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  1. wow, a year already?  congrats, @BurgundyBoy!!!!  Your postings here have always been helpful and I love that we have others in the trenches with us!  I remember when I first joined, and you'd post/answer my questions so often that I thought you were a long time moderator or something.  I was surprised to find out a month or two into it that you weren't as far along as I had assumed.  You just have a "gift" of being knowledgeable and helpful and eager to encourage/explain!  Thanks!

  2. 1 minute ago, Jen581791 said:

    I missed my flight, unfortunately, so you're going to have to carry on the celebrations in your own time zone ;) My day is almost done here, while yours is just getting going.

    Thanks for the validation! I'm so glad my story has been helpful or encouraging.

    Today I taught a couple of classes and went to a long boring meeting to celebrate :lol: This weekend I'm going for a hike! That'll be a great way to highlight my transformation. 

    I am sure the hike will be an awesome, no-food way to celebrate!!! 

  3. Are you over on the East Coast yet??? Let the party begin!!!!  

    CONGRATS and happy SURGIVERSARY to you!!!!! 

    You are such an inspiration!  You are the first person I noticed on here  way back in the late summer that made me think "I CAN do this!!!!" so thanks for the hope!!!!

    What are you doing today to celebrate?

  4. Congrats, it won't be long now!!!  (now you can spend the rest of the time getting ready and researching and learning and planning!  It'll be here before you know hang around here, read, ask and learn so you will be extra prepared!