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  1. It’s been 18 weeks since I was sleeved. starting weight: 345 surgery weight: 322 today: 227 i changed my goal weight to 190 because I think I can get there. still doing 30min on the elliptical 6 days per week and getting lots of water. my biggest piece of advice is water first, then exercise, then food. hope everyone is well and has a great holiday.
  2. 12-week follow up

    Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate the support. in my last post (6-week update) I mentioned that I wanted to be able to fit into some suits that I was wearing when I married my wife by this Friday. You see, it's our 10-year wedding anniversary and we are going to a nice dinner and having an evening without the two children. well I have some sad and happy news to report, I don't fit into the suit like I had hoped, that's the sad. The good is that when trying my suit on last night it became clear that it is about 2 sizes too big! After work I'm off to the Men's shop to get a suit jacket that I can wear Friday. Happy Halloween all and stay strong against the urge to steal from the candy bowl!
  3. Saw my Surgeon today for my 12-week follow up. Results were great. I've been doing cardio at 0530 every morning (elliptical), eating mostly protein and non-starch veggies, and drinking 96oz (or more) of water a day. Starting weight: 345 Surgery weight: 322 6-week post op: 278 12-week post op: 252 7 more pounds and I will be at 100 since starting this journey. It is hard at times, but oh so worth where it leads you to.
  4. Just a thought, I subscribe to the thought that working out on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is more likely to burn stored calories. There is a thing called intermittent fasting. I don't personally fast that long, but I do have dinner around 5pm and then my next meal will be at 9am the next day. I work out at 5:30am before going to work. I drink 1000ml of water before breakfast. A change in your workout habit might be what is needed. Wish I had more, hope you figure it out.
  5. 6 week post op appt

    My 10-year wedding anniversary is Nov 3. I need to lose another 40 pounds to fit into the suit I was wearing when I met my wife. I'm exercising 6 days per week and getting lots and lots of fluid and walking. I'm trying real hard, but it will happen when it happens. I'll definitely post a before an after on Valentine's!
  6. My six week post op appt was Monday. I have been working full time and nursing school started 4 weeks ago (my very last semester!!) so I was worried that stress had made me stall. I'm drinking around 80-90oz of hydrating fluid per day and have eliminated any caffeine from my diet (I do miss my morning coffee.) My weight loss so far has been 44 pounds since surgery! That's a little more that a pound per day. My WLS and Nut were very happy. They weren't expecting this type of loss until month 3. I also started doing 30 min of moderate elliptical cardio each morning this week. They think a realistic goal if adding in this type of exercise would be goal weight by Valentine's Day. Im reenergized by the news and my energy is at an all time high since surgery. hope everyone is doing well.
  7. Two week doctor visit

    Didn't even think of that! Thanks!
  8. Two week doctor visit

    I already saw you guys taking about it and I have all the ingredients already in my house. I plan on doing it tomorrow.
  9. Thanks for asking @kayak19. I have been working from home the last week and the two days this week. Tomorrow I physically go back to the office. My energy is better now that I'm ingesting food, although super small amounts. I also start my vitamins and supplements tomorrow. I was also cleared to start my elliptical machine for 30min/day. The results of my doctors appointment today showed that I had lost 31 pounds since surgery (two weeks ago). Getting that news helped energize my afternoon.
  10. My WLS was extremely happy today. HW: 345 SW: 322 CW: 291 im cleared for using my elliptical and soft foods. Ready to get the rest of this off.
  11. Sudden nausea

    Called doctor, he wasn't concerned. Said that was part of it. I did go in for a CBC and CMP (blood count and electrolytes) because I was getting some orthostatic hypotension. Results pendinh but he didn't think I had a problem. Soft foods tomorrow, looking forward to it.
  12. Sudden nausea

    I have my two week follow up on Tuesday, was trying to make it until then. I'm still able to drink water.
  13. I'm 13 days post op, been doing ok except for protein intake, my surgeon has no requirement for it during this 2 week period. My problem is all of a sudden I've had two days of unexplained nausea. I don't have reflux. Yesterday and today I can't even sip Powerade Zero without wanting to spit it out, even at a 50-50 mix. It's also been accompanied by a slight headache for the last 3 days. I know I'm not dehydrated as I've been getting 96oz per day and urine is clear. anyone have this? Is it stomach acid? any advice
  14. One week update

    Thanks for the recommendations. I purchased a sampler pack of the nectar protein and a tub of the isopure unflavored. I'll be taking them with me as a backup. I have a fridge in my office so the first day back I will be packing it with Greek yogurt!
  15. One week update

    I talked to my employer, who was expecting a 4 week absence, and they were more than happy to let me work from home for a while. I actually go back in the office Tuesday Aug 22, which will be my second day of soft foods (string cheese, Greek yogurt, scrambled egg, tuna with condiments.) My plan is to find what my body tolerates on Monday and then only eat those while at work so that I don't have any issues at work.