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  1. Yep, I’m with cinwa! It isn’t all water weight. I lost 10 pounds on the pre op diet that never came back for good. Initially after surgery you will weigh a bit more because they pump you full of gas and liquids but it goes away quickly. It will be over before you know it!
  2. The only time I’ve ever had an issue with food coming back up is when I ate roast that was a little dry and chicken that was reheated and got a little tough. They both got stuck and caused me pain and nausea, came up within 15 min and immediately felt better. I’ve never had any issues with overeating post op becaus I’m pretty crazy about weighing my food lol. But I’d imagine it’s a case by case situation and can vary.
  3. Yes and i agree. Before surgery i was following a ketogenic diet/lifestyle for around 4 months and i had decent success. The staying away from carbs isn’t so hard for me, it’s just harder now after surgery as my fat intake is limited and not only fat but just food options in general at the moment. Some things as simple as chicken breast or cheeses that i loved before surgery taste so off to me now that i can hardly stomach them... but a few bites of toast tastes and goes down fine (ugh, of course lol) but I’m getting by!
  4. Also i appreciate all of the suggestions and support, it is nice to be able to come here when you don’t have many friends offline who can relate. My cousins fiancée had the sleeve and she has had no stalls at all and is around 7 months post op and has eaten lots of carbs since mushies so when we talk about my frustrations she can’t really relate.
  5. I was going to stay off the scale until Wednesday but caved and was happy to see th to scale moved down 2 pounds! isn’t much but it’s something. That puts me at 23 pounds down since 340lbs October 25th day of surgery, to 317 today. I really feel like I’m losing so slowly compared to others especially with how hard I’m pushing myself exercise wise, but I’m trying so hard not to compare myself to others. It does get discouraging.. it’s so hard to feel normal after surgery because there is no “normal”. I hope the loss picks up a bit for the remainder of the month. Hope I’m not the only one who h
  6. I’ve been trying to lower my carb intake this week and put the scale away until next Wednesday... been hitting the gym extra hard and surprisingly when the scale isn’t around I’m way less stressed about the stall. I thought I’d still be stuck on it! So as far as ditching the whole grain toast.... what is a good way to get in fiber?? My surgeon told me to include more high fiber foods because I’m having some serious constipaion issues but it’s hard finding high fiber foods we can tolerate.. I’m taking miralax daily (no results really.. yet), stool softener, milk of mag, and sometimes even suppo
  7. Thanks ladies. I just wish there was a surefire way to kick it but i know there is not. I really didn’t expect to stall for this long so early. I have been eating very small amounts of carbs but I don’t think it could be stalling me? Whole grain toast and fruits in no sugar added juices... and even with those I’m always below 30g of carbs daily. Maybe I’ll try not eating those items for a week and see what happens.
  8. Im about 5 weeks post op and have been stalled since 11/9, so Thursday it’ll be 3 weeks of being stalled.... since surgery on 10/25 I’ve lost 19lbs, but this stall is really getting me down. I’ve read on here it’s normal but how long does this stall usually last? I guess i can’t help but feel like I’m doing something wrong even though I’m eating on track and taking all my vitamins plus exercising... any advice? Just feeling down since the first 12 months are supposed to be the best for weight loss and it feels like a whole month is wasted with this stall... I try not to weigh daily but can’t
  9. Aww thank you! I’m sure you will do great as well. Let us know how you are feeling afterward as well!!! Good luck, it will be here before you know it
  10. Hi everyone, thank you for all your thoughtful comments! After a 3.5 hour surgery, I’m finally on the losers bench. Been in a lot of pain today and my left hand has felt like it’s asleep all day (maybe from the position of my IV), but I made it!!! I did 4 laps and have been able to handle small sips of water without any problems. Hoping to get my catheter out first thing in the morning and have something warm to sip as my throat is very dry. I was very anxious this morning but they gave me a nice IV cocktail and as soon as I got scooted on the table the anesthesiologist knocked me out lol. I a
  11. I’m very excited even with all my worries. Just can’t wait to get over the surgery hurdle and onto the real journey of a healthy lifestyle and learning what works for me!!
  12. My gastric bypass surgery is scheduled for wednesday and I’m beyond nervous. I’ve played it cool up until now but now it’s really all feeling real and I keep reading horror stories and scaring myself. From strictures to dumping to leaks.... I’m paranoid! Don’t know why I torture myself like this but I do, lol. Also having super mixed emotions about the fact I can’t have solid food for god knows how long... on top of having not eaten anything in two and a half weeks... ahhhh. Anyone in the same boat pre op or is anyone post op who was feeling all of the emotions like me lol! I’d like to hear fr
  13. I'm still in the process of losing pre-op but not quite on the liquid diet yet as I'm waiting for insurance approval to get my surgery date. Up until now I've been doing a ketogenic diet and it's worked well for me, but I know the high fat aspect isn't going to go over well after gastric bypass. I'm trying to adjust my macros to better fit what I'll be eating post op. Right now on my fitness pal I have my goals set to 1242 calories, 25% or 35g fat, 30% or 93g protein and 45% or 140g carbs. Does that seem alright or what should I tweak it? What were your macros pre op and post op? I'm just afra
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