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  1. They changed the date again. It's tentatively June 14th. I'm not going to get excited until they start pushing me into the room!
  2. I have gone through all my required testing and ready for revision Mid-May. Now, I am sacred and happy. This is the best decision for my health and life. I think even people on here think this is easy. It's not easy at all. I will take this next step.
  3. I have refulx now. I am trying to sleep. My sleeve is deformed which is an issue. My hernia is another issue. I give myself alot of credit for going to see a new doctor. This has not been easy!
  4. Hi, I just want some to chat with about this process of starting over. Like, how did you decide that it was time to be revised? What is the biggest difference between the two WLS so far for you? How do feel about your decision now? What do you struggle with today? Thank you so much!
  5. I am going from gastric sleeve to gastric bypass. Looking for someone who is going or who has gone down this road. Not looking for anything but postive support. I will also provide postive support.
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am hororrifed and excited regarding this next step. Thanks again and heal well!
  7. I hope all went well. Please give us an update when you feel better. It will be my turn by the end of April.
  8. Great job! Keep follow your doctor's instructions. You are on your way to better health.
  9. Thanks Kim! I am doing this again for múltiple reasons. I am blessed to have started with VSG. My doctor at the time said, "its your choice and we can always go back." If I had not pick VSG? There is a hug possbility that I would have died by now. Additionally, I have just gotten to the point in my life where I can deal clinically my depression and anxiety. This time, I will remain in counseling through out the process. I committed to taking vitamins and whatever else is needed for life. I am growing into my womanhood fully. With alot of effort, I will achieve my health goals.
  10. Thanks! I remind myself daily the reasons why this is happening: (1) HBP, GERD, hernia and possible ulcers (2) I stil have a high BMI "obese" versus when "morbidly obese." (3) As I climb out of the sunless sky of Depression/Axienty; I am free to become joyful. (4) Life happens. Lastly,(5) The things I can change that is my focus. Living verse existing. Thank you so much. I list.
  11. Hi I guess this is going to happen. I just hope this revised tool makes a difference. I feel so many mixed emotions. I am excited, scared, embaressed and a little sad. However, this time around is different in many ways: I am in counseling. I am (70) pounds total less since the start of this process. I never try to eat at a Buffet. I drink a heck of a lot less. I am getting emotionally/mentally/ physically stable. I now know that its okay to not always be seen as strong. I am human with all the imperfections that come with It naturaly plus some. I had the doors of life and pains of history hit me in the head. I survived. I am moving forward. The count down starts now to the start of a New phase in my life. Any positive advice is welcome!
  12. I am approved. Going to the doc the first of March. I am told that the process goes by fast. The procedure will be perform sometime late March early April. I am feeling a little overwhelrmed. I just want to be my healthiest self. How is everything going for you? How do you feel most days. Any regrets? Thanks for checking!! Be well
  13. I still have a great deal of restriction. I haven't been the perfect sleeved person. However, I will never give up on working at being healthier.
  14. I am going for more testing near the end of December. I have GERD and a hernia. So far, I can't say that the thought of another procedure is making me feel happy. I do have additional hope!
  15. I am getting better eachday! Finding this as a solution will be my best chance to reach my goals. I never thought of revision. However, I been under the cloud of depression for the last 5 years. Thanks for checking on me. Happy Holidays
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