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  1. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    I like this mantra....I think I will have to adopt it and recognize that "I will always be a fat person in recovery!" thanks for bringing it up!
  2. Left shoulder pain

    that is true, I did know ppl got that trapped gas pain from surgery (I didn't tho) and that it can go up to the shoulder area but I didn't realize it could still be there 3 wks later! I have heard the best cure for it is walking though, so i second @cinwa and say walk walk, walk!
  3. Yes, I'm THAT teacher....

    who went out and did the chc-cha slide, chicken dance, cupid shuffle etc w/ her kids today! we had indoor recess w/ all the rain and we put up the projector in the gym and put go dance videos on and the kids were rocking it out....and THIS teacher was down there dancing w/ them! I love my special ed kids who "dance like no one's watching" so I did too....and I can move a lot faster as a smaller person so it was fun for us all!
  4. Valerie jean

    hi, Valerie, you will find tons of info here.....and support! welcome!
  5. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    thanks for asking....I am in the same boat as you (I think a lot of us here are....most ppl try everything before trying surgery), and I am 3.5 mos out and very interested in the answers here too!
  6. Left shoulder pain

    i don't know what that has to do w/ the surgery, but I would ask my surgeon and see. i did have shoulder pain (believe it or not) when I had gallbladder attacks! I had no idea it could hurt my shoulder but my dr said it was referred pain and quite common. You gall bladder attacks when you lose a large amount of weight.....which really wouldn't affect you if you are only 3 wks in but could, perhaps if you lost a lot presurg. but I would call my dr and see. Also, keep trying to do your deep breaths.
  7. Well, that kinda hurt.

    welcome to the losers' bench! it will get less painful by the day and you will be excited about the new you!
  8. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    hi and welcome! I totally get it and you will be surprised at how different you feel! I am excited for you! stick around and gather as much info as you is so informative and the successful ones are ones who are always here for support
  9. Tubal ligation

    never be mortified.....we all come here w/ questions that need answers. it's nice to have a "go to" place
  10. Tubal ligation

    you would still have your period even after the procedure...and honestly I have a cousin that had her tubes tied and 12 yrs later got pg again and the dr said that isn't all that uncommon that they can grow back together again (tubes aren't "tied" they are just cut and burnt - cauterized) . I would ask your gyn about getting an easy procedure done in the office that can stop or really slow down bleeding at all! My GFs who have had it barely have periods if at all!
  11. I just got my surgery

    I didn't cough up phlegm but they did give me something in the hospital to force me to take deep breaths. (spirometer)....if you brought yours home then make sure to use it. I had to do it ten times a few times a day. That helps to that fluid (phlegm) doesn't end up in the bottom of your lungs and give you pneumonia
  12. What are you eating today?

    that sounds YUMMY (as long as it isn't a really fake flavor) Thanks!
  13. "At goal" pics

    good, after I posted it I was afraid i was sounding judgemental and was hoping you wouldn't take it that way! I am at the same place w/ my DD....she is retreating to her room for more and more of the time home (which is a lot of time). Today I had her get out in the gorgeous sunshine for some good old Vit D! Then I went for a walk (she didn't want to come) w/ DH and when we got home, she was sound asleep on the much for the fresh air! But she did come to dinner tonight which I was glad about....I told her how much I miss her.
  14. Three month follow-up

    I am sure your sister would be so proud of you now! I am glad your mom is you ever think she could get a revision? BTW, for some reason (I am sure there was a reason but I didn't even worry about it bc it didn't affect me) but my dr will NOT do the surgery IF you can't/won't exercise or can't or won't stop smoking! I don't know how smoking affects your WL but evidently it does enough for him to refuse it if you haven't stopped smoking beforehand.
  15. "At goal" pics

    Sounds good to me a seat at the cafe! ha! (tho I believe I won't be maintaining for a while yet. I picture myself hitting goal in a couple of months but I don't think I will be content to be there, I think I am going to go down as much as possible and see where I am comfortable...or just stop and then i will try maintaining). I can tell by the look in his eyes that your hubby loves you and your daughter. I hope she is doing better than she was a few months ago (I think I read where you recently posted that she is still struggling...same here w/ hurts a momma's heart for sure)...but it must be fun shopping w/ her when you can both shop and try on! (btw, your sweater is adorable but still seems kinda big....guess either you are still shrinking or that you are uncomfortable wearing smaller stuff? don't get me wrong, you look's actually an adorable outfit, but you are smaller than your clothes for sure No need to hide your new self!)