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  1. So, I met with my surgeon yesterday. She gave me even more information and my head is spinning now. I was hoping that she would at least help me decide between RNY and VSG but, she really didn't. She explained that if she steered me either way and things didn't go as hoped, I would blame her. Could be in my head but I felt like she was giving me more positive info on the bypass. I chose VSG while I was there and then seriously considered calling back and switching to the RNY. I came home and researched some more. I remembered all of the reasons that I wanted to go with VSG. So, I stuck with having a VSG. One thing that keeps running through my mind is that I don't ever want to go through this again. With VSG if something doesn't work out there would be the possibility of needing to revise to a bypass. If i just started with bypass the possibility of revision disappears. She did tell me that reflux is more prevalent with VSG which I already knew. She also told me that it is more likely to get some type of sores in throat that could lead to cancer with VSG. I wish that I had recorded it all because I may have some of my facts wrong. She is going to require that I get a colonoscopy as well as EGD since it has been 3 years since my last colonoscopy. I have to get them every 5 years because my fraternal grandmother died from colon cancer and my mother just had it a few years ago. She also wants me to see a cardiologist because I am over 50 and she requires all of her patients over 50 to see one. Once I get those tests out of the way, I will be cleared for surgery. I have to attend 2 more classes to meet the requirement of 10 but, that will be easy enough to do. I do hope that I chose the right surgery for me. I have managed to gain 9 pounds in the last 3 months and I am so ready to get things moving and back on track.
  2. Met With Surgeon

    This is all very true. I have been searching for answers to my exhaustion and fatigue for years now. At least now I finally have an answer. Hopefully a few stents will be placed during the catheterization and I can get back to concentrating on my WLS
  3. Met With Surgeon

    One more thing. I have suffered from SEVERE exhaustion and fatigue for years now. I have been to my Dr complaining about it being severe. I was starting to think it was all attributed to my weight. Seems that was not the case.
  4. Met With Surgeon

    I know that you are both right. Heart disease runs very heavily in my family. My mom has had two heart attacks and a stroke in just the past two years. The call just really threw me for a loop. The technicians told me yesterday that if they found anything really bad I would hear a lot sooner than if nothing was found. The call came right at 8:30 am so it scared me a little. They want me to come in and meet with the Dr. Go over the test results and watch a video on the procedure. Plus give me some type of packet. The heart cath will be scheduled and done pretty quickly after I meet with him on Monday morning. Who knows? I may still be able to make my March surgery as scheduled. No idea how long I will have to wait to be cleared after stents are placed. Thanks for the support!
  5. Met With Surgeon

    Well no surgery for me. At least not yet. My stress test indicated issues. I got a call at 8:30 am from cardiologist telling me that I have to go for heart cath. I was a little blown away so I didn't schedule right then. Waiting for them to call back now. Damn. Just keeps getting better. Lost my sister in October. Mom had stroke in November. My oldest sister just found out on Tuesday that she has brachycardia. Now this. Things just have to get better soon. I think.
  6. Starting the removal

    Wow. Seriously just amazing.
  7. I can't be trusted

    Took the words right off my finger tips. I could never wear things this flashy. They totally work for cardamom though.
  8. Met With Surgeon

    Another hurdle over with as of today. Had my echocardiogram and stress test done today. Hopefully they didn't find anything and it puts me another step closer to having surgery. This hospital has an entire floor dedicated to bariatric surgery. I planned to tour it today but decided to wait until I go back for colonoscopy/egd in a few weeks. Small (42 bed hospital) but very nice and clean from what I have seen so far. All good signs in my book. It is also COE.
  9. Body for Life/Strength training

    I got a huge kick out of it as well. This guy is hilarious and a surgeon that I would not mind having. Also glad to know that someone else here as a sense of humor as warped as mine is.
  10. My secret

    That is excellent news. I am so glad that you decided to tell your husband and that it worked out well.
  11. Omg owwwww

    It does make a difference! I talked to my gyno at my last visit about my upcoming surgery. She told me that a major benefit will be that my pap smears will not be as painful once I lose the weight! I had no idea that my weight is why this procedure became so painful when it was not in the past. I had been thinking that this Dr was just more rough than my previous one. So, you are correct. One of the benefits that I truly look forward to.
  12. I can't be trusted

    Wow! Great job, Cardamom.
  13. Photo Confusion & Smaller than My Bestie

    Funny thing is that when I saw my psychologist for my eval, we were talking about how much of a caretaker of others I am. She said that she sees a lot of this in the obese / overweight population. Made perfect sense to me that she would. We tend to care for everyone but ourselves.
  14. Recent Vertical Sleeve patient

    Welcome, Scott! Losing 70 pounds in a month is just amazing to me. I have not yet had surgery but will be soon. Congratulations on such awesome results. Look forward to following your journey.
  15. Annoyed!?!?

    Would you honestly feel better if nobody said a word? That is a LOT of weight that you just lost. I have yet to lose that kind of weight in a short amount of time but, I think that I would feel worse if nobody noticed or completely ignored it. I am horrible at receiving compliments. Makes me very uncomfortable. Could that be what is bothering you most? As far as gaining weight and getting comments about the gain, my mom would do exactly that. It did not help at all contrary to what she thought.
  16. Photo Confusion & Smaller than My Bestie

    Congratulations, Curvy. You worked hard to get where you are. Maybe your friend will end up being motivated by you. You have done great and maybe it is time to focus on yourself for a bit
  17. A double milestone I could never have expected

    That is absolutely awesome! Congratulations to you, Aussie. I know it has to feel very good.
  18. Looking for a VSG buddy Surgery on Jan 16th

    Will be keeping you all in my thoughts. Do check in when you are able to.
  19. 7 Month Surgiversary

    Thanks! I am going to need all the help that I can get. Won't be long now.
  20. 7 Month Surgiversary

    Wow! You look great! Only 7 months? I love these pictures but they are making me even more anxious to get my surgery done Congratulations on a job well done.
  21. 2 weeks liquids only!

    The only way that we are going to succeed is to keep a positive attitude
  22. 6 Month rule ?

    My hospital is also a bariatric center of excellence. The surgeon has plenty of criteria that I have to meet before surgery. Waiting 6 months is not one of them though. I am doing my monthly weigh ins with them but, that is to satisfy my insurance. These are my surgeons requirements. You must complete Five (5) Pre-Op prep classes before your initial surgeon’s appointment You must complete Ten (10) Pre-Op prep classes before your surgery date If pre-op prep classes held on the same day have different topics, they may each count towards your 10 classes. Pre-op prep classes with the same topic held in one day may only count once toward your 10 classes NO Pre-op prep patients in Post-surgery classes After surgery, you will advance to the post-surgery support groups Questions for the office staff or physician must be handled during office hours (8am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 8am-12pm Fri) All patients must sign and weigh in for Two (2) Pre-op prep classes a month. If you are weighing in, please arrive 15-30 minutes before class is scheduled to begin to get vitals recorded, NO weights/vitals will be taken once a Support Groups class has started or at any other times throughout the day. *As part of the 10 required pre-op prep classes, (5) classes/topics are mandatory including: Surgery 101, (1) Physician group, (1) Dietitian group, (1) Nurse group, and (1) Psychology group. Pre-op prep classes are restricted to 50 attendees, patients arriving after the capacity limit has been reached will not be allowed to join the group regardless of the time. Other than those requirements, we just have to go through psychological testing and pass the nutritional evaluation.
  23. I’m overweight now!!

    I have a friend that had thyroid cancer. Went through the same thing. She was having some numbness in her hand one day at work. Later that evening she started getting numbness in her foot on the same side of body. Her husband made her go to the ER and get checked out. Ended up having an artery that was 90% clogged. She got two stents but, it was through various aftercare with her heart that they found the thyroid cancer. Like most other people, she had no symptoms at all. Matter of fact, this same girl is the one that I started researching WLS for. Her Dr was urging her to have it done. That was when I first found this forum about 1.5 years ago. She quarantined herself in her bedroom. I know it was rough for her.
  24. One month, but got to start somewhere ;)

    Yeah, I wasn't really into the groups either. I found it easy to track everything and like the recipes.
  25. Cauliflower pizza crust

    You won't be disappointed. It sounds odd but, it really is yummy!