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  1. Clearly you weren’t in Kansas anymore!!! it looks gorgeous! Doesn’t it always feel so good to help people less fortunate? Especially if you can help them increase their health. I am sure you were as blessed by them as they were by you! Glad you had a safe trip and that the people are having more improvements there.
  2. Good to hear. Did you enjoy your day with him? What is it that you are having surgery for?
  3. Ill be interested to see how you do... how did you get insurance to cover it?
  4. Sounds like you’re doing great, @tracyringo! Congrats on the surgery approval! What cup size are you going from and to? I would love to have mine done at some point. I went from a DD to a D but still can’t get lower than that (well I can get anatomically lower and I sure have...hahaha!) I would love to end up between a B and C and lifted and I am sure that would help my back also. I still record everything during the work day. Mostly bc my phone is right at my desk which is where i eat. Once I am home, I put my phone on the counter and rarely touch it until I leave the next day, so I don’t record on MFP my dinners/snacks after 5 pm. I did it the other day and i was able to see my cal intake for the day (which I never really know bc I never finish posting for my day and I was still at 1100 which was better than I thought i was doing so that was good. Plus I just noticed that my MFP (free version) doesn’t have the macro breakdown other than fat/pro/carb, my apple health which is attached to my MFP does (which I hadn’t even noticed before) I can even see how many grams of fiber I am getting etc. it just makes me more aware of what is going into my body. i think I will keep tracking in the evenings for a few weeks and see if I can’t get my weight started on the downward track again (been maintaining within my 5 pound range I gave myself so I am pleased with that but would like to get down a little further.)
  5. @Nana Trish, how are you feeling? No symptoms, right? How’s Harper?
  6. Agreed! Losing weight makes you feel GREAT! You’re doing awesome. Isn’t not being hungry a wonderful thing? It’s amazing and so relieving after a lifetime of thinking of food 24/7! i wasn’t able to sleep in bed for the first week....I slept on the recliner and that helped.
  7. How are you feeling today? Did the gas pass? I was fortunate not to have to deal. With that but i had a lot of pain in my incisions (especially the one they pull the stomach through). Anyway, every day gets easier and I am hoping youre feeling a bit better today and then tomorrow etc etc! And welcome to the Loser’s bench!!!
  8. It will get better and better by the day, @metamorphosister, given time and healing and weight dropping off like crazy i questioned why i couldn’t do this on my own but quickly realized after years of dieting and regaining that i simply couldn’t and this wasn’t the easy way out, it was the only way out! And it has proven true! You’ll see in time. how are you feeling now that it has been longer?
  9. Great job!!!! Now compare that to a vacation from a year or more would you have done?
  10. I just saw this @delilas! You look fabulous! I am so glad you posted it! Love your little baby girl bump! She is an adorable addition to her momma! You look happy and I am so glad you’re doing well and have such a great outlook on things during and after your pregnancy! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Great tip for my thrift store shopping!!! Thanks
  12. As weird as it may sound to you right now, you may lose your love of rice! My tastes changed after surgery and filling carbs aren’t as comfortable, therefore aren’t as comforting anymore. You may find the same thing. I wondered presurgery about how i would tolerate things post surgery and it was wasted worry time bc i don’t prefer the same things anymore. We used to have rice all of the time. I think I have had it maybe once in the past 15 months and wondered why i thought I’d miss wasn’t as fabulous as I thought it was back then!
  13. That is so true...that is why i came to share it w/ you guys, bc you get it”! Skinny folks never had to fold the ends of their skirts over to hang them on a regular hanger. It’s been a weird day getting rid of the clothes. They don’t fit but some of the one I really liked I wanted to keep....then I tossed them knowing they didn’t fit, but in the back of my mind i was panicking bc what if I need a size 14 or 16 next year?!?! Wouldn’t I be glad I kept it? Not sure if that is my hoarding tendency (haha) or my old dieting tendency knowing I ALWAYS gain it back (probably the latter) and that I liked that 14/16 and didn’t want to have to rebuy clothes then when i had perfectly nice ones this year. I’m fighting my brain today trying to convince it that i don’t need a fall back plan!!! This IS the new forever me!
  14. I didn’t even know they sold extra wide hangers. Glad you got the fun of getting regular hangers and have never had to go back! The funny thing was when I took this picture I thought I wouldn’t post it bc my skirt looked soooo wide in this pic (despite it is a size 10) BUT then I thought how stupid that I am stressing over how “wide” a size 10 skirt appeared on my picture and I would post it bc I NEEDED to rejoice that it isn’t a size 22 folded in half and clipped onto my skirt hanger! So I forced myself to post it....and be happy about it! Personally my mind is my own worst enemy!
  15. I can’t remember if I responded when I saw this but you look amazing! What a transformation! You should be so proud of you!!! Who knew this was possible, right? (I know you’re all thinking that when you see yourselves in the mirror bc I think it every single day!)
  16. This seems pretty silly to anyone else but I knew YOU guys would totally see the victory in it. Today is a huge clothes clean out day and I’m tossing things that are too big (12 Walmart bags full so far!) and filling my closet and drawers with only things that DO fit. Well while I’m hanging up a skirt, my eyes welled up with tears in the fact that I can hang MY skirt on a skirt hanger and not have to fold and double up the ends to make it fit across the hanger! Weird, the odd little things that are so different now that bring us joy!!! It’s very little but also very huge!!!!
  17. That sounds awesome, @msmarymac!!! It is amazing to me how when you help someone else in need, that you find you are helping your own needs just as much if not more. No matter what state you’re in (heavy, healthy, mourning, joyful) the people you help seem to give so much more back to you than you could ever give to them and it makes you a better person in the end. Enjoy your time there and know you are making a difference not only to them but to yourself We’ll be anxious to hear how it went (is your husband going down with you?). I see you’re leaving today, I will be praying for your safety!
  18. It feels good to take things into your own hands and see how they work, doesn’t it? Good luck with it and keep us posted. Hopefully a diet change will help with the inflammation and you will get relief! (So many things relate back to the gut, that I really think you’re on to something! I’d be surprised if it didn’t help)
  19. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.....when you begin the rest of your life, your healthy new life!
  20. You are doing SOOOO awesome! I want to be YOU when I grow up! I am sure you will do fine when you go away and even if you indulge a little you do have that wiggle room which is sweet! Enjoy!
  21. Same here! Merry Christmas and a HEALTHY 2019 to all!
  22. All of my iron levels are always low (due to heavy menstruation) and my dr has me scheduled for a hematologist for an iron transfusion which i hope will help (I think @Aussie Bear gets them). I am hoping that helps. When my iron is very low, i get terrible leg cramps (which my dr calls RLS, although i never heard of cramps, just fidgets), and by leg cramps, i don’t mean the standard “Charlie horses” but the kind that you can’t uncramp and i have to jump out of bed but can’t straighten my foot regardless and the pain is unbelievable (my husband wakes up to my whimpering). And that is night after night so i know then to up up up my iron. @msmarymac, thanks for the info, I am going to look up that integra and see if I can get some and try it too. (One other thing I get when my iron is super low is pica...but fortunately it is only eating ice uncontrollably and not anything else! )
  23. figured out how to TURN BACK TIME!!!! You look amazing (and younger!!!) I am glad to see you back around here more, @Ladybugzzz86! Congrats on your one year surgiversary and on your 100#+ weight loss!!!