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  1. Good for’ll be strong and healthy for that new knee!
  2. Wow, @Nana Trish, that is amazing, unless you don’t want that, in which case it must seem frightening. Glad you are starting to turn the corner for the good though. Take care of yourself! (((Hugs)))
  3. CheeringCJ

    still here!

    Do take care @Kio....glad it is over and done and I hope the gas disapates asap!!! (((Hugs)))
  4. CheeringCJ

    still here!

    Hmmm, I have waited 52 years to be one of the cool kids!!!!! Hahaha! Do I get your copay for helping diagnose you? Haha! Seriously I had NO side effects/after effects from losing my GB......I noticed absolutely no difference! It was much easier and less painful than my WLS. (My biggest pain in my WLS was the incision on my waist that they pulled the stomach out, didn’t have that w/ my GB which was smaller than my stomach i would assume. (Had it laparoscopically). I had my surgery during Christmas break so i wouldn’t have to get a sitter for my kids. I had it 12/22 and was back to work 1/2 when the kids went back and i was perfectly fine. Of course that was 20 years ago, and they have probably approved since then even. Good luck w/ your surgery and you’ll certainly be glad to be beyond the attacks! Keep us posted!
  5. I am always slapped back to reality when I see them. I am blown away when they are laying on their bed eating fried chicken and chips and think “I can’t ever let myself lose control again”. I get so sad for them and know how hard it is to control on your own (though honestly 600# is so unbelievable I don’t know how they cope. I’d give up (quite literally)
  6. I must say @delilas, you have the most amazing cheek bones! (And gorgeous color eyes) Wow, you should be a model!!! Hope your baby girl looks JUST like her momma! (But she will never know you heavy, as far as she’ll know, you’ve always been a healthy, active momma!)
  7. Read this the other day but didn’ have time to respond. I LOVE going to mine. It’s only once a month but i haven’t missed a month since I started (a few months out). Everyone there “gets” it. There are those who don’t take it seriously or do well (“I can’t give up pasta, I am Italian, I HAVE to have it at every meal”) But there are the successful people I can learn from and lots of tips etc that I gather. They know me as a “superstar” there which is funny bc I once said “if you could see the REAL superstars on my board, you wouldn’t think I was so great!” Haha! Anyway, I hope you can make it next month, it will be worth it, if even for your self esteem!
  8. That is awesome to visualize! And nooooooo, don’t spend the money on $60 jeans yet....go to a thrift store because it WILL change and you WILL go down again!
  9. You look amazing! I never saw that before picture, i only remember seeing you pretty small and that is how I “know” you so to see you bigger just made me realize how SUPER SUCCESSFUL you’ve been. On to the other part....i am sure you are scared that you won’t ever stop but I must say I wish I had that problem. I stopped long ago and I struggle keeping it down to 155. My body seems to want to go up and I still have to fight it. So, obviously bodies have their own way of handling the afters of the surgery and yours seems (to me) like the dream body that just wants to keep losing! however that isn’t a comfort to you when your dr is saying you need to put the brakes on, I am sure! We all have our fears and struggles and even though we’ve all lost a lot of weight, we still have to deal with our weight and our feelings that are tied to it. So I empathize with you and your pain/fear. Btw, love the pants pic, how cool is that!?!?!?! Also, I don’t think ppl see the blogs as often. There have been times I have posted on mine and not gotten anyone reading it for a long while but once someone comments, it seems to keep coming up on the activity page (which is where I find things).
  11. CheeringCJ

    still here!

    I was about to hunt you down, when I finally had time to spend time here to! Glad to hear you’re doing ok plan wise, but sorry about the internal issues. Hopefully they figure it out asap and get you treated! Don’t totally rule out GB yet....many ppl develop gallstones when they lose a lot of weight (I don’t have to worry about it this time, i had mine out after i lost weight w/ phen-fen!). Although you know you best and having had the diverticulitis flare up before you know what it feels like. Keep us posted and hopefully you feel better asap! 160??? You were right, are chasing me down and catching up (down!)....good for you!!!!
  12. Thanks for the info! I think i will look into it!
  13. Have you had your iron checked? Mine is always low but when I am severely anemic, I get terrible leg cramps! It usually makes me remember to take my iron supplements (twice daily plus it is in my multivits I take twice daily). It helps (IF) you’re anemic.
  14. Whoops, I just realized it is Friday! I keep forgetting bc we were away this week and came home late Wednesday night so yesterday at work felt like Monday and then today seems like Tuesday! Haha! When I realized it was passed Wednesday i checked to see how your stitches removal went...nice that you didn’t have any!
  15. I do have back problems so I might try it eventually. How did you have to document it? (Or didn’t you?) stitches aren’t usually painful to mostly just feel tugging, not pain. If they are removing them, that means your skin is already held together so it doesn’t hurt as if they are pulling apart. It shouldn’t be bad. Good luck!