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  1. Thanks so much for your encouraging reply. You definitely have an interesting story. I had no idea that gastric bypass surgery was being done thirty years ago. I am curious to know your age because my age is one of the 'nagging negatives' that plays in my head. I am 57 y.o. I sometimes think that I am too old to take this on again. I have no one to blame for the failure of my first bypass but myself. I just didn't think the rules applied to me. I drank before and after meals because I am on a medicine that dries out my mouth. I grew discouraged because my weight loss was slower than others around me. But at a weight of 279 lbs (I think that is about 126 kg) I have to do something. I am very concerned that I will fail at this one as well. I was pleased to hear you say that this website helped you. I had no support system last time and still live in a rural area where there are no bypass support groups. So thank you again for your reply. It is exciting for me to see that you have done so well with your weight loss. Congratulations on your own "Thinner Times." Deb
  2. How did your revision go? Did things go better the second time and are you able to keep the weight off the second time? If so, what made the difference? I would love to hear your stories.