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  1. I want to be able to wear dresses and no more baggy clothes in public And a nice, cute, well-fitting bra...and a leather jacket....
  2. I'm a nursing assistant and full time student studying to get my AA in Health Information Technology. I've been an NA for 2 years and already am totally burnt out. However, because of the patients I've helped take care of these last 2 years, it's given me the push I needed to make this WLS happen!! So many health problems that are directly related to obesity. I don't want it to be me!!!
  3. I meet the surgeon at the end of this month, so not sure what tests he'll require. I've actually had an endoscopy done in the last 12 months so all I have to do is send the surgeon the report. One thing my PCP did say, is that since I had my common bile duct severed and repaired to another spot on my intestines, I will have to get a special CT or MRI done to find the exact location b/c the surgeon will want to know where it is exactly. I do not have issues with sleep apnea but I'm not sure if that's a standard test or not. I do have asthma, however, but just had a lung test in June and my lungs are good. Surprisingly, or not lol, my asthma is a result of my GERD. My GERD is the reason why I'm choosing the RNY not the VSG (if surgeon agrees). As far as these naysayers....I'm just not going to tell people what I'm doing. But sometimes, I can't help myself lol so I'm gonna work on that. I forgot about the not eating/drinking at the same time!!! So I will definitely be working on that too. And I just have to say again, the amount of love and support in this group is phenomenal!!
  4. Wow!! The happiness on your face!! Great job!!!!
  5. Hi all! I just felt like posting an update.... I'm almost on month 4 of my 6 month preop bullsh.....I mean, medically supervised diet . Lost a couple pounds last month, found them again this month. Luckily, weight 'loss' isn't a requirement in this 6 month period of nerve-racking, hair pulling, temper tantrum fun-filled stage of my WL journey....sigh. I have taken some of the advice I was practice chewing slowly and completely (which I totally suck at right now). I'm actually using MyFitnessPal to track the 1600 cal diet my PCP suggested for me. Some days I have trouble reaching that and other days I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over!!! I went through a short time, when I felt the Hubs was not being supportive of my surgery decision, and I was gonna bag the whole thing because "how selfish am I to upend everyone's life by having this major surgery and how it will affect our finances? how can I be so selfish when this surgery will put focus on me for a few months, while I adjust?" Yes....that is what I went through last month. Then I got the Hubs....and we had a long, soul bearing talk. I've been married for 10 yrs, I've opened up to my husband more than to any other individual on this planet....but it was hard for me to share with him my deep, dark 'fat' know the ones....where you are the largest person in a crowded room but people look right through you, as if you're invisible.....where people snicker because of your weight.....where you really have no self control in certain stressful situations and that before you know it ALL of that Cherry Garcia is in your belly before you even realize you took it outta the freezer. I told him that I wasn't going into this WLS decision lightly. And I'm sorry, but a big 'eff you' to those people that think this is the easy way out!!! It is so not!!! (I know not from first hand experience...yet...just from your posts and research I've done) Okay....sorry about that little rant...The Hubs had no idea I felt this way. He assured me he was always supportive, just a little scared because this is a major surgery and with what we endured with my gallbladder debacle, his fears are warranted. So anyway....I'm back focused....I'm back in school full time and just cut back to working 24 hrs/wk. If all goes well, I will plan to do the surgery in May when my spring semester is over. If I lose some more weight during this time, great! But I'm still getting the surgery....I know me....I want off this lose/gain roller coaster once and for all and WLS WILL work for me!!! I know it! I also realized that it's more selfish of me to NOT do this.... and more eff those people who say "Oh no! Don't get that surgery...I know someone who died from sister's husband's mother's uncle's newspaper delivery boy's mother....ya know?!!!!! Much love to y'all!!
  6. I'm a Nursing Assistant and am in the process of getting my Associates in Health Information Technology.
  7. Yay!!! Great news that you are back home!!!
  8. valslosinit


    I have to admit....I'm jealous of all of you guys/gals on the loser's bench. I'm in month 2 of my 6 month medically supervised diet, or whatever. I LONG for the day I'm post op. I try and tell myself that I've waited this long, what's another 5 months? It's a long freekin' time is what it is!!! I don't know any of you, but I'm HAPPY for you and all of your successes and your bravery and your advice/tips/suggestions. I feel like I'm the freshman nerd, just starting my high school career, longing to sit at the lunch table with all the cool seniors!!! This is crazy!!! I've never been the one who sits patiently by, waiting for....anything!! Probably why I give up shortly after I start the diet fad of the week. I know it's a process. I know I must 'do what I'm told' by the insurance get to where you guys are. I love reading your posts...and I swear to you, I am GENUINELY happy for each and every one of you. I've learned more in the couple of weeks since I found this site, then in the months I spent researching WLS all across the interwebs lol. You guys are are inspiring with all your trials and tribulations. I will do this 6 month requirement (this stage in the process is equivalent of having to take a course in Obscure English Literature from 1782 to get a degree in Nursing lol....WASTE OF TIME.....imo) because dem's da rulez. I'm actually learning, just one month in, that I have a LOT of habits to start (i.e., smaller bites, chew chew chew, eat slowly, etc.) so it's probably a good thing I have 4 more months to learn some good behavior in preparation for this life changing event I pray will happen at the beginning of 2018. I'm so ready!! So thanks...from the rookie on the sidelines....second string bench...waiting for a chance to be in the game!! Have I said how glad I am to have found TTF and all y'all?!!
  9. you look fantastic and yes, you are an inspiration!! Cheers to you!!
  10. sending some prayers up for you. Please know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.
  11. Welcome!! I, too, have just started 6mo med supervision. What's working for me right now is tracking my calories in myfitnesspal app. I've lost 3lbs since July 31. All my doc wanted me to do this first month was to get used to tracking what I eat. That keeps me in check lol....that and the fact of how badly I want this surgery. Good luck to you in your new journey!!
  12. Thoughts and prayers are with ya!! I'm excited for you!!
  13. The original post is so spot on. I was going to have WLS in my 20s and told a million people and was talked out of it. This time....I've told 3 people in my life. My husband, my oldest son, and my best friend. She was not supportive at all. I realized that when we are in relationships with people, we all have a role.....I am 'the fat one'. I'm changing that. My new role will be 'the healthy one' or 'the brave one who took her life back'. My husband is behind me 100% and, honestly, besides my own thoughts on this, his opinion is the one that matters to me the most. So I'm I don't have diabetes....yet. I do have hypertension and triglycerides are ridiculously high. I work in a hospital...I see what diabetes and morbid obesity does to people. That will not be me!! Does part of me want this surgery to look good, sure! But it's a small part...I don't want to die from being fat and all that comes with it. Kudos to ALL of you guys/gals who were so brave to go on this journey. You have given me comfort in knowing that others had fears/doubts but forged ahead. I'm glad (kinda) that I didn't have the WLS in my 20s...I wasn't ready....but I am now!! Fast forward through these 6 months and to a healthier life!!!!
  14. Your blog hit so close to home for me. Keep on keepin' on! You've come a long way already!! look spectacular!!
  15. My 'rude' story also involves a pregnancy. I was 40, weighed 312 and had a surprise pregnancy. We had just moved to a new state and the only ob in our town was a female (which I generally do not prefer) and my first visit she flat out said "I will be very surprised if you carry this baby to term because you are so fat. I'm not sure if we're going to be able to see the baby on the ultrasound because of how big your stomach already is". I wanted to cry. That was the first and last time I saw her. I wound up driving 45 minutes to another OB, told him the story of her and he was shocked and reassured me that there would be no reason why I couldn't carry to full term. He even told me he didn't want me to lose weight during the pregnancy. However, the female doc's words stuck in my head the whole pregnancy and I basically ate like a bird. i gained zero pounds that pregnancy AND every ultrasound I had you could see the baby. This topic is bringing up some anger. The way people treat overweight people disgusts me. I'm a nursing assistant at a hospital and one night, while working in the ICU, we had an intubated patient on a ventilator under sedation. She was extremely overweight. It took 5 of us to help turn her and bathe her. The nurses..these medical PROFESSIONALS....(all super skinny and young) were saying the most awful things "how in the hell do you get this fat" "this is so disgusting" "she needs to get her isht together when she gets outta here" I could not hold back my tears and shock at what they were saying. I wound up reporting them to my boss but the damage was already done. I wish I was brave enough to say something at that moment to those nurses directly. I wanted to say 'do you think that people WANT to be this big?" Now, when I work with these RNs, I can't keep the contempt off my face....and I'm sure they say stuff about me (259 lbs) but I don't care.