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  1. Systemic Candida Yeast Infection

    I am so sorry for you, Aussie. Do you feel pretty confident that your surgeon will be able to help you? I hope so. I can only imagine how miserable you must be. Do you have any applicators for the oral thrush? The look kind of like straws with a sponge on one end. My husband was on a ventilator years ago and got thrush. Seems like we used those swabs to swab his mouth with something very often.
  2. BCBS CA PPO BMI Question

    This may be good advice ^^^^^^ I did find this info
  3. BCBS CA PPO BMI Question

    I had this exact same question. In my case, everyone including insurance goes by the weight I was when i met with my surgeon. Many of us (including me) have to go on liquid protein diets in order to shrink our liver for one thing. I am sure to drop a good bit ofd weight during that month. You could call your insurance company and ask to be 100% certain of how they would treat the situation if you lost weight. I called mine many times over the last 6 months just to have my facts straight.
  4. My sister the nurse

    This reminds me of what the psychologist said to me when she was doing my psych eval. I was telling her of the people I am caretaker for. She said that is very prevalent in the obese community. We are very good at taking care of everyone but ourselves. Her words stuck with me. You will go through a process and will get any help that you need. Congratulations on taking this step towards a healthy new you. Inside and out
  5. Pre surgery nervousness

    So true! And you are a great inspiration for the rest of us. If you can lose close to 350 pounds, we can surely lose our extra weight. Rob, we got this!!
  6. Pre surgery nervousness

    Thank you, (((Gretta))) I actually started thinking about it after I read this post. 2 hours is a long time to be put under but, you are right! My surgeon has put me through every test imaginable to be sure that I will be safe for surgery. Rob, we got this!!!
  7. Pre surgery nervousness

    Oh, Rob. So very sorry to hear of your dad. I can see where that would make it even scarier for you. Maybe you could meet the anesthesiologist ahead of time to calm your fears? Check them out. Ask what their record is and ask the statistics. Yikes. I just had stress test and failed it a few weeks back. I was wondering how bad things could be if there were indeed an issue and they pushed me to my limits. Really sorry about your dad.
  8. Go time


    Woohoo!!! Finally a date. I just knew that you had this
  9. My sister the nurse

    When I originally saw that picture, I thought that was your wife. So sorry to hear about your mom. That is very difficult to deal with. I moved about 3 hours away from where my heart is to care for my mom 12 years ago. We thought that she was in beginning stages of AZ so I learned a lot about it. Thankfully she does not have AZ. My heart truly does go out to you though. It is hard being a caretaker regardless of what the issues are.
  10. I actually found out about it elsewhere. The person that has it and talked about it said that there are not even many Drs that know about it. I plan to share the info with the Dr that I go to. Maybe if word gets out they will get closer to a better understanding or possibly a cure for it. This does seem to be extremely rare. It is interesting that it is mostly women that it happens to. makes me wonder if it could be related to hormones. ETA- I would like to add this comment that was written by the person that has this disease. I am quoting her here. "Many, many bariatric surgeons are not aware of this because the symptoms are vague at first and then present in very certain ways. I had my RNY Jun of 2010 so I am NOT trying to scare anyone, but to alert you. I still do NOT regret in any way my surgery there are only 100 cases VERIFIED via vivisection autopsy, however there are more bypass surgeries being preformed. 99% of RNY patients will never get this, but I wanted to address this to the community. With Warmth and support to all, no matter WHERE you are in your stage of fighting obesity." "
  11. Pre op weight loss

    I looked again. I don't see your surgery on the calendar? This is where you add it ETA- Disregard. Things take awhile to show up on this forum at times. I do see it now though.
  12. Pre op weight loss

    Yes. I do have doubts. The closer that I get the more doubts that I have. Of course now is when I am finding the really bad stuff that COULD happen. I have to keep reminding myself that life is full of risks. I truly feel that I am running a higher risk maintaining my current weight than having WLS. We can do this and we will be healthier for it I feel your frustration on the wait time. I could have had the surgery back in October with my current insurance. Then I opened my big mouth and mentioned to my surgeon that I vape no nicotine liquid. Quit smoking 8 years ago. She decided that she didn't trust that the liquid I use is zero nicotine. Decided to send me for a nicotine test. No probelm EXCEPT that they never told me I could go anytime that I wanted to and take the test. I would have had it done months ago. Went a week ago Friday thinking it would e a quick test. Nope. STILL waiting on the results. They SHOULD have them on Monday in which case I can start the 4 week Optifast diet. UGH!
  13. Pre op weight loss

    Hey, Rob. Don't forget to put your date up on the calendar. I will know for certain on Monday but pretty sure my surgery will be March 26th. Looks like quite a few of us will have surgery in March.
  14. My sister the nurse

    Awesome! Welcome, SusanVMallory . I too am a soon to be sleever. I have learned a wealth of information here and feel sure that you will as well.
  15. I know. It is extremely rare but, it COULD happen. Always best to know all of the risks IMHO I saw someone post this info that has this elsewhere on the net and I will admit that it did freak me out a bit. I am going for the sleeve but who really knows what could happen down the road with it. Leave it to me to find the scary stuff when I am this close to surgery.