood the hard times and worked with me to get me back on track. I hope you didn't beat yourself up too much and you got your surgery on the 5th. Best wishes for a great recovery and terrific results
  2. Hello Everyone, first of all, thank you so much for the wonderful advice. My surgery was delayed until 6ish on Tuesday night(9/05). The nurses say I was a textbook case and everything went great. I did everything they asked of me in the hospital but I am so glad to be home this morning. Walking, trying to drink my protein and walking!!!
  3. Good morning all..... I am sitting here pondering the day as I pack my bags to head to the hospital for my gastric sleeve surgery TODAY! I have researched and gone to pre-op classes for my insurance company/doctor so I know I am sort of mentally prepared BUT today I am nervous!!! I am hoping for a few pointers for when I return home later this week. Best advice??? THANK YOU!!!