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  1. So,   @delilas, it is time you posted a pic of your growing bump!!!  We post all of our before and afters here and just because you’re bigger than a few months ago, we are excited it’s only because of your miracle baby and not because your sleeve when wrong! ;)  Do share when you can, please.

  2. CheeringCJ

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Leg crossing?!?! Whoooo hoooooo! Isn’t that the best? I posted a very similar pics in the spring. I find I have my legs crossed nearly all of the time time, simply because I can! Enjoy!
  3. CheeringCJ

    What are you eating today?

    I need to spend Christmas at your sister in laws too then....haha! Love her thinking! Love the 24 he window! Ours is a three day event. Christmas Eve with extended family, Christmas day with the inlaws and Dec 26 with all my kids and grandkids (our biggie). But after that it's over!!!
  4. CheeringCJ

    THE Dress - VICTORY!!!

    Wowsa, Cindy, you look so young, vibrant and skinny!!!! You are rocking your goal dress! Awesome.job! Thanks for sharing!
  5. CheeringCJ

    If this doesn't motivate you nothing will!

    I watched it last wasn’t really as gross as you’d think. But really eye opening! Most of the times I don’t think we realized how bad we were being to our bodies. I knew the outside was looking bad but didn’t really think about what the inside was looking like
  6. CheeringCJ

    It’s been a while

    How precious! And you look great too!!! Love your hair....looks like it is growing nicely!
  7. CheeringCJ

    Finding my limits

    It is a journey for sure...figuring out your new “system”! I am glad i don’t dump but sometimes I wish I would so i could’t treat myself...haha! My drug of choice at a party on Sunday night was snickerdoodles! Ugh! (They were worth it!). I hear you about the cookie exchange, sometimes you have to do something to feel “normal” so ppl don’t wonder why you’re so different... you can take the cookies with you but dump them out so don’t eat them (at least i would have to!). Haha! enjoy your holidays there!
  8. CheeringCJ

    The Beginning

    You’re too kind. I came back today today delete the pics for two is that i can’t believe i put my makeup-less face on line (yes i am so vain) but also bc I felt guilty that i hijacked your post! Sorry about that. but since you responded to it so sweetly i couldn’t delete it Keep on blogging. Honestly ppl don’t see the blogs as much, not sure why, I just always search for All Activity when I log on and anything recent comes up, even blogs but not sure how everyone else searches but not the blogs much. HOWEVER I still post things there simply bc *I* need to go back and see them and re-read my journey on my weak-days! So keep recording your feelings, you will be amazed by them later on!
  9. CheeringCJ

    Cindy are things in Whoville?

    Good for you! I hear you about old habits just waiting in the wings about to pounce when we are weak...been there and it scares me. The best part about it is you’re come back! You jumped right back on the wagon and did great at your weigh in...AWESOME! Christmas is coming regardless and you are in a good place for it this year! Whoville is not such a scary place after all!
  10. CheeringCJ

    5 days post surgery

    If you like milk, see if they carry FairLife milk where you live. WE have it in the states and it just tastes like milk but it is a high protein milk and that is great when you need a break from the sweet protein shakes but still need to have lots of protein while healing.
  11. CheeringCJ

    Am I the only one that is FREEZING??

    That IS weird that it was immediately. I don’t accept his answer either!
  12. CheeringCJ


    That is too funny! I thought it seemed like you were panicking when you normally don’t (now)...that explains it. The funny thing is it was in the new activity part and I didn’t think it sounded current so I went back and looked at the date and it said Dec 2nd so I assumed it was current! Haha! Here it was a year old and I didn’t see the 2017! Glad you’re in a better place w/ maintaining and not freaking out over little things I hope you are doing well with your pain and that it has subsided w/o the meds, but hoping you found meds to keep your condition in check. I think of you often!
  13. CheeringCJ


    Nice to see you here, @Chefman77! How are you doing?
  14. CheeringCJ


    Golly, @Nana Trish, i know you feel badly and for you it seems like a big deal but that seems like a little deviation to me....I’ve had huge binges before that were things that needed to be confessed and i didnt’ (presurgery....I can’t eat enough to binge like that now but i have certainly made my share of poor choices since surgery and got back on the wagon and not danamged myself permanently). So, yes, go easy on yourself. Had I written the same post, what would your response to ME (or any of us) be? Be that kind of nice to YOU too! (((HUGS)))
  15. CheeringCJ

    Am I the only one that is FREEZING??

    How are your iron levels, @Kim M? I get severely anemic (have been my whole life, so it isn’t a result of the surgery) but i notice I can’t regulate my body temp when I am very low and i get freezing cold then.