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  1. Hi guys. A lot has happened in the past year. We moved back to the coast. Next my father in law passed away. Next my mother went under hospice at home care and then passed away last week. 

    I am not doing horrible losing weight but have hit a stall that is completely of my own doing. Darn emotional eating has grabbed ahold of me. 

    I am reading here and hope to feel well enough to post and participate soon. 

    Been one helluva year

    1. tracyringo


      Sorry you are having a rough time right now, prayers.

    2. Readytobeme


      I am down 73 pounds since surgery which isn’t bad. Only problem is that this is where I have been since September. I must find the motivation to get back on track. 

      I am very thankful that my mom was able to see a thinner me before she passed. Also, I physically feel so much better. 

      I have been fairly depressed for several months now. Giving serious thought to seeing my dr in order to get something to help me through this. 

    3. Readytobeme


       I clue where the first paragraph of my post disappeared to but, I said thank you so much for your kind words, Tracy. 

  2. Readytobeme

    1 week from today

    Congratulations! August 23 will be here before you even know it! Exciting times ahead for you. Please continue to keep us posted on your progress.
  3. Readytobeme

    Home Alone

    You may want to check with your Dr/hospital ahead of time. I read a post at some point in time about a person that had a dilemma because their hospital would not discharge them unless they had a person that would sign responsibilty for the person for the first 24 hours. Maybe because of the pain meds. Not sure. Better to be prepared. I think that person ended up using Uber but, arranged things with the driver ahead of time to sign him out. If you were just a little closer to the Upstate of SC, I would gladly give you a ride home. I have seen many people talk about not having friends or family near to help with these things. Seems like the hospitals could come up with a solution for them by now.
  4. Readytobeme

    I'm new here and could use a Buddy.

    Welcome, Princess!!! I think that you have come to the right place for support. Certainly WLS is not for everyone. I have not been here as much as I normally am lately because I have many irons in the fire keeping me very, very busy. But, I will be more than glad to support you on your journey when I am able to be online. You will find many others here that will support you as well. Feel free to post any questions, concerns or problems that you are having here. Don't forget to include the good things that you experience as well
  5. Readytobeme

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Buwhahahahahahaha!!! I thought the exact same thing about the jeans hanging up behind her.
  6. Readytobeme

    Food fail and sore pouch

    So sorry to hear that you went through this, Jen. Thank you for sharing the information as much as what I learn here at this forum has been very helpful. I have had a few instances where I thought about going back to liquids for a few days. Still learning what works and what doesn't as I go. I just had my grandson visit for two weeks and learned that I just can't have sweets around me just yet. I have close to zero willpower when they are staring me in the face. I did find out that I do get dumping syndrom so that helps a little. ugh. Thinking that the next time he comes to visit, we will just get individual snacks by the day. I sure hope that I get better about just saying no to these things. Glad that you are feeling better now.
  7. Readytobeme

    Why hello old friends

    So very sorry to hear this, KT. Please do keep us posted.
  8. Readytobeme

    What a difference a year makes !!!

    Wowzers, Tracy!!! You truly do look great! Your surgiversary was on my sons birthday Keep up the good work!
  9. Readytobeme

    I have a date!

    Wow! Congratulations, HiddenGem on a job well done!
  10. Readytobeme


    Sorry that I missed this, Trish. Very happy to know that all went well :)
  11. Readytobeme

    Slowly losing

    The others are right. I am 4 months out and just now about 60 pounds down. Keep following your plan and the weight will drop. Maybe slowly but, certainly surely
  12. Readytobeme

    I finally made it...

    Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge congratulations to you on a job well done!!!
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  14. Readytobeme

    Here’s our group photo!

    Wow! What a slim and attractive group you have here. So glad to see that you had great weather and a great time. Distance is an issue for me as well but, maybe one day..................................
  15. Readytobeme

    REGAIN! I feel out of control.

    Good to hear that you started therapy today. It truly does suck that everyone that walks into an ER in pain has to be treated like they are only seeking drugs I understand that there are plenty of people out there that are seeking drugs but, it really harms the folks that truly are in pain and need help. Try and hang in there until you see your surgeon later in the month. Sorry that you have to wait.