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  1. Hello Oregon/Washington Ladies I know this thread is a bit dated - but I too, live in the Portland area (Tigard). I just had my sleeve on August 2nd - I am now on day 8 and doing great! I'm still on stage 2 food (mainly just water, premier protein and sugar free pudding). How has the time since your sleeve been? Always happy to read/hear about the journey and success stories!
  2. Today is my one week mark and I have lost 2lbs! Not too bad considering that the day after surgery when I weighed in at the hospital I was retaining 13lbs of water (that was a shock to see on the scale LOL). They were pumping me full of fluids trying to get me to pee (it took me 2 days to pee on my own...). I am excited to see what next week's weight loss will look like now that I have got most of the water out of me
  3. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! I am feeling a ton better today - the best day so far!
  4. Yes! That has been my mantra Doing ok - but had a rough night. I tried to eat come sugar free vanilla pudding yesterday evening and it totally felt like it pressurized my tummy. And I had only eaten about a tea spoon over the time span of about 5 minutes. Ended up getting up at 2:30 am to do lots of walking, etc. Feeling better now - I won't be doing that again anytime soon!
  5. Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better! I will also try that broth/bouillon
  6. Thanks - that makes me feel much better! I am on full liquid the first two weeks as well (60 protein & 64 fluid) - but like you said, they count as the same thing. I will try not to stress out too much - I just want to make sure I am doing everything I can to ensure my success. Thanks for the tip about warm liquids - I will try the chicken broth. I think the main thing that is feeling weird is the constant fullness in my tummy, just from sipping. My mind is trying to tell me to wait until I feel emptiness or hunger to start sipping again, but that time doesn't come - so I just need to trust that I am not over filling my tummy. I wonder how fast fluid flows through the tummy...? I have been worried about drinking to often, etc....
  7. Hello Gretta Thanks for the tips - I appreciate it! I am also having a hard time gauging how much I should be eating/drinking per hour to hit the required amount of water/protein for the day. At days 4 -12 where you able to hit the required amounts? I am finding that I am just not feeling hungry and nothing really sounds good to eat, but I am forcing myself to drink a little protein (Isopure and Premier Protein), in between the time I am drinking water - but I am no where close to the required amounts. Thanks again for the tips, everyone!
  8. Hello!! I am actually right near you - I'm in Tigard
  9. Thank you! And thank you for the suggestion! I will have to check out the tea - I think I might have some chamomile - do you think that would help?
  10. Hello Everyone! This is my first post here - I have really appreciated reading everyone's experiences so far, it has made my current struggle a little easier to handle. I am VSG post-op day 4. For days 1 and 2 I was in the hospital and felt pretty good. Day 3 and 4 at home have been pretty miserable - because for some reason that is when I finally started to feel gas, bloating and massive headache (feeling miserable!). I am doing a lot of walking, using gas-x and trying to drink as much water as I can handle. I have tapered off using the pain meds and had sent my husband to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up some liquid Tylenol and the pharmacist gave him the Tylenol Cold liquid (they didn't have just regular Tylenol liquid) and told him it would work for me in my situation - I am hesitant to take it, since it has the cold medicine in it as well (any one else experience this?). It is a comfort to know that this phase will pass - I just need to be patient!