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  1. Thanks for the concern! I'm hanging in there...still have the burning pain on the left side, but surgeon firmly believes it's just the internal stitches, but I see him again on the 28th & if it's still an issue, he wants to scope. I think it might be from eating too fast or too much, but who knows...lol On the plus ( or maybe negative) side, my appetite is coming back, so must be doing better?!?! Thanks again! XOXO T
  2. Yes, they put me on a liquid carafate 4x a day, and protonix?? They think the burning pain is from that, but because I'm only 2 weeks out they can't scope me to be sure. Apparently it could do more harm than good, so I will have to go back in a few weeks for a balloon scope. Today seems better, but still light headed & generally punk...I really want to feel better...like yesterday! Lol
  3. So much for all the hard work I put in before my surgery, cuz ever since I have had nothing but trouble! First it was the eating too much, then came the fact that the burning pain in my stomach would never subside, now I have a bleeding ulcer!!! Gah! Still having major "buyer's remorse" naturally, and really hoping there's a light at the end of tunnel...had I known then what I know now...would never have done this...*sigh*
  4. Today I woke up real boohoosie...feeling regrets...not sure why? Might be that I was on such a roll before surgery, losing 34 lbs before, working out-God I miss really working out...walking is all I can do (boring). I've never felt this way?? I'm a happy, optimistic "pollyanna" for pete's sake! Did anyone else hit the emotional roller-coaster?? Is this a normal part of the process??
  5. Thank you for all the responses! I went back to my "sample menu" from nutrition, & it does say to start with 1/4 cup & work your way up to half...silly me. But, to look at the actual menu, it does show 1/2c measures for those two things I ate that killed my hunger...just should have read the notes a little better I guess. I wish my tummy would have signaled me about being full, but the stupid thing is already trying to play mind games with me...probably seeking revenge for me cutting it up lol. Your kindness at taking time out of your lives to help me mean the world to me! I don't know anyone who has had this surgery, so I've been navigating this alone...(ok I did meet a CNA at the hospital who had it, but she was a year out & making terrible choices in eating, so made me a little nervous) Thanks again for welcoming me & my guts to the party!
  6. Hi all! I was just cleared on Thursday to start pureed foods. Up until now I really haven't had any stomach issues. Thursday went fine, but starting yesterday, I had a 1/2 c of refried beans & felt so insanely full that I had a hard time with dinner! (Thank God for protein water!) Today, same thing...had about 1/2 cup cottage cheese & have the most uncomfortable feeling...u know, like u just finished a ginormous meal??? Am I taking too much? Maybe eating too fast?? I don't get those signals that tell me I'm full, which really sucks...but an hour later, the fullness sets in...*sigh*