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  1. CheeringCJ

    Life updates

    Yikes, not again!!! You poor thing. Update us when you can, hope youre soon up and about and healing.
  2. CheeringCJ

    The flu....

    Who is making who jealous, now, @Aussie Bear?? I will definitely take summer back! Well, ok, not the heatwaves like you get down there, but regular summer would be nice! You try to stay cool and I will try to stay warm! (I suppose if I had enough money, I could have two homes, one down there and one up here and live in each one half the year and never have to deal with winter!!!). BTW, I guess it is safe to say that right now you’re not wearing the cozy sweater you knitted for yourself!
  3. CheeringCJ

    The flu....

    Thanks....but we lucked out and pushed it all north...sorry! it was heading here all week but last night took a swing towards the north, which isn’t as good for you but great for us. We are getting 2” of rain only...I can live w/ that. It was supposed to be snow, then rain overnight and in the am and then a flash freeze of ice and forcasted over 1/4” of ice which brings down the trees and power lines and though we are getting the ice, it isn’t going to be a flash freeze this time, the rain is supposed to stop before the drastic temp drop so we will get ice where water is ponded but not on the lines and trees. We totally dodged this one! YOU be careful and stay reason to go out on bad knees this weekend!
  4. CheeringCJ

    Oh life!

    Sorrry things have been so difficult. You know I totally get it. When our son was diagnosed, it turned my world upside down also. Our marriage wasn’t in a good place at the time (thank God that’s done a total 180 and we are better than ever) but I had 2 teens, and 3 little ones (1, 2 and 5 year olds). Our 5 yr old was very high maintenance to begin with (on the spectrum) and our little guy was just not thriving and he became my FT job of taking him to drs to see what was wrong. He had tons of sensory issues that affected his eating (lack of) which affected his growth. He ended up with 4 hours of therapy (occupational, speech, developmental and physical therapies) a week and then I had to do his treatments (skin brushing/joint compressions/oral stimulation etc) all day long. Bc the therapies were done in my house I felt like I had to have my house clean all time time which isn’t easy with 5 kids and toys everywhere. To say I was overwhelmed is a total understatement. The good thing is, I survived (probably due to my total addiction to food for comfort!) and my son is thriving. It just caused a whirlwind for a few years. It was very hard to take him out because new situations total frightened him and his anxiety level was very high. Home was his safe place, going out exposed him to a sensory nightmare of sounds, smells, brightness, noise everything that was too intense for him. Being in a restaurant was impossible, after about 10 mins he had had it and he would just scream, so one of us would stay at the table and eat w/ the other kids and one would take the baby outside and walk around w/ him till we could switch. Then the other one would walk him while we finished eating. I broke down and cried and said “no more meals out until he can handle it” and we literally didn’t go out until he was 5 and even then we had to take a portable DVD player and sit near an outlet and let him take a bag of toys and whatever we could do to distract him (plus he was on Prozac at that time so that helped). We could only drive certain ways (the routes he was used to, nothing veering off the regular route) or he’d melt down. we could only turn left on the green left arrow, not if that went away...or he’d kick and scream the whole rest of the way to church (which was another 10 mins away!). If he got really upset at the route, he’d projectile vomit his chocolate pediasure all over the car! I decided one day I had to break him of that so I sucked it up and started going different routes....I’d try just very close places and I would tell him ahead of time, this time Mommy is choosing LEFT....let’s go LEFT! (Trying to make it a fun adventure). It as pure torture for him but eventually he got over it...whew! I didn’t have many moments of tears because I couldn’t afford to melt down myself, but they were always just there below the surface, but I held them in. My life was so overwhelming, it is no wonder I wasn’t 500 pounds from shoving down the pressure and frustration and not having a second to care for myself. My point of sharing all of this is that....for one, I wanted you to know that you aren’t alone. I’ve been there and others have been there before you too....try to connect w/ a group in your area where they have things for kids on the spectrum...Meeting other moms who are also in the trenches helps. Just being able to vent helps! Also, it gets easier. It never gets perfect (but I have 4 other kids and they aren’t perfect either! Haha!) but it gets better. Try to enjoy the little things with her too. With mine, I celebrated little things way more than w/ my typical kids. Like when Mason finally learned to poop on the potty (at age 6!) it was such a huge deal! He couldnt’ sit on the potty bc there wasn’t anything under him and sensory wise he needed to have something supporting him and couldn’t sit over a hole (not even on a potty seat on the floor) so I danced the happy dance all day when he finally did it. So, embrace the little challenges that your child makes that is harder for her than for typical kids. I am glad to hear she is doing good and is a happy, healthy girl, but there are so many challenges that can break your heart to think of but you can help her overcome them. My son still hates going places but he has learned there is a limit. I give him a time frame and try not to go over. He knows we HAVE to go out but we WILL be back home by 9 pm (or whatever I tell him) I can’t be spontaneous with him, it still overwhelms him (at 15 yrs old). BUT he is a happy, healthy and absolutely adorable child that I wouldn’t have given up the chance to raise for all the money in the world!!! Here he is now...isn’t he too cute? This was at Christmas. The other pic is at the beginning before he was diagnosed. (It’s all 5 of our kids...our DTR was graduating high school, our son graduating 8th grade, our other daughter just turned 4, our little son was 18 months and the baby was 3 months). He is the baby and you can literally SEE something is wrong with him. He would always scream when he was held and see how he tensed up? He hated being touched. It confused me to no end because i was an “experienced mom” and I knew how to soothe a baby by cuddling them and it was just the opposite for him. When I would hold him, he would just cry and cry. Talk about overwhelming a momma!!! That is when I started searching for a diagnosis because something was clearly wrong and my drs didn’t see it. They just told me to stop comparing him to my other kids. I pushed and searched and he was diagnosed at 17 months. But that is when his help began. As much as I didn’t want the diagnosis, it validated me that I wasn’t just a bad mom or crazy and it gave me something to learn about and DO to help my baby! He still struggles but is doing so much better now. He started high school this year and loves it! He went to a private school just for kids on the spectrum (best decision EVER) and by the time he was 9 he was able to go back to our public school w/ his siblings (in special ed). (any time you want to talk, just message me)
  5. CheeringCJ


    Good for you. You must be awesome at maintenance. Way to go!!!
  6. CheeringCJ

    The flu....

    Sorry, I must’ve missed that! That sounds painful, you will be glad to have relief after healing! Btw, i keep thinking of you every time they talk about this big storm coming...Harper!
  7. CheeringCJ

    Happy New Year!

    Well, hello, Miss @NerdyToothpick....welcome to our forum. You must be new. where did you ever get a name like that? LOL! Great to see you! Thought of you often. Hope Katja is doing well...and you and your hubby too of course! Nice to see you around.
  8. CheeringCJ

    Heading to Haiti

    Clearly you weren’t in Kansas anymore!!! it looks gorgeous! Doesn’t it always feel so good to help people less fortunate? Especially if you can help them increase their health. I am sure you were as blessed by them as they were by you! Glad you had a safe trip and that the people are having more improvements there.
  9. CheeringCJ

    The flu....

    Good to hear. Did you enjoy your day with him? What is it that you are having surgery for?
  10. CheeringCJ

    17 months post op

    Ill be interested to see how you do... how did you get insurance to cover it?
  11. CheeringCJ

    17 months post op

    Sounds like you’re doing great, @tracyringo! Congrats on the surgery approval! What cup size are you going from and to? I would love to have mine done at some point. I went from a DD to a D but still can’t get lower than that (well I can get anatomically lower and I sure have...hahaha!) I would love to end up between a B and C and lifted and I am sure that would help my back also. I still record everything during the work day. Mostly bc my phone is right at my desk which is where i eat. Once I am home, I put my phone on the counter and rarely touch it until I leave the next day, so I don’t record on MFP my dinners/snacks after 5 pm. I did it the other day and i was able to see my cal intake for the day (which I never really know bc I never finish posting for my day and I was still at 1100 which was better than I thought i was doing so that was good. Plus I just noticed that my MFP (free version) doesn’t have the macro breakdown other than fat/pro/carb, my apple health which is attached to my MFP does (which I hadn’t even noticed before) I can even see how many grams of fiber I am getting etc. it just makes me more aware of what is going into my body. i think I will keep tracking in the evenings for a few weeks and see if I can’t get my weight started on the downward track again (been maintaining within my 5 pound range I gave myself so I am pleased with that but would like to get down a little further.)
  12. CheeringCJ

    The flu....

    @Nana Trish, how are you feeling? No symptoms, right? How’s Harper?
  13. CheeringCJ

    Day one

    Agreed! Losing weight makes you feel GREAT! You’re doing awesome. Isn’t not being hungry a wonderful thing? It’s amazing and so relieving after a lifetime of thinking of food 24/7! i wasn’t able to sleep in bed for the first week....I slept on the recliner and that helped.
  14. CheeringCJ

    Day one

    How are you feeling today? Did the gas pass? I was fortunate not to have to deal. With that but i had a lot of pain in my incisions (especially the one they pull the stomach through). Anyway, every day gets easier and I am hoping youre feeling a bit better today and then tomorrow etc etc! And welcome to the Loser’s bench!!!