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  1. Paigetherage

    What are you eating?

    The refried beans with cheese and taco sauce sounds extra good! I’m mostly eating bland Greek yogurt, loose mashed potatoes, apple sauce and cottage cheese. Thank you for the ideas!!
  2. Paigetherage

    What are you eating?

    I am wondering what you all were eating 2-3 weeks post-op I know every one’s journey is different, let’s hear them!
  3. Paigetherage


    Hi all, wouldnt you know as soon as I get home, walking around, bending to the floor and such, I started passing gas they didn’t have me so much in the hospital, they literally let me lay in bed and watch tv the whole time I was there. The only time they made me get out of bed was for a shower lol. In the past 5 days I’ve lost 8lbs. I’m afraid I’m not getting in the amount of liquids throughout the day. They want me doing 40oz then work my way up to 64oz. I’m barely hitting the 40 mark. And that’s weird for me to say because I’ve always been one to drink a bottle of water in under a minute. I’ve noticed any time I sip liquids my chest gets a fullness feeling. So that’s what stops me from drinking what I’m supposed to. It doesn’t feel good. I would have to take a sip, wait 2-3 minutes then take another sip. I don’t want to revolve my day around sitting there sipping but it looks like that’s what I’ll have to do just to get everything in.
  4. Paigetherage


    Had my surgery around 11am yesterday! The surgeon said I did great and the nurses are super proud because I was walking almost right after I left the post-anesthesia room. I actually just walked to my bed from the gurney in the hallway lol. I had visitors yesterday and couldn’t stay awake for them. I was in and out of consciousness, I would be talking to them then the next thing I know I wake myself up by hearing myself snoring. Hopefully today will be better for me. Also, my ONLY pain medication is Tylenol. I heard about others getting morphine and other pain killers. I asked my night nurse about this and she said pain killers are counteractive with this surgery, that they want me passing gas but it actually doesn’t let you..? Anyways, my pain was about a 4-5 yesterday, then a 0-1 today. I don’t have a lot of bloat because I’ve been burping but I also haven’t passed gas yet. How do I force myself to pass some gas? I can’t go home until I do
  5. Paigetherage

    meltingmagnolia's surgery

    Hey @meltingmagnolia we had our surgery the same day!!! Congrats!
  6. Paigetherage


    Thank you everyone! I will try to update you all as soon as I am able!
  7. Paigetherage


    My surgery was approved last Monday by my Insurance Excellus BCBS. Friday I started my 3 day liquid diet. This liquid diet hasn’t bothered me, I’m just trying to think positive and of how good lemon lime jello and chicken/beef broth taste, Ive also been enjoying my coffee every morning! Tonight I spend time with my 9yo son, as I leave for the hospital at 5:45am, with a scheduled arrival of 6:15am. I won’t see him in the morning other than a goodbye kiss while he’s asleep. Im excited for the surgery but also can’t stop thinking about how I’ll be up there for 3 days without my child and 2 dogs. im studying the post-op weekly diet plan I received from my surgeon and hoping I am not forgetting anything in my hospital bag!! i just can’t believe my surgery is TOMORROW MORNING! I have been trying for this for years. I was the one who first brought it up to my family, and now I am the LAST one of them getting it done! Ahhh!!
  8. Paigetherage

    I have a co-morbidity

    After all of weight checks over the course of the last 6 months, and the rejection 2 years ago from another bariatric surgeons office because my weight was just a smidge under 40 BMI, I finally have a comorbidity. I just found out on Tuesday I have class B esophagitis, from GERD. I’m now on 20mg Omeprazole in the morning. My weight is now over 40 BMI, but to think if they found this 2 years ago I would’ve been done with surgery already and where I want to be with my body. Since im now done with all of my appointments, it’s just a waiting game to be submitted to insurance then the approval. My surgery is 11 days away. I haven’t gotten my tree up, or my house cleaned (thinking about bringing in a nurse possibly, let me know your thoughts), my bag isn’t packed but I have a list of what I’m bringing. I’m not ready! I think I still have the feeling I’m going to be denied because I haven’t lost any real weight, I’ve just been up and down on the scale every month for weight checks. Ugh.
  9. Paigetherage

    Pre op appointment

    Your surgery is on the 11th? So is mine, can’t wait!!
  10. Paigetherage

    Paige’s Surgery Date!

  11. Paigetherage

    Preoperative clearance with PCP

    This makes me feel a little better
  12. Paigetherage

    Getting sick before surgery?

    Ways to prevent getting sick before surgery, aside from the obvious washing hands, using hand sanitizer and staying away from sick people. My surgery is in December and it’s cold/flu season! Eek, get it away from me!
  13. Paigetherage

    Preoperative clearance with PCP

    I am scheduled for my preoperative clearance with my PCP in a week and am wondering what usually happens during this visit? I haven’t seen my PCP in about a year, my insurance didn’t require a referral so I just made my own appointment with Bariatrics. My pcp doesn’t have record of me asking about doing this surgery. I’m hoping I just go in quick and he clears me. I’m just nervous about one thing out of all of these things not working out and being denied by my insurance. Whats a typical experience with clearance from PCP? So far I’ve passed the nutrition class, psych consult. I just have my pcp clearance, endoscopy, hospital preoperative testing, and last weight check.
  14. Paigetherage

    Mad props to my husband....

    I love your husband He sounds like a very good man!!
  15. I had my 3rd weight check with my surgeons office 2 weeks ago, according to insurance I need to have 6 weight checks during a 6 month supervised diet. I have Excellus BCBS in NY. I was told the doctors office will call after the 3rd weight check and give me a surgery date then a few weeks before the surgery date they will send my info to insurance for approval. I haven't gotten my date yet and I'm getting super antsy. im very curious about your journey!! What did your insurance require? How long did you have to wait for a surgery date after you started the process? Did you get a date after insurance approval or before? I was scanning through other threads and didn't get the answers I was looking for so I thought I'd start a new one!