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  1. It's about time!!!!

    So after weeks and weeks in the low 180s....I finally broke through to the 170s!!! It was such a relief to step on the scale and see 178.8!!!! Closing in on my doctor's goal weight!!!! I am sooooo thrilled....179 was the lowest I've been since my second child was born.....back in being below that is a pure gift!!!
  2. November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    That stinks! Hoping things turn around for you real soon and you can get back on the road on it!!!
  3. November Newbies....we outgrew our name.... are looking FAPTAPULOUS!!!! Sorry about the financial strain but so glad you're physically doing well!!! Good luck with the 5K program. Are you riding your bike much?
  4. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Oddly enough I wore a whole new outfit to work today. It was a grey tunic/dress with black leggings and a great black/grey/white Vera Bradley scarf.....I bought black boots....12.55" calf....AND THEY FIT!!!! But I went to wear it and tho it looked great, I felt a little odd being dressed so we'll, so I took off my boots and put on a pair of tan flats which don't look half as pulled together. I am still trying to figure why I sabotaged myself, I am convincing myself that when I start my new job on Monday, I will wear the new me clothes. I'm thinking it's awkward for those who knew the old me see the new me....for no other reason than that I don't want the attention people saying that I look nice bc it makes me feel like I looked terrible before. It is just hard to wrap my head around.
  5. November Newbies....we outgrew our name....

    Looks like a blast, @Boho Rosy!!! Love the berret pic! I am so glad you had the fun and no regrets!
  6. Maintenance Month Two: Hold the Line

    Loved your update, Jen! You are SO skinny and I bet it felt awesome to climb in the tiny opening to get in that to tomb!!! How many times have you said before "let so and so do it since they are small"....I've said it before, but have NEVER had the chance to be the SMALL one of whom they speak!!! Yay, you!!! BTW, that first pic, you have flip flops on....can you maneuver those rocks in them? Be more injuries! I love that you fill us in so much on your eating/calories etc. I can't believe you can eat so much fat/calories (I mean I DO believe you, but I wouldn't have believed it if I just read it on line somewhere) but that is the recipe for a 1# weight gain per day for the former us!!!! AMAZING, right? It's cool that you're a gym rat that "fits" now too....again, different than the former us! I am going to check out those blogs....I need some style advice as I feel so new at this. I laughed right out loud (which isn't good bc I am in class!) at your descriptions of your previous dressing...sooo the same as me! We've all been there for sure and I will be glad to be able to wear anything without getting an oversized black something! Congrats on the bathing suit find too! I still have a while for that one! All in all so proud of you!
  7. Inches lost

    Again, you've proven to be one of the Biggest Losers of the TT family!!! All of you superstars rock! Congrats Nana T!
  8. One year out

    Great work! Love your new collarbones and thinner neck (along with your thinner body!) Awesome!
  9. animalrescuer18

    Good luck tomorrow!!! It'll be the first day of the rest of your healthier life!!!!
  10. Hair Loss

    I'm in the same boat here, Artie. Hairloss started around three months....I'm in month five now....and I'm not bald yet! I can style it different ways to try to get it less noticeable.... And I'm down to washing it every three days to lessen strain on it. I'd rather have thinner hair if it's accompanied by a thinner body than thicker hair with a thicker body!!! I've heard it slows at six then starts the long process of growing back.... So let's hope that's true! Congrats on the awesome weight loss!!!!
  11. Down 200lbs!!!!

    Well you're a tall guy...and 250 still sounds like a great goal!
  12. Down 200lbs!!!!

    congrats on the 200s!!! not sure what it is called? Two-ville? Two-topia? I just call it terrific for you!!!!! Wasn't I just saying earlier this week you'd be there any second? And there you are!!! Job well to keep going down. i agree with @Res Ipsa....i could imagine you'd get to 190/195 easily in the end!! you know you have the drive and energy and know-how to do it! if anyone can, YOU can, @AustinJ!!!
  13. shoe advice from the veterans, please....

    Thanks, friends! I ended up ordering some of both (wide/reg)....they had free shipping and free returns so I thought I'd try them and see.
  14. 6 months post op

    illusions work for me! I'll take a flat "looking" stomach even if the suit is holding it in/up etc!
  15. 6 months post op

    WOW!!! Six months and you are have lost almost 100#, are so close to goal and your BMI is awesome!!! You've done a stellar job! Keep it up (down!) ps I love that you can wear a bathing suit! (your stomach looks so flat!)