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  1. It is not RA according to blood test, i quit eating spinach because of purines/gout and got astym one of which helped, defn not as bad as before
  2. The doc is going to go ahead and do blood test for RA etc. Even though I don't believe my full body is involved. Thanks for the reply @BurgundyBoy so is it best to not rotate feet out? Just toes direct ahead?
  3. It has changed my gait a lot but not sure if that might be the cause. I was also told I have mild arthritis in one foot, but I had that before, but it didn't start hurting bad until I took antibiotics for a cold. I have been taking probiotics which has helped some. I am wondering if it is bursitis. I have a couple appointments coming up and an MRI which should shed some light. My CRP is elevated at 14, down from 17, anyone else had issues with CRP? But my ESR was normal so the doc said no further testing necessary ( I am guessing for RA which does not run in my family). I also wonder if it could be gout. I had pretty bad gout at my highest weight, but the toe joint has much improved with the weight loss. Just wonder if it could be something related to gout. My uric acid blood test came back at 5.8 the other day, so that is just within the normal range. I know when I tried to lose weight before I would always get a gout attack.
  4. I have been having a lot of ankle inflammation on both sides after using them for the day, i get in bed and when I get out the kind of pop back into place and can be painful, lately I have been wearing braces to bed so they dont move all over which has helped. My current theory is that tendons are loose after weight loss allowing the ankle to move out of place, just wondering if anyone else had experienced this? Had plantar fasciitis in left foot last year and peroneal tendonitis on right foot for 5 mos after ankle injury.
  5. Joint pain after major weight loss

    I may fall down but I am never giving up, i have come too far
  6. Joint pain after major weight loss

    You are absolutely correct, I know in the long run I am doing nothing but good getting my bmi to 40 and below, 15 lbs left to 40. I hope your foot feels better after your surgery
  7. Joint pain after major weight loss

    Thanks so much, your reasoning is sound, I know the weight has to come off. I would love to check in every 20. I am going to try my best to stay positive like all of you.
  8. Joint pain after major weight loss

    Yes, I have had instability too. Ankle issue, then moved into knees/hips/low back. I am working on strengthening. But sometimes seriously wondering if I will be walking in 5 yrs. I am sure you have had feelings like this as well. Can't shake the doubts.
  9. Joint pain after major weight loss

    Thanks, I felt better after 40 lbs, but worse at 90.
  10. Weight Loss Prior to Surgery

    Here is your diet, I have lost 87lbs - no surgery Kill refined carbs, candy, anything white Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep You can eat something close to this every day... 2 eggs with broccoli/cauliflower, banana, lemon water cheese stick for snack, watermelon Spring mix salad with berries, olive oil vinaigrette Apple with peanut butter afternoon snack chicken, veggies, taco sauce, whole wheat taco boats for dinner, just keep it meat and veggies.
  11. I have lost 87 lbs as of now, and my joints feel worse? I was wondering if any of you had experienced this. Knee/Hip/Low Back is achy. I think it is punishment for all the sugar I ate maybe.