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  1. Pixx


    So I just joined a gym, and have been working out nearly 3 weeks now, and when I enter or exit I walk past the front counter, where there is always someone who wants to know if I want to try one of their protein shakes. I politely decline and keep on going. However they seem so very persistent, so I stopped the other morning and asked about the ingredients in the shakes. They had a sheet that listed everything that goes into the shake. Apparently, I live under a rock as I wasn't aware of so many different types of protein! It kind of threw me off for a bit. Anyway, I immediately look at sugar content first when I examine a label nowadays because pretty much anything over 10 grams gets my heart a little too excited and my taste buds just can't handle the sugar since surgery. The entire list showed anywhere from 20-30 grams of sugar per shake. I gave them back their list, thanked them and told them I couldn't do that much sugar in a shake. One of the trainers standing there assured me that the sugar used was Stevia, "the good sugar." I didn't know what to say to that... so I just smiled, said thanks and went home. I don't know much about Stevia, I don't know what effects it has for bypass patients and I don't see my doc until October, so I was wondering if anyone had experience with it? If it is just a sugar substitute I would still not be able to take in 20-30 grams of it in one drink! Thoughts? Comments? Thanks!
  2. Pixx

    T-minus 7 days...

    2. Crossfit. Right now it sounds absolutely horrible, but it also sounds like the kind of thing that gets you in shape and keeps you in shape through the combined forces of resistance training and cult-like peer pressure. Hahaha! I absolutely love this description, LOVE IT! It made my day! I just recently joined a gym and it is so scary how close to the truth it is! Throughout the week there are multiple crossfit classes while I'm there and talk about intense! I'm sure the workout is intense too... but the individuals are so serious about it, it's apparently "the best and only way to work out if you want to be healthy." Just ask any crossfit member, they will assure you of this 'truth.'
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    Hey :)

    Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome!
  4. Pixx

    Hey :)

    I'm new to forums in general and support groups as well...so I hope this goes well I had gastric bypass surgery on June 19th, 2017, so I am currently 65 days into this new journey! I haven't had any major complications, just a few bumps in the road so far thankfully! I do still suffer from extremely dry throat (which I'm told will go away eventually) and the most amazing nausea issues. My tummy isn't exactly speaking or listening to my brain on the matter so ejection/rejection of food happens whether I put it in my mouth or not unfortunately. To help with the nausea, I was given dissolvable nausea meds and a patch to inhibit the gag reflex to help over the next few weeks, which is AWESOME! While both together work about 90% of the time, it is so much better than daily sickness! In addition to the bypass I had a major hernia repair due to falling down a flight of stairs. I wasn't exactly wonder woman on that day It took a lot longer for the doc to do the repair than the actual bypass part of the surgery. Which is kind of a 'thing' I guess as when I speak with the doc's office I get the comment "Oh your the one..." often. Anyway, the repair is hindering my ability to eat food because anything other than liquids causes pain when swallowed. It is getting better though and hopefully sometime very soon I will be able to move on to the soft foods phase of things I've lost 48lbs & 9 inches so far according to the scale and tape measure which in all honestly seems so unreal to me as I don't currently feel like I have lost the weight. Maybe my head will catch up with my body and come to an agreement soon!