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  1. On 11/11/2019 at 9:43 PM, Cheesehead said:

    You’ve done great!  Love the swimsuit!  You’re grandbabies are adorable!  Normal is good!  But for those of us who were obese for so long I wonder if our brains will ever be normal.  I have my Fat moments.  And then I lose my appetite.  Then the weight falls off but I recognize when the weight drops I need to put the brakes on that.  A treat now and then is ok.  It isn’t the end of the world.  It’s what “normal” people do.  

    Thanks, @Cheesehead  (btw, the swimsuit was from amazon...I bought the black in size 8-10 and the white in size 10-12  and it turned out the 8-10 was the best fit and it had underwires and a skirt which were my requirements.  I sent the white one back because it was too big....I would have NEVER imagined a 10-12 being too big in anything!!! ;) )  I will post a pic of them in case you are interested in trying them yourself.  Warning the white one had white shorts under it (all one piece) and they looked like they could be a little too revealing if wet! So I m glad that was the one to go back! They arrived the day before we left for vacation and I was so glad bc otherwise I didn’t have a swimsuit, I had searched everywhere and tried so many on...who knew a mail order one would be best???)

    As for the fat moment brain, been there, done that.  Still can oscillate between fat and normal over and over, even during any given day I can feel both!  I think the best thing to do is to keep a limit that you won’t go above.  When i start to creep up i go back to hard work to get it back off!  Sounds like you do too...think that is the key!


  2. 9 hours ago, Jen581791 said:

    CJ, congrats on having ended up in such a great place, mentally and physically. You are doing such a great job of maintenance. You look beautiful, and it sounds like your lifestyle has reached a good balanced place. Enjoy! :) 

    Thanks, @Jen581791, you were always such an inspiration to me :)

    I will never feel 100% completely “healed” of M.O, I will always be an obese person in recovery (who was it, @Michael_A or @AustinJ that said that?) but I am in a good place and appreciating my journey to get me here.

  3. On 7/17/2019 at 10:17 AM, Cindy Lou Who said:

    You're so funny! I purposely tried to keep the entry more about weight tips that could benefit others, and NOT about the trip!! :lol:

    The most amazing part of the trip was the flora and fauna there. After one day of hiking and one day of snorkeling, I rushed to the library to get books on the plants, birds, bats, coral, and fish so I could look up all the things I was seeing for the first time! I was compelled each night to look up what I had seen and record it in a diary so that when I saw the species the next day, I would know what it was. It was glorious, and made me feel like a little kid filled with awe and wonder!! 

    I have to mention the people there are incredible too. The Samoans live by God first, then family, then the village. That mantra is seen in everything they do. I felt perfectly safe at all times, and touched by how polite everyone was, and how reverent they were to God, family, and village. Amazing people, and I made some nice friends! 

    Wow, Cindy, that sounds so awesome!  Don’t you just love discovering things for the first time?  How exciting!  So glad you had that opportunity!

    And what a terrific way to live your life. The world could use a lot more of that and a lot less living only for oneself!  

  4. 6 hours ago, Cindy Lou Who said:

    Just my 2 cents on WW:

    I really have found WW very helpful. For me, it's all about the meetings and weekly weigh ins. That is where I find WW invaluable. I still go every week even though I reached my WW goal last October. I find the accountability, the focus on eating right, and the meeting topics most helpful.

    I like how healthy and balanced the WW plan is now, but to actually lose the weight right after surgery, I used MFP and concentrated on getting enough protein and water. That was hard enough, and made the weight come off. I think if I had to lose any more, I would definitely use the WW plan and just check my protein from time to time. 

    Thanks, I just joined up after reading your reply!  I haven’t done it since early 2017 and i read that lots changed. I was going to do just the online but then I decided to do the meetings or whatever they call them now....I NEED the accountability so I have to do the weigh ins and i also need to learn how to eat balanced and normal.  I am no longer on a have to eat a ton of protein kick.  I need proteins and yes, I choose them first but then I also get veggies/fruits and occasionally a little starch and I haven’t died yet! :lol:  I read a post on here from a while ago about WWs and needing lots of protein and I thought that isn’t really true any more. I need to eat normal just not like a morbidly obese person would!    Anyway, if I can get down to whatever goal weight they set for me, I will be set for life and going free like you do! :)

     I will keep you posted how I do.  Wish you were nearby so we could go to the same meeting!

  5. 1 hour ago, tracyringo said:

    That is terrific !!   How are things going for you now?

    Well, it’s good and bad.  Good because it works but bad bc i know it works and i don’t get as nervous about “if I just have this, I might gain weight and however would I be able to get it off???”  So it is a blessing and a curse if that makes any sense. 

    I’ve been eating ok, just a little extra here and there but nothing major, but the problem is life has gotten so intense with overscheduled back to back things and a lot of rain in the evenings where we live so we haven’t been walking as much.  My activity level is definitely down, which let my weight creep up a pound or two.  

    Still, I still want to keep it in check before it gets bad.  So just today i was looking into joining WW.  They have a special for the next few days and I think that might reteach me to eat in the normal world.  NOw that my calories are back up to most people’s calories i  need to figure it all out.  My insurance will pay $100 of it (I already spend $150 of my ins money on the workout program at work and I get $250 every 12 mo).  So that will buy me 3 months of meetings and if I get lucky, I might hit my goal weight there (never have before but was much bigger then!) and then I would not have to pay for it when i maintained, so I am thinking it might be a good idea.  I was just asking @Cindy Lou Who about it since she did WW through her whole weight loss phase.

  6. 22 hours ago, TammyP said:

    I live in Texas :D  Well yesterday we had a 4th of July party in the backyard.  My neighbor makes these deadly dark chocolate mint cookies that um - let's just say it's a real weakness and thank goodness they are not in my house often lol.  Not looking forward to the weekly weigh-in tomorrow!

    I meant because you were at the Magnolia Silos!  Did you get some delicious baked goods there?

    Dark chocolate is a real temptation of is choc/ keep those cookies in TX!!! Haha

  7. ADORABLE as always, Cindy!  So tan, so tiny and so cute!  I love that you opted for a jean skirt in white instead of pants!  (We weren’t allowed to wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, but I don’t really follow that now...I wear my white shoes at the end of Sept because they are already comfortable and I don’t want to give them up! Ha!

    Have a wonderful trip...relax and enjoy and enjoy the extra room in your seat! ;)  I can’t imagine a 24 hr flight but hope it goes quickly!  Can’t wait to hear about it!

  8. Yikes.  @Cardamom77, that looks awful!  Glad he was ok, looks like he could have really gotten hurt.  How was the other person that hit him, I hope they were as lucky also!  I am glad you’re choosing to look on the bright side and use it as extra workout time!  What happens on rainy days?  Do you still ride or do you have an alternative?  

    I love the biking outfit and you are so skinny!  Where do you hide it all?  It sure doesn’t look like you have any extra skin hanging around!  

    Sorry the finances stink, I hate times like that.  Hope your still shopping at your marvelous thrift shop! (I thought of you today as we went to Salvation Army for their 50% off sale.  We bought $200 worth of stuff for $104!  I got a brand new Vera Wang sleeveless dress with the Kohl’s tag on it still for $50 and I paid $6!  (Wearing it to work tomorrow!) Got some awesome cardigans for the fall/winter (I wear cardigans year round bc my office is over air conditioned, but these colors are fall/winter).  I got a few skirts and a bathing suit bottom (i have to buy them separately anyway bc I need to get a top with an underwire for sure!!) as well as 2 dresses, and 4 tops and a pair of shoes.  We got tons clothes for the boys and my husband too.   8 big bags of stuff for $104!  We even got great service for 8 of dishes/bowls/plates from Ikea for $8! Anyway, I remember you posting your great deals from your thrift (even cheaper than mine!) and I think of you when I am thrifting!

  9. On 5/22/2019 at 9:17 AM, Jen581791 said:

    I have the same three reactions as @Cindy Lou Who - Number 1: you're gaining muscle, awesome! Two: 5DPT - let us know how it goes! And, Number 3: Congrats on noticing a small change and addressing it right away. I think that's how thin people function... weird! :rolleyes:

    Keep at it, CJ. This is a lifelong thing for us, and it does require vigilance. You've got the tools, the determination, and experience from all the lessons you've learned over the years. You can do this.

    1.Yes, the muscle gain was nice.  You know how ppl say when you’re working out and not looking weight “it could be because you’re gaining muscle” I used to roll my eyes at that comment, and think, nope, they’re just not working hard enough and/or eating right.  But when he measured it (and it seemed so accurate w/ the ultrasound machine, (not just that fat pinching calbriator thing...haha!) that I actually believed it!  I want to nurture my new 7# of muscle so it doesn’t atrophy. So I am still working out w/ it even though my stent at that gym is done.  I am going to join a gym near my house (that one was near my work) to make it easier for other times of the day/weekend.

    2. As for the 5DPT, it went great and renewed my hope/faith in my tool!  (I blogged about it, which i know you read already) but it was a great week!!

    3. Addressed and taken care of! ;)  Thin people, hmmm, I want to be one of those....I am working on it!


  10. On 5/22/2019 at 6:59 AM, Cindy Lou Who said:

    2) Also, kudos to you doing the 5DPT. I would like to hear how it goes and when you're finished, how it affected your mind and body.  

    First of all, thanks for the encouragement!  You’re always so upbeat about this journey. :)  Thanks for always being there (even when I’m not here!)

    I’m doing well with the reset. I’ll try to post about it. 

  11. 6 hours ago, BurgundyBoy said:


    don't be bummed or beat yourself up. You have all the skills on hand that you need. this 5 lb bump up could just be a valuable lesson on what you need to do to lead the life you want to have. Composure, balance, steadiness. Equanimity, equanimity, equanimity...

    (Obviously offering this up because I aspire to it, not that I have achieved it!)

    Thanks,   @BurgundyBoy,I am doing the 5 DPT and this is day two of liquids and I am doing well.  I am a little hungry right now but I am just dealing with it bc I KNOW I was strong enough to do this for 4 straight weeks before, so what is 2 days?!?!  And tomorrow I can have my beloved greek yogurt again! ;)   

    Funny thing you mention balance, I am reading a book by Dr Connie Stapleton called “Eat it Up! A Complete Mind/Body/Spirit Guide to Life After Weight Loss Surgery” and she talks a lot about havin gbalance in your life.  It is kind of a wake up call bc a lot of her clients come to see her bc they’ve gained most or all of their weight back and I SWEAR that is NOT going to be me!!!  So, in sheer determination (and yes, with equanimity), I am composed and ready to get my head back in the game! 

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  12. So glad to see you, :wub:. @Kio. I can’t believe I didn’t see this (but actually I can, I am not here like I would like to be!). And seriously, you look like an adorable college girl!!!  I can’t believe how young, healthy and small you look (and happy)!  Thanks for sharing.

    I love love love this line:  “So when I do go a little overboard, it's kind of like... falling out of the boat into shallow end of the kiddie pool, instead of into the ocean.”  That so resonates with me.  It used to be an all or nothing for me and I have adjusted so that it isn’t HORRIBLE if I fall off track, I CAN recover!  

    Love that you’re doing so well, I am so proud of you! :)

    (And to appreciate it, you need to put that after next to your would be shocked to see how drastically you changed and gotten healthier!)

  13. Hey, @Jen581791, great update!  You too are an active skinny-mini (I was just reading @Cardamom77‘s entry).  You girls amaze me (and put me to shame!) I was at the gym today counting the moments til i could leave....although my program did call for 6 reps of this or 8 reps of that , and I upped them to 10 or 12 because I could handle it so I wasn’t all THAT bad! ;)  I have stopped losing long ago but I am still afraid to admit I am in maintenance (so I have a crazy brain too!)...go figure!

    i think it is awesome that you’re so active.  I tried running before and I sometimes enjoyed it (I would walk, then jog, then run and back to jog as I went down the street w/ mini-goals like “I will run until the next stop sign” etc).  Problem is my knee joints started to hurt.  Then again that was when I was in the upper 100s or lower 200s so it might not hurt my knees now I don’t know.  I can run on the treadmill but not 100%, I can do up to 2 mins at a time then pull back to 3mphs to catch my breath.   You know one thing i noticed in your post is that you are in the hot season now...the PERFECT excuse for the BIG Jen to stay inside in the air conditioning to avoid excessive sweating and chaffing and yeast build up in the sweat between rolls (we all know what those things all mean, sadly enough) but nope, you are up and out and active in the warmth! I find myself doing the same thing.  The excuses have all faded. I walk 1.5 miles every day at my 30 min lunch break.  If it is hot or cold.  I bundled in layers and scarves and gloves etc all winter (only my eyes shown as I walked outside) and in the summer I even went when i had a dress and no stockings on (I can finally avoid the chub rub at this point!). Don’t you LOVE how the surgery changes so many other decisions you make and habits you had?  Although I am disappointed w/ myself I am still pleased as punch that I had the surgery and would do it in a heartbeat if I had to do it again (only I’d do it 15 yrs sooner, right after I had my last baby!)

    btw, I am so impressed w/ your rewards system too....instead of the old food rewards, you got yourself cool new running shoes, THAT is a huge difference from what you would have done at your former weight! Kudos to you!

    Congrats on your continued success and being an inspiration to us all.  Keep up the good work, girl friend!!!  You are awesome!  (And I know you’re not lazy bc you run and hike so much, so do get a picture done soon! :) You’ll be glad you did!)

  14. Holy moley,,,, @Cardamom77!  When you told me you were 133, I knew it sounded small, but look at are a freakin’ skinny-mini!!!!  Wowsa!  Well done, girl friend!

    Hoping the elimination of alcohol heals up the ulcer and you can go on as per normal.  The loose skin is not at all visible in the pic and your collar bones are to die for! 

    Keep on biking and riding....awesome for you!  So glad to see you stop in, don’t be a stranger! :)


  15. So proud of you, Cindy!  I know it hasn’t been easy and i am glad things are settling in for you and you’re adjusting to the new weight and maintenance. I am still in a weird limbo....not thinking maintenance because I am not really happy w/ where I am but not actively losing so i am in a weird spot. I love where you are though and will get there sometime myself but for now, i am enjoying watching your journey and so glad youre embracing the new you!

    i love your new NSV.  I feel the same way...i wore regular flats to FL the two times we went in Feb and i only took one pair, not my orthopedics, my sneakers, and then a nice pair....just the one nice flats and i walked miles in them and never felt an ounce of pain! :)

  16. You look amazing!  I never saw that before picture, i only remember seeing you pretty small and that is how I “know” you so to see you bigger just made me realize how SUPER SUCCESSFUL you’ve been.

    On to the other part....i am sure you are scared that you won’t ever stop but I must say I wish I had that problem.  I stopped long ago and I struggle keeping it down to 155.  My body seems to want to go up and I still have to fight it.  So, obviously bodies have their own way of handling the afters of the surgery and yours seems (to me) like the dream body that just wants to keep losing! :)  

    however that isn’t a comfort to you when your dr is saying you need to put the brakes on, I am sure!  We all have our fears and struggles and even though we’ve all lost a lot of weight, we still have to deal with our weight and our feelings that are tied to it.  So I empathize with you and your pain/fear. 

    Btw, love the pants pic, how cool is that!?!?!?!  


    Also, I don’t think ppl see the blogs as often.  There have been times I have posted on mine and not gotten anyone reading it for a long while but once someone comments, it seems to keep coming up on the activity page (which is where I find things).