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  1. Sorry I haven't been around as of late, I work for Fedex an this is the time of year I'm slammed. So good news, I'm down 96 ibs since Surgery! Got my post-op labs and I'm low on Vitamin D but other then that I've been doing fairly well on keeping up with my nutrition. Everyone seems to call me the Melting Man as I'm loosing the weight, even tho I don't see it. But most people state I would be the last to know, my Diet is still primary protein but most likely no where near the numbers I should be getting daily. Gave up on the Protein Shakes after getting sick off one and that was a rather unpleasant experience so most of the Protein I get is from Eggs, Chicken Breast, Cheese and some ground meats I can stand at time. Liquids are averaging around 30 to 60 oz a day. Drink Zero Calorie Lipton Citrus Green Tea Thanksgiving was hard, didn't eat much and the dryness of Turkey breast sat like a rock in my stomach. Christmas Dinner was better, had Cornish Hen, Wild Rice and Asparagus. Asparagus only a few bites, felt weird after eating it as that was the first day I did Raw Vegetables and tried a salad. First time in my life I couldn't finish a Salad... but my Dad finished the rest of mine. New Year is upon us, I've made some minor goals to continue down my journey. Hopefully by this time Next Year i'll be down another 100 ibs and ever closer to my goal weight.
  2. Drake

    Day 1

    Yeah first 3 days are going to be the hardest.... I started almost a month out substituting 2 meals with liquids and having a solid meal. Which made the transition a little easier as closer I got to Surgery. Just remember your end goal, shrinking your liver and clearing out your system. Those around you will notice your mood, but they understand your on a journey and will support you on it. You got this!
  3. So far so good, getting use to food again is a pain. I'm down another 12 pounds, Thanksgiving coming up I'm like... uhhh.. Family... Food... rut oh. Tho I'm finding any solid meats, turkey, chicken, beef.... just doesn't sit well. I'm sitting here thinking that I have to go vegetarian then I have fish and I'm like yay.. something that doesn't make me feel weird. This time of year I have ALOT of work so I'm walking alot during the day, high stress environment where I use satisfy those urges with food. Now I'm just putting food on the back burner and walking around more. Liquids have come down since the weather change, which I am wondering if that is normal. Getting about 30-45 oz of liquids in a day. At the best of times, food/protein more on the low levels with also the weather change and lack of time with the heavy abundance of work. My next check in is on Jan 31
  4. NSV's = clothing I haven't been able to wear for awhile (2 years) starting to fit, Walking faster even tho my knees are starting to hurt. // Foot pain has reduced to only when I get up in the morning. I don't have a scale, so I'm only weighing in when I see my doctor. Which I find a of a relief as I'm not setting myself up to be paranoid about what the scale says. I'm trying to get a new gym membership where I can spend time in a pool. I use to swim alot as a kid, and my heart has been yearning to get back in the pool. So I will try to stay active on the forums, keep people motivated but with Peak at work it's hard to find time to jump on. Love all you guys for the amazing support
  5. Thanks guys! Updated my weight it's 455 now, which puts me back over the 100 ibs lost. Was able to fit in a pair of jeans I haven't been able to fit into in over two years, which made me happy and completely my outfit for Halloween. Not sure what NSV means, so can't answer that one @kayak19. Not use to feeling things in my stomach, as I don't ever remember feeling hunger before, which I think was always cravings. I don't have cravings now, and my stomach just feels weird I eat or drink something it kinda goes away. Lately my go to has been saltines and Babybel cheese, which will be a meal for me. Chilli kinda was bleh with me, I can eat dark meat chicken in small amounts, Salmon but I don't have much taste for them. White Meat Chicken feels rough going down and I'm not to pleased waiting for it to digest. Protein Chips by Quest weren't bad but they are sooo dry. At the moment meat and cheese seem to be the easiest meal for me with some saltines it kinda calms my stomach down. Still trying to limit my carb intake and increase my walking. Want to see if I can loose another 55 before January 1st which will put me at the 400ibs mark.
  6. Had my six week weigh in this morning. 67 ibs lost since surgery. Down 20 from my 2 week check in I'm happy, eating a bit more but not really much. As the weather is getting older, finding my appetite not there even more to the point I'm barely pushing anything food wise. Still trying to stay on top of it, make sure my body doesn't get into a stall because of lack of intake. Anyways, I'm stoked, and happy
  7. I'm still adjusting, learning a bit more about my body. I don't see changes, but people at work and in my life say they can see me loosing. Walking taller and stronger then I have in a long time, so I guess that is my feed back. We are always are hardest critic, and I was blessed to not really have much pain after the surgery. Also might be because I had some cute nurses and I was trying not to show off any measure of pain was feeling But I don't really regret the surgery, it had opened my mind to how I was and gives me a setting stone to the path I'm building ahead of me. Making sure not to fall on bad habits, and while I am not exercising as much as my trainer/doctor might want.. I am pushing myself a little by little each day in how much I walk. My next weigh in is on the 31st, and from there will start planning my stride through the holidays.
  8. I just got sleeved on 9/19. My biggest suggestion for you now, is self identify your problem foods. Sodas, chips, crackers, fast-food, sweets etc etc... and cut yourself from them. It's going to be hard, I started slow for several months in advance. Gave up Sodas a year and half ago, replaced it with water and tea.. which I believe was a correct decision on my part. Month out I started cutting back on my problem go to comfort foods.. Cheez-its, chips, and chicken nuggets. I was about three to four weeks out when I started replacing two of my meals with protein and as I got closer to my surgery date did my best to keep to pure liquids. The week to half week before surgery that your on clear liquids is going to be hard. Not going to lie, that was and still is the worse part of the pre-op process. But in all fairness, it helps get you ready for it. While my Liver was still big, my surgery was still do-able. Keep your eye on the end goal, make sure this is what you want out of your life as it is a game changer. I researched alot before surgery, even more after getting approval. Watch Youtube videos, read online articles and just mentally prepare youself for the journey ahead. You got this, and look forward to seeing you on the losers bench!
  9. Took the Acid Reducer - Proton Pump Inhibitor Seems to make a difference, never had any issues before and couldn't explain the feeling I was feeling at the time. But it's gone after taking the pill, so gonna start taking them daily. Now just got to get my insomnia under control and life will be golden.
  10. @Jen581791 - I keep hearing about papaya enzymes, tho haven't really gotten much information on it. @NerdyLady Might be something with the acid, while I was prescribed some proton blockers to reduce my stomach acid, the pill form they came in were capsules with little beaded ball inside. Pill Crusher didn't do much other then make them flat little beads. So I didn't take them. I haven't had any issue with heart burn or sore throats so thought I was in the clear on the acid front. But then again, could be acid and I should least try to take the pills for a week now that I am able to take some solids. Lunch Meat and cheese has been my staple and I do agree with the Gold Fish. Don't want that being a gateway to larger amounts as I was pretty much a Cheez-It fiend before the surgery but can't stand them now. Which is weird, I didn't like gold fish before surgery and now I can some what stand them. Liquids are another story, if it isn't coming from my protein, I'm not getting more then 30 oz a day down. Tried different things that are 0 calorie or zero sugar. (Water Makes me sick for some reason) and for a bit I was only able to get down Arizona Green Tea or Arizona Strawberry lemonade in any decent amount. Now I'm trying to stay away from that, try to focus on G2 Gatorade or if I can stomach it Propel. Who would of thunk it, eating and drinking would be the challenge in my life... trying to figure out systems, things I can enjoy more and keeping my Loseit as my daily tracker.
  11. So I'm starting to eat a bit more but finding nothing I eat really has a .. satisfying or taste good feeling to it. Protein Drinks ( Premier Protein Clear and Shakes ) Really getting to the point I have to force myself to drink protein, kinda sucks but I use a shot glass just to get it down. At the moment I'm averaging 45-55 grams of Protein a day. Trying to stick away from Carbs and if I do eat anything.. I use deli meat, mainly turkey wrapped in a bit of cream cheese. Or get the pre made prosciutto wrapped around some fancy cheese. Stomach always feel like it's asking for something or might just be gas. Can't really tell, but I do noticed after drinking any protein it isn't happy so I have to pop one or two goldfish to get it to hush. Just wondering if anyone had the same issue with food after VSG, not that I mind but I'm really wondering if I'm not eating enough and will stall out my WL.
  12. Thanks for your words all of you Tis the season for Pot Lucks, came into day with the smell of Taco Meat and Mexican Food Smells as it's Taco Pot Luck Day The food table sits right behind my desk and I'm like... greeeeaaaaatttttt But there was a healthy choice for me, Shredded Chicken which I pulled some of the broth out and it was amazing and made me feel good.
  13. I haven't pushed myself what's so ever since the surgery. Ate with baby spoons and stopped when I felt anything from my midsection, which most of the time think it's just gas. Friend at work brought a hamburger patty to me they returned from lunch and I was like eh what ever. First few bites the first thing I notice is grease and I was like this is unusual, never noticed this before. Got about half of the patty down, mind you it was about the size of my palm so I figured it would be ok as long as I chewed the ever living hell out of it. I waited about 10 minutes and decided 'Nope' threw the rest of the patty away and got up tried to stretch my abdomen out as sitting down felt uncomfortable. First sign I felt, was I felt hot and was building up alot of saliva.. like alot.... Knew something was wrong, so went to the bathroom and my body just wasn't having it but wasn't forcing me to throw it up. Stuck two fingers down my throat, didn't even have to do that touched the back of my tongue with my middle finger and 'Gag'... three dry up chucks then this ball of paste emerged and dropped in the toilet with a plunk... TMI I know... but figured I would least write about it. Not sure if it was too dry, to greasy or the meat expanded or got stuck... Least I know my body isn't ready for this and will go back happily to my saucy mushed up chicken meatballs
  14. Think I will try the Aidell's Chicken Meat Balls out, and the advise about using a sauce is also something I'm gonna try out. Both times I tried to eat chicken, less then two ounces at each sitting I chewed to high heavens and swallowed then felt bad. The mention that the chicken possibly being dryer then my stomach would like, makes alot of since so I'm gonna try the meat balls, and being Italian place them in some of my Family Recipe Sauce and let them soak up for a few hours.
  15. Since I've seen this topic, I searched my local stores and found these. http://www.aidells.com/product/21 Wondering if these will be ok, just starting on my soft food stage and tried small piece of chicken.. went down ok but felt a little weird after eating it. Wondering if grounded meats will be better.