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  1. CheeringCJ

    Could use some information, please:

    You have a lot to think about (which is normal) and lots of the questions will be specific to your dr and nutritionist. I’ll try to answer the questions i can. 1. My dr/nut doesn’t recommend counting calories but i used and so it calculates the calories anyway, and it was 500-600 the first few months and about 600-700 from month 3-6 and from months 7-9 I’ve been around 800 calories. 2. For supplements, also your dr/nut will tell you what they want you to take, but i take 2 chewable vitamins (not gummy), 2 calcium with vit D, biotin, B complex, vit A (bc my 3 month labs showed I was low in it), i took an antacid for a while (protonix) but got weaned off and don’t need it. I also take 2 iron pills and 2 stool softeners per day but that is related to my anemia and not the surgery. The vitamins I take together (multivitamin, B, iron, stool softener) at breakfast and lunch, the calcium i take at dinner time and at bed time. (It seems like I am forgetting something but I can’t think of anything else right now) 3. I can imagine the skin removal would hurt but so did the WLS, I find you are willing to put up with whatever pain you have to get what you want so if you do get that, you’ll take the pain meds and know it is only temporary. 4. If you document skin breakdown then the insurance MIGHT consider it 5. As for the last one....the surgery ONLY fixes your stomach, it won’t fix emotional eating reasons, so your counseling should continue throughout. (You probably have to get a phychiatry consult before surgery and they may recommend you continue)
  2. CheeringCJ

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Oh and by the way, the one thing i appreciate about the smaller sizes? They neck and arm holes are appropriately sized! Go figure!
  3. CheeringCJ

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I totally get that... i have felt so badly for men that have to wear jeans with a big leather patch on their hip that anouces how big your waist. Is....i’d be mortified!!! If i could have worn that tag on the outside I would have today! I know you can still. Tell my belly and butt is big still but i am ok with it for now and i really hate the restriction of shape wear so i rarely wear it unless i need to (like i am getting a pic taken...haha)
  4. CheeringCJ

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Looking good though. I wouldn’t have spent that much either, since you KNOW you’ll outgrow (under grow?) it!!! Look how tiny your waist is!!!
  5. CheeringCJ

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    So, i went into hallmark yesterday (rarely do i go in) and there was a big section of 70% off clearance. They had clothes which i never look at bc they aren’t plus sizes. But i started looking. I saw an adorable dress for $60 then 70% off and i wanted it so badly. I tried it on (L-XL but it also said on the tag it was a 12-16 so a small l-xl). It swallowed me whole! I looked at the next size and it was S-M (8-10) “No way, Jose” i said as I continued to shop. But then something nagged me to try it (maybe it was Jose!). They don’t have dressing rooms so it would be over my clothes. And of course at the point of no return when it was over my head, the sales lady came along and I thought “I’d better not split this dress!” It came down and fit! Whew! I didn’t get it because once I realized the 8-10 fit ME (?!?!?! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that size would fit me!), but then my eyes were opened to a whole new concept and that clearance rack was my gold mine!!! I ended up getting two shirts and one dress which were ridiculously overpriced but at 70% off it was ok. I wore the tiny green dress today and got at least a million compliments from my $18 dress (honestly it is the first thing i have bought new since I lost weight...except underware! I have been getting everything at thrift shops. This i splurged on bc it was a swing style dress and that was the smallest it came in so i know it will still fit next year). I was at church and had my iPad with me but left my phone at home as i was programming my sous vide on it before i left and it was still sitting on my counter when i got home!) ignore the huge pink item in the picture! But here is my new SMALL/MEDIUM size 8-10 dress!!! (It was sleeveless and I dragged along a white cardigan in case i got totally self conscious but i never put it on) it is much shorter than i am used to also....everyone could see my knees but I survived!
  6. CheeringCJ

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I soooo have done that. Usually in a thrift shop bc in regular stores i am t shopping in the plus dept. but then i have to readjust my brain to rejoin every that the adorable outfit doesn’t fit!
  7. CheeringCJ

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Cute and you CAN pull of horizontal stripes now....awesome! I still have yet to try...
  8. CheeringCJ

    Vacation report card: C+

    I knew you had lost before hand. I, on the other hand, wasn’t required to lose an ounce so i ate until the two weeks prior. I went up 9# from June to October! I didnt feel guilty about it either, i enjoyed my summer of last suppers last year, but not half as much as my summer of small clothes THIS year!!!
  9. CheeringCJ

    How much is too much fruit and whole milk questions.

    That is the way NJ is with tomatoes, but fortunately they are not full of carbs! Now we are the garden state and grown awesome corn, blueberries and peaches but i am sure your corn is best being Iowa corn. I’ve only had corn once since my surgery and it was local and fresh and delicious but i broke the cob in half before cooking and only ate half and actually had my husband finish the rest of it as it was so filling but delicious! I have 2 ears of white corn in the fridge today from yesterday’s farm market visit but i will do the same today, half cob and that is it.
  10. CheeringCJ

    Vacation report card: C+

    That is awesome! Eating off plan a bit is ok when you’re upping your activity and then getting right back on track afterwards (that is sometimes the hardest part, coming back down off of carbs again). Good for you. I took a look at your is it you’re at 176 from 355 and it is still less than one year? That is miraculous!!! You go girl! And I love that you love yard work. Things aren’t as laborious as they were 179 pounds ago aren’t they? When you can get excited about yard work and not bemoan the fact that you’ll be sweating under every roll of skin and be winded and be exhausted simply because of your size, not your age, then life is good!!!
  11. CheeringCJ

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Cindy Lou!!! Amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. You’re lovely, and so small! Amazing! Love that you can go sleeveless and tucked in! I’m not brave enough for the tuck yet and oddly I’ve worn sleeveless for years but NOW hat my arms flap I’m much more conscious so I’m the cardigan queen now
  12. CheeringCJ

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I realized that after a moment but at first I was like Holy Moly!!! Then again it would have to be like a size 94 and you’re trying on a size 2 which is what made me think of a weight loss pill add where they show someone who has obviously ever been heavy and they pretend like they lost 100#! But then again, you’re the real life of that, you just look like you’ve always been skinny, so maybe they’re not all wrong!
  13. CheeringCJ

    Hair question

    @NerdyToothpick, if your hair wants to mate...LET IT!!! Then you'll double your hair volume!! LOL!
  14. I tried that but it twisted my lower body too much and i’d wake up with a sore back. The leg cushion was fine last night. I roll from side to side often and just “took” it w/ me.
  15. Interesting. I read through them and i can relate. Not the coccyx yet but the butt bones (pelvic floor bones). And having to get up and walk around bc my bones and joints were sore. Still wouldn’t change it, will gladly put up w/ it rather than put the padding back on!