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  1. You look awesome and very happy and healthy, Tracy! Glad you’re at a comfortable weight and maintaining it. Sounds like. You are doing well by keeping things out of reach even though you have head’ve set yourself up for success when they aren’t around! Keep up the good work and keep smiling, you look beautiful!
  2. Great to see you (and Katja!). Love that you said you “didn’t move mountains to be obese again”. I think that’ll be my new mantra! Awesome wisdom, girlfriend! ive not been around much either. Life keeps getting in the way. I do stop in and read a few times a week but don’t usually have the time to post. missed seeing you though so it was a pleasant surprise when I saw your name! Happy 2 years!
  3. Always love your posts and get so much from them (thanks for sharing). Really got a lot out of #2! Preach it, Sister! you’re doing amazing! Keep it up!
  4. Oh what a precious baby! Little Miss Elaina was so worth the little detour! I laughed and thought the same you complained about your hair being thin and not wanting to lose any of what you did have, yet, Elaina seemed to get plenty! Congrats to you and your hubby! Enjoy your sweetie! (When do you go back to work?)
  5. Congrats! I know she won’t replace Penny, but the love helps heal her new momma’s heart! Enjoy her and may you have a happy long time with her!
  6. I was just going to ask you how you were recuperating and I found this post. Sorry it has been a little rough but that is to be expected as you’ve had two major joints completely replaced in the past few months so go easy on yourself! One is major enough of a recovery. Two is double hard. It will be easier later on when you don’t have to do the second one bc it is already done and you’ll be glad but right now it is a lot of suffering through it just to get to the other side. The swelling is a lot but will go down. If you could only see what ones body goes through to get that kind of surgery you wouldn’t be so surprised that it hurts so bad or is so swollen trying to get back to normal (and, no, I don’t recommend you look for it on line bc it is pretty gruesome!) When this passes you’ll be thrilled and you’ll walk many Trishes down your drive and beyond, but for now it just stinks being stuck where you are. It won’t be forever though...keep following dr’s orders (give us an update from your visit today when you can) and go easy on yourself and take care. {{{{HUGS}}}
  7. Yes, happy surgiversary! Enjoy your success and then stop in and tell us about how you’re doing!
  8. Hey, @Jen581791, great update! You too are an active skinny-mini (I was just reading @Cardamom77‘s entry). You girls amaze me (and put me to shame!) I was at the gym today counting the moments til i could leave....although my program did call for 6 reps of this or 8 reps of that , and I upped them to 10 or 12 because I could handle it so I wasn’t all THAT bad! I have stopped losing long ago but I am still afraid to admit I am in maintenance (so I have a crazy brain too!)...go figure! i think it is awesome that you’re so active. I tried running before and I sometimes enjoyed it (I would walk, then jog, then run and back to jog as I went down the street w/ mini-goals like “I will run until the next stop sign” etc). Problem is my knee joints started to hurt. Then again that was when I was in the upper 100s or lower 200s so it might not hurt my knees now I don’t know. I can run on the treadmill but not 100%, I can do up to 2 mins at a time then pull back to 3mphs to catch my breath. You know one thing i noticed in your post is that you are in the hot season now...the PERFECT excuse for the BIG Jen to stay inside in the air conditioning to avoid excessive sweating and chaffing and yeast build up in the sweat between rolls (we all know what those things all mean, sadly enough) but nope, you are up and out and active in the warmth! I find myself doing the same thing. The excuses have all faded. I walk 1.5 miles every day at my 30 min lunch break. If it is hot or cold. I bundled in layers and scarves and gloves etc all winter (only my eyes shown as I walked outside) and in the summer I even went when i had a dress and no stockings on (I can finally avoid the chub rub at this point!). Don’t you LOVE how the surgery changes so many other decisions you make and habits you had? Although I am disappointed w/ myself I am still pleased as punch that I had the surgery and would do it in a heartbeat if I had to do it again (only I’d do it 15 yrs sooner, right after I had my last baby!) btw, I am so impressed w/ your rewards system too....instead of the old food rewards, you got yourself cool new running shoes, THAT is a huge difference from what you would have done at your former weight! Kudos to you! Congrats on your continued success and being an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work, girl friend!!! You are awesome! (And I know you’re not lazy bc you run and hike so much, so do get a picture done soon! You’ll be glad you did!)
  9. Holy moley,,,, @Cardamom77! When you told me you were 133, I knew it sounded small, but look at are a freakin’ skinny-mini!!!! Wowsa! Well done, girl friend! Hoping the elimination of alcohol heals up the ulcer and you can go on as per normal. The loose skin is not at all visible in the pic and your collar bones are to die for! Keep on biking and riding....awesome for you! So glad to see you stop in, don’t be a stranger!
  10. You can get the, at Walmart or amazon or like @Cheeseheadsaid, at Sam’s club in a case. They aren’t thick so that shouldn’t be a problem like the shakea are. Also you can buy the powder shake mix and make them with water instead of milk and water them down even more to tolerate. Also if you can drink milk, try fairlife. If you can tolerate yogurt get the Skyr Icelandic yogurt which has more protein than Greek yogurt. It’s thick and creamy so you might have to add a little to thin it out if it bothers you. Keep up posted.
  11. Wow, i can’t even imagine! I am very happy for you!
  12. Try these: liquid (water) and protein all in one
  13. Well have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the mashed potatoes!!! (And glad you treasure Papa Trish like you do!). I have the same kind of husband, so I know how you feel. Mine loves me to death and tells/shows me daily too. Most days I feel I don’t deserve him he loves to cook also (which is awesome bc I HATE it!) How’s your knee pain? Does it seem better or worse than your last knee? So glad it is over and now all you have to do is recover and strengthen it!
  14. Just wondering what you’re up to and how you’re doing.    Hope all is well!

  15. Awesome! You are an amazing woman, Trish! David sure does love you, you are a blessed woman!
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    @bellamoma, hello neighbor! So glad you finished and passed your exam! Way to go! And do to it all while battling the depression and repression....kudos to you! Good luck in your new job and definitely stick around here for support! Therapy/counseling will really help....not an easy thing to go through, but worth it in the end. Keep at it and work through it. As for the GERD, I took protonix and it was really helpful. Once i got my sleeve it went away mostly (well after treatment for my. H Pylori and hiatal hernia repair) and for the first few months took it and then tried not taking it and realized i was fine (well, an occasional bout of heart burn but nothing 2 chewable tums couldn’t cure!) hope you get relief!
  17. Yikes, that sounds not too nice. Hope it heals quickly! How are you liking the new size? Much better?
  18. @delilas, how are you feeling now? You should be nearly full term by now (36 wks now?)...won’t be long til you’re holding your baby girl! Hope you’re feeling great and that baby girl is active and getting ready to be born! Take care and update us when you can (and a new bump pic if possible! )
  19. Mary, I haven’t suffered a loss like yours, so i have no advice, but {{{HUGS}}} so sorry for your loss! Hope time helps soothe your soul but I know nothing can replace her!
  20. So proud of you, Cindy! I know it hasn’t been easy and i am glad things are settling in for you and you’re adjusting to the new weight and maintenance. I am still in a weird limbo....not thinking maintenance because I am not really happy w/ where I am but not actively losing so i am in a weird spot. I love where you are though and will get there sometime myself but for now, i am enjoying watching your journey and so glad youre embracing the new you! i love your new NSV. I feel the same way...i wore regular flats to FL the two times we went in Feb and i only took one pair, not my orthopedics, my sneakers, and then a nice pair....just the one nice flats and i walked miles in them and never felt an ounce of pain!
  21. Good for’ll be strong and healthy for that new knee!
  22. Wow, @Nana Trish, that is amazing, unless you don’t want that, in which case it must seem frightening. Glad you are starting to turn the corner for the good though. Take care of yourself! (((Hugs)))
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    Do take care @Kio....glad it is over and done and I hope the gas disapates asap!!! (((Hugs)))
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    Hmmm, I have waited 52 years to be one of the cool kids!!!!! Hahaha! Do I get your copay for helping diagnose you? Haha! Seriously I had NO side effects/after effects from losing my GB......I noticed absolutely no difference! It was much easier and less painful than my WLS. (My biggest pain in my WLS was the incision on my waist that they pulled the stomach out, didn’t have that w/ my GB which was smaller than my stomach i would assume. (Had it laparoscopically). I had my surgery during Christmas break so i wouldn’t have to get a sitter for my kids. I had it 12/22 and was back to work 1/2 when the kids went back and i was perfectly fine. Of course that was 20 years ago, and they have probably approved since then even. Good luck w/ your surgery and you’ll certainly be glad to be beyond the attacks! Keep us posted!