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  1. Thanks so much all for your encouragement and good advice! ! !
  2. You look beautiful and my yes I think so much younger looking !!
  3. Thanks msmarymac. I had truly forgotten how easy it was to not care about the sweets and carbs after having just the protein, veggies & shakes. So yes, I began today and will continue. I'm sure I will lose that intense craving shortly. Thanks for your help !!!
  4. Surgery Sept. 26, 2017. Was doing real good, eating what i should and all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago I have lost control. My problem had always been sweets and I went to a party and had a few and now I can't stop. I joined the ymca today for swim excercises along with the walking and bicycling I had been doing. I am seeming to finally get some control back and actually did not gain any weight however.........I'm afraid. Is my time up, or do I just need to work harder and concentrate. No more goodies in the house for others. Period. Thanks for any insight.