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  1. This is the one and only time that I had any type of experience with reflux. Pretty sure that I brought it on myself by eating too many apple slices with peanut butter right before bed. my pouch was full probably even over full of apples and peanut butter. This did wake me up but it was just before the time that I normally get up in the morning. So it didn’t really happen during the day. Hoping it was a one time thing from making a bad choice.
  2. Thanks, guys. I really don’t think that sucralfate is doing much of anything. I think that mine may be able to be controlled with just the omneprazole as well. Its hard as heck to try and get the sucra in 4 times a day plus the omneprazole twice spacing out between my vitamins and other meds. I will continue on this regimen until I see the dr on the 11th because I truly nevef want to experience a severe attack like that again. I had acid flowing out of my mouth and nose for a good solid hour. Lost my voice and felt horrible the rest of the day. My throat and esophagus hurt so badly that it was painful to even inhale all day long. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
  3. Readytobeme

    I did it

    Woohoo!!!! Big congratulations to you!!! I am just over 1 year out from sleeve surgery and remember the excitement of finally getting a date well.
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    Try getting a ginger root from the store. Slice a piece off when you get nauseous and put it between teeth and gums. It works miracles. Congratulations and good luck!!!
  5. I third the papaya enzyme. Had my doubts at first but, it truly works. Also helps us to absorb nutrients better.
  6. So, I had my first experience ( praying it will be my last) with Gerd this morning. I have read others account at of suffering with it but, I was not prepared for just how bad it really was. I have been through a lot since surgery. I lost two more family members. Including the loss of my mom in February. So I really have not done as well as I had hoped in the beginning. We sold our home thT was close to my mom and moved back to the coast near my son and grandson. I have a new wls dr here that I absolutely love. I feel the same about his staff members that I have dealt with. Anyway, I saw him about a month ago. He asked if I had experienced any gerd since surgery. I told him that I had not because I thought that was the case. I have had a few instances where I woke up with a nasty, acidic type taste in my mouth on several occasions. I also had a dry, hacking type cough that I had contributed to allergies. After the horrible episode this morning I found out that dry, hacking cough is a symptom of gerd. I did call my new dr here and he has put me on sucralfate 4 times per day plus back on omnemprazole 2 times per day. I hope this helps. If I had not had some leftover omneprazole this morning to take, I would have landed in the er. That’s just how bad it was. I am truly hoping that this was just a one time occurrence. If not, I will not hesitate to revise. I actually have more confidence in my current dr than I did my first. I had apple slices with peanut butter right before bed and I feel sure that at least contributed to this episode. I wanted to post the info here in case it may help others on their journey.
  7. I just thought that maybe you knew something that I didn’t. I was wondering if she had scheduled a revision.
  8. I talked to Gretta not too long ago. She did not mention anything about s revision to me. I think that is just her surgiversary noted on the calendar.
  9. Good luck to you, Trish!! You truly have done exceptionally well. Especially considering all of the obstacles that you have faced and overcome. I am going to have my one year bloodwork done next week with a new dr (love him) at my new location. I also take my vitamins religiously but can’t wait to see how I am doing. I totally get the “in your face” feeling towards the Pa as well. My husband refuses to see a PA. He says that they are charging him for a dr visit and that’s who he wants to see.
  10. Looks like they are down to just mocha cappuccino now
  11. It is better with fruit in it for sure. My husband likes the cherry with pineapple. I am just not at the point that I want to eat much fruit yet. It does have quite a bit of carbs for someone that is not yet in maintenance.
  12. I have tried several of these recipes and liked them all. The cottage cheese fluff is really good. Tastes like a dessert but fills me up like a meal.
  13. Big congratulations to you, Aussie! I am only at my one year mark but, I do understand already how much work goes into losing and maintaining after wls. Well done and I hope that I am able to do as well as you have.
  14. Use code slimfast100 see drop down for other flavors shopping adds $6
  15. It’s ok I seriously thought it was gone for good. I know that I don’t post much but you can bet that I am here reading. I would hate to lose touch with you guys!