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  1. LadyFLrebotTX

    Never Giving Up (year 3)

    Still fighting to lose the rest of this weight (four years 8/1). Things I have learned: 1. I have gotten comfortable being under 200 lbs. 2. I hate that people comment when I talking about losing "more weight." I stopped talking about it. 3. I should have started tracking my food 3 years ago. It's not to late. 4. I have push myself each day. Lastly, I will spend the next 158 days doing what it takes to get off these last pounds. 2019 is a new plan of maintenance, exercise and a tummy tuck. I am keeping it moving! How is it going for you "Long-termers."
  2. LadyFLrebotTX

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I was in my home state this past week. I have lived all across the U.S. for the last 12 years. My family and I made this decision to move back 4 months ago. I have taken the first step in this journey. My NSV "allowed myself to cry and feel lost." I am ready to go home with my new healthy lifestyle and confidence. I am still "a work in progress." I was always worthy of loving life. This is not a new start but the next chapter. Peace!
  3. LadyFLrebotTX

    Anyone else here more than 10 years with lap band?

    Great job! Congrats
  4. LadyFLrebotTX

    Never Giving Up (year 3)

    Thank you Jasbie! It is so funny. I was coming back to say, that the truth is "each day, I pick what goes in my mouth." I have spent the last month journaling (instead of gabbing sugar) and cut most of the pork, chicken and beef from my diet. As a result my energy level is higher. This is not the easy thing. My teenagers love "all things meat." My sleeved husband is trying. Not being able to eat forced me to deal with my other issues. I am greatful, joyful and hopeful regarding life. Life is not perfect. However, I choose not to give up on achieving my goals one bite at a time for this on!
  5. Lol "cinwa" What happen to me? I became to comfortable! I have go back to the basics like "eating slow." I understand to drink water when I feel hungry; Wait 15 to 20 minutes before eating! Eat my protien first. Lastly, the thing that is debated around here "workout." My sleeved life is a journey! And, as with all journies sometimes I get lost. I have pushed reset on my GPS! Off I go again. As we are sleeved for life!
  6. Hi Sleeved and WLS family, After all this time, my sleeve still works. Last night, I ate sugar at every meal. This was a huge mistake! I thought that I was dying. I started sweating and shaking! I am so happy about this reminder. I did not realize what was going on until talking with my sleeved husband. Boy oh boy never again. I am still living my sleeved life. Next week, I start my 6 week CrossFit training. I've been walking/running for the last year. Now, it is time to step it up. For me, exercise will always be apart of my life! Good health for me equals being physically and mental strong! Plus, no more sugar !
  7. LadyFLrebotTX

    Never Giving Up (year 3)

    Hi Maja and All my friends I am just checking in. My life and health continue to improve. At age 48 I am in better physical and metal health than ever. My marriage is heathier. The weight was a shield. I still battle with clothes. When I go shopping it feels like people are looking at me thinking "she must be shopping for someone else." I wear a size 10 or 8. I exercise almost daily. It is important to my lifestyle. Being sleeved was a great thing. It is not the only thing that has improved my life. I have chosen to live at a level that puts my health first. I forgiven my own mistakes. I forgiven those who have hurt me. I no longer just exist. I really enjoy my life.
  8. LadyFLrebotTX

    Learning Still

    Thanks "Bellamoma." Like most people here, I just want to be my healthiest and happiest self. I can not microwave process. I really wish that it was possible. At least, I am to letting go of guilt.
  9. LadyFLrebotTX

    Learning Still

    Thanks you all! I am continuing to grow in my faith. My husband and I are closer than ever. I have forgiven myself for blaming myself. I am walking around the mall and feeling blessed.
  10. LadyFLrebotTX

    Back in the Gym

    "Burgundyboy" haha about the ghost weight. I am loving my new lifestyle. I get to workout with the coolest people from around the world while traveling. Congrats to you too! This indeed is a great time in our lives!! Safe travels
  11. LadyFLrebotTX

    Back in the Gym

    I am now training for my first 5K. I never liked running even as a child. However, something in my body is pushing me to run. Wow
  12. LadyFLrebotTX

    I’m half the man I used to be!

    Great job Tom! You got it done!
  13. LadyFLrebotTX

    Back in the Gym

    What is also working for me? "Slowing down while eating." I am using my fitbit, putting my fork down after each bite and stopping after the first sign of being full "usually after 3 bites." I am dedicated to walking and workout. I am not the perfect sleeved person. However, I am working forward each day. My sleeve still works. I just needed my head to realize this fact. I lost 6 pounds over the last few weeks! The scale is still my friend.
  14. LadyFLrebotTX

    Back in the Gym

    Being in the gym is helping my physical and mental health. After 3 years, I finally looked at my saggy skin. It is just a reminder that I have dropped a little person off my body. I am basically a "deflated balloon." This is a journey that will continue for the rest of my life. There is not a set end point when I can say "I got this" it will always be "I am living this" with goal/achievements along the way. This is my sleeved life!
  15. LadyFLrebotTX

    Back in the Saddle

    Great job Liz! Keep going forward on this journey of weight loss and improved health.