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  1. Scale?

    I used to use that same Omron body fat measuring device when I worked at a gym and I used it for the clients. (and it was always embarrassing to get the E for being over 50%! I hated to tell them that....they were just as mortified and they already knew they were large but that sealed it to them).
  2. NSVs—Let's share!

    no need to update your wife's Rx....just update her husband's wardrobe and buy some smaller jeans!!!! LOL!
  3. What will it feel like when I wake up?

    mine used a catheter which is pretty common, but a few ppl here said they didn't have one. it is no big deal but sometimes it is hard to void once it has been removed, (especially for men but women can have a little difficulty at first too....nothing insurmountable but just a minor hassle) when they do a leak test (and mine doesn't do it any more bc he never had a leak in all the years he's done the surgery) but I had one b/c he repaired a hiatal hernia and he made it so tight through my diaphragm that he just wanted to make sure all was well before me drinking. So what they do is send you to radiology, get your over on a flat table and then they set the table up and have you drink a thick minty (radiological) fluid and they will "xray it" as it goes down to make sure it moves freely down. It is quick and easy and not painful at all.
  4. Newbie

    I don't blame you....i'd be drinking water all week til that pound left!
  5. Newbie're so close to your goal!!! Whooo hoooo!
  6. Travel Tips?

    first of all, you can NOT do this on your for that reason, you need to book my ticket to go with you!!!! beef jerky is good but you have to be careful about the sodium (and water retention when flying) so look for one w/ the lowest sodium you can pack nut packs if you're allowed to eat them. I am technically not, but I am noshing on almonds right now! ha! what about packing one protein bar per day so you know you can get protein in....the rest you can eat in your meals. but if all else fails, don't forget I can be there w/ you!!!!
  7. Hungry

    I still get just isn't that ravenous, empty the cabinets and fridge hunger! I can go longer than i used to but I still try to stick to a schedule...but even if I did go long and got very hungry, I still approach it the same way, with just a regular portion of food (1/2 c) and not a binge! it is a relief to not be ruled by hunger, but I do feel it.
  8. Scale?

    I just have a regular digital scale but I am wondering if a body fat scale is a good idea or makes you crazier? What are your thoughts? Should I just be content with the one I have or get this one I saw at Aldis? (Pretty inexpensive)
  9. What Are You Wearing Today?

    It sounds crazy, but then is whole journey has been crazy, so I'll just take your word for it and stop fretting over tank tops and buy a few extra cardigans.
  10. Happy to be here!!

    Welcome aboard, @mjp1065! You'll find so much info's my go-to place for answers!!! (Consequently, just how many gms of protein are in a medium shrimp?!? LOL! It's so funny to need to know how many are in one instead of a dozen, since our quantities are so much different now!)
  11. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Interesting.....I used to wear them all of the time.....because I was always hot. Now if I would apply the part of the things I read here to my upcoming reality....I would realize that I'm not going to be so hot all of the time because I will have lost my internal heater!!! Maybe I'll survive without tank tops!
  12. Picture updates

    I can totally relate....and it is the first time I put 2 and 2 together! As much as our body images are skewed when we lose weight, they were when we gained weight. I have said a hundred times that I didn't realize I was as fat as I was beforehand. So it is true, only I never thought it out...but we don't EVER see ouselves as we are!!
  13. My body has gone crazy!!!!

    Well, I suppose that is know just enough to be dangerous, as they say...haha! stick with the Minifigs!!! Seriously though, you do know a lot (and are still learning)....I picture you being a part time personal trainer when all is said and done!
  14. Systemic Candida Yeast Infection

    oh my goodness....what an ordeal! I hope you get relief soon
  15. honestly, I have a record of my weight on MFP and also on my weight ticker so I can let go of the annoying voice in my head that says "but you have to document this".....I figure I have the numbers but I can go back and document them next year when it is "safer" for me not to get nuts over it