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  1. LadyFLrebotTX

    Researching sleeve to bypass (help)

    I still have a great deal of restriction. I haven't been the perfect sleeved person. However, I will never give up on working at being healthier.
  2. LadyFLrebotTX

    Researching sleeve to bypass (help)

    I am going for more testing near the end of December. I have GERD and a hernia. So far, I can't say that the thought of another procedure is making me feel happy. I do have additional hope!
  3. LadyFLrebotTX

    It is a choice

    I am getting better eachday! Finding this as a solution will be my best chance to reach my goals. I never thought of revision. However, I been under the cloud of depression for the last 5 years. Thanks for checking on me. Happy Holidays
  4. LadyFLrebotTX

    Researching sleeve to bypass (help)

    Yep, I am in counseling and on depression meds. The last 4 years post-sleeve have been crazy emotionally/physically. I just want to live a healthier lifestyle. I am still down over 70 pounds. However, I have failed to reach my goals. I have health issues. I am trying to do everything possible to feel better. There is no "magic bullet" or simple solution. It will take a lifetime of continuous work.
  5. LadyFLrebotTX

    It is a choice

    I gotten to that point. With all my health issues I am having revision surgery. Wow, I just not sure when.
  6. Wow, I did not think this would happen. I have tired hard to obtain a healthy weight. I never complained about my GRRD, depression, hernia or other issues. Now, revision is needed. I still want to lose weight and be all around healthier. I am afraid that nothing will change. Equaling, I will be not be successful again. I have researched. Sometimes bypass does not make a difference? Help please. Thanks
  7. LadyFLrebotTX

    It is a choice

    Today, was the first time that I dance in 7 months. Yesterday, I workout at the gym. It is one day at a time. I will reach my goals.
  8. LadyFLrebotTX

    It is a choice

    Thanks! Cheesehead, glad to see you are still doing great!
  9. I spent the last month working on my mental and physical health. For me, counseling, counting calories and walking is essential. I also stopped drinking alcohol. Denial can become a lifestyle. I am facing all my demons. The scale is moving down. Each day is one step forward. The tool is here for life. I am using it to the fullest now. Never give up!
  10. LadyFLrebotTX

    VLCD several years post op?

    What I have discovered, I know what foods go down easy i.e. sliders. I can't eat a lot of dense foods like fettuccine and cream sauces or I fill up quickly. I started nibbing throughout the day. I can eat popcorn, chips and some candy. I have started counseling and meds. Food is an addiction. I know working forward is the only answer for my long-term health.
  11. It is possible! You still have the tool and the skills. Just remember why you did this 4 years ago. I am 4 years out too!
  12. LadyFLrebotTX

    Year 4! Wow

    THANKS! The reasons why I been working at being healthy? I wanted to improve my over all health. I do not want to be depended on prescription medications. So, I will keep on fighting. Recently, my size 10 pants have started to fall off. I just want to live my healthiest life. It will be a lifetime battle. I am okay with that truth. Thanks my thinnertimes family!
  13. LadyFLrebotTX

    Year 4! Wow

    Thanks! I just want to be my healthiest self.
  14. I decided to post after reading several people who are so disappointed with their results. I have yet to get to my target weight. My health has improved mentally/physically. I am still overweight. However, a week ago my doctor of two years told "you might want consider taking some BP meds." Oh heck "No!" I getting the rest of this weight off. I mean really! I have maintained 70 pounds off. I need to get to a normal weight. At the very least 40 pounds more! It been 4 hard butt years. I am not dieing like this! No more excuses. I want to play with my great grand kids one day!
  15. LadyFLrebotTX

    Never Giving Up (year 3)

    Still fighting to lose the rest of this weight (four years 8/1). Things I have learned: 1. I have gotten comfortable being under 200 lbs. 2. I hate that people comment when I talking about losing "more weight." I stopped talking about it. 3. I should have started tracking my food 3 years ago. It's not to late. 4. I have push myself each day. Lastly, I will spend the next 158 days doing what it takes to get off these last pounds. 2019 is a new plan of maintenance, exercise and a tummy tuck. I am keeping it moving! How is it going for you "Long-termers."