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  1. My Surgery Date!

    @AustinJ Thank you so much! Yes, we will be on the flip side together real soon!!
  2. Cardamom77's Surgery Date

    Congratulations on your surgery date!!
  3. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    Congratulations on your surgery date!!
  4. VSG surgery date


    Congratulations on your surgery date!!
  5. CJ's Surgery Day!!!!

    Congratulations on your surgery date!
  6. My Surgery Date!

    Well, my surgery date is finally here. These last 10 months have been the most challenging, the most rewarding and certainly the most life changing! See you on the losers bench!!
  7. Surgery on Wednesday 10/25, very nervous!

    @JujusevenThank you so much. Hope you are healing and recovering nicely. Hang in there !
  8. Surgery on Wednesday 10/25, very nervous!

    @JujusevenI guess I'm a bit late, surgery is over...but I'm I am so happy for you, good job! - YOU DID IT!! I completely understand how you must have felt before surgery, as I am feeling the same way right now (mine 10/31), but the hard part is over, and you are on your way to a healthier you!! Happy Re-Birthday!!!!!
  9. Before after

    WOW! You look amazing - great job!
  10. Surgery set for November 21

    Welcome @Cardamom77! Congratulations on your decision to have WLS!
  11. Pre-op diet just one week?

    I have read comments where other folks also had to go on a 2 week liquid diet before their surgery date. I will start my liquid diet 2 days prior to surgery (10/31). My surgeon required me to lose 12 pounds before surgery to shrink my liver. I'be been told, after the 3rd day it gets easier to tolerate, but everybody is different.
  12. Hello, I'd like to Introduce Myself

    Hi everyone! Thank you so much for welcoming me to the forum and for all the well wishes! I couldn't feel more encouraged as I do right now in this moment! I had felt so isolated in this process for so long. I have been reluctant to share my decision to have WLS with certain family members, friends and co-workers. As you can probably imagine, I am thrilled to be able to open up, and be a part of this amazing community. What a blessing it is to feel understood and validated.
  13. Approved for surgery

    Congratulations on your approval for surgery! My hospital requires completion of a 6 month monitored, comprehensive educational program and we must adhere to a 1200 calorie diet prior to surgery, which has been absolutely fantastic. We are required to do a two-day liquid diet before surgery.
  14. Hello, I'd like to Introduce Myself

    Thank you so very much! I really appreciate the support - I'm a little frightened of surgery, but the outcome certainly outweighs the fear.
  15. Hello, I'd like to Introduce Myself

    Thank you so much and congratulations to you on your surgery and successful weight loss!