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  1. What are you eating today?

    This sounds WAY better than my normal "chuck a couple chicken breasts into the slow cooker with a few spices" method of making chicken tacos. Mind sharing your specifics so I can replicate? My plan for the next few days: Breakfast: Smoothie w/ blueberries, raspberries, banana, spinach, Fairlife milk; smokehouse almonds, 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese Lunch: Copycat of Whole Foods Roman tuna salad (olives, artichoke hearts, red bell pepper, tuna) w/ arugula Dinner: 2 oz. Italian marinated grilled chicken breast, a serving of broccoli cheddar soup (I use the Smitten Kitchen recipe, but use 2% Fairlife instead of the half-and-half; and in my world, the recipe serves 12) Snacks: 1 oz smoked turkey, 1 laughing cow cheese, 2 T hummus w/ cucumber and grape tomatoes; 1 sugar free York peppermint patty OR sugar free Reese's mini cup 895 calories; 53 carbs total (41 net); 39 g fat; 79 g protein
  2. Hello, my friends.....

    I was beginning to worry about you, @CheeringCJ! I peeked at your profile and saw you had logged in recently, so I figured you were just busy with life, which it seems you were! Great news about your husband's job and his improved health. That has to be such a relief! I hear you on the clothes. I've had a couple clothes funerals now, and sent 2 IKEA bags full of things off to consignment. It feels good, but also strange, to me. Random aside: sometimes I hold a new pair of my pants and they feel like they are just not mine. Like, these are someone else's pants. Someone smaller than me. It's a mind trip. Stalls can suck it, friend. Here's hoping it breaks soon.
  3. I need a stern talking to!

    I want to second what literally everyone else has said, and shout "me too!" to @tracyringo and @Gretta: I didn't get any comments from anyone who didn't know I was having surgery until I came back from my month off of work, and that was at 75 pounds down. Sheesh. There are still people I work with closely who have never said a word, even though I know for sure they can tell. I've lost nearly 120 pounds, for crying out loud. Most people will be exceedingly polite and never say anything. Others will point it out every time they see you, and that may be worse. Ideally, there would be something in between radio silence and the shouts of "you're lookin' good, girl!" from across the room, but these seem to be the two options from my experience. I'm sure the time will come when you, too, wish people would stop noticing. The only thing you can control in this situation is what you put in your mouth - what your body decides to do with that is up to it. Have faith, follow your plan, move your body around more than you were moving it before, get your fluids and your protein in, and RELAX. You've got this.
  4. "Smoothie"

    Yep, the fruit is probably what's causing the high carb counts. Just choose your fruit wisely - ones that have relatively low sugar counts. Berries are a good choice, usually. I wouldn't go crazy on eating fruit all day, but some carbs from fruit in your smoothie won't hurt you. Plus the antioxidant benefits as already mentioned. I have a smoothie every morning with a quarter cup of blueberries (I prefer fresh for a little extra tartness, but frozen work fine), about a quarter of a banana, a handful of fresh spinach, and 6 ounces of Fairlife milk. I sweeten it with either SF vanilla Torani or some stevia sweetener packets. I don't use a protein drink or protein powder, but that would certainly work in place of the Fairlife. I actually freeze my ingredients in little tupperware containers (the fruit and the spinach) so I can dump into the blender, add milk, and go. The frozen fruit and spinach gives it a frozen enough texture that I don't need to add ice; I find adding ice requires me to blend so much longer, and then I get the bubbly gel Burgundy Boy mentions. No good. I've made peanut butter and banana smoothies before, and those are lower on carbs if you keep the banana to just a couple slices. Banana is strong enough that you can still taste it. PB2 is great for this, but any peanut butter will work. If you used chocolate protein powder, or added some cocoa, that would be delicious too.
  5. Busy times

    D'awwwwwwwwww. I want to squish them!
  6. Sad news

    I'm so sorry, @NerdyToothpick. Take care of yourself.
  7. Upper Arm Shapewear, anyone?

    I saw those Spanx, @Cardamom77 - curious idea, although I wonder how much compression there is? Only one way to find out, I suppose. Thanks for the idea about the tights! That would never have occurred to me. And thanks, @Nana Trish, that makes me feel better. I know I'm being vain and I should be happy for that arm flab, it's a badge of honor, right? But I would really like them to go away. Ha. Fingers crossed I have the same experience you've had.
  8. Upper Arm Shapewear, anyone?

    Have you tried it? Do you have brands/styles to recommend (or not recommend, as the case may be?) My bat wings are driving me batty. (Ha!) I've become a little self-conscious about how much bigger I appear, just because of the extra flubber on my arms. Oh, vanity. I searched the forum and only found one post, and no real recommendations. I'm looking for fashion-y under-your-clothes types, as well as something for workouts; the feeling of my extra skin and fat swinging around when I raise my arms is not my favorite.
  9. 7 months post op today

    Thanks, Tracy! What a fun ride, eh?
  10. 7 months post op today

    Wow, you'll be in onederland before you know it! Congrats.
  11. What are you eating today?

    Breakfast: Smoothie with 1/4 cup fresh blueberries, 3 slices banana, 1 oz. spinach, and 6 oz. Fairlife milk, plus some artificial sweetener Lunch: 2 oz. hickory smoked turkey, 1 wedge Laughing Cow spicy pepper jack (addicted to this stuff), a baked zucchini fritter w/ feta and dill, dollop of greek yogurt Dinner: Chicken "fajita" - 1/4 of a red bell pepper (roasted), 2 oz. shredded chicken, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, 2 T. guacamole Snacks: 4 oz. low fat cottage cheese, about 12 smokehouse almonds, 1/2 an Oh Yeah One bar 794 calories; 80 g protein; 30 g fat; 40 g net carbs (subtracting fiber only, and not sugar alcohols)
  12. Girl, you and I are having the same pattern of stall/weight loss around monthly cycles, and I *feel your pain*. I only lost 1 pound a week for the first two weeks of this month, and was about ready to start smashing things with a baseball bat. I'm glad your stall finally broke! Nine pounds down when you're only just above 200 is GREAT. Some perspective: I was only losing 10-11 pounds a month pre-op when I was in the high 300s. So yeah, 9 pounds: still amazing loss. My arms are also the bane of my existence, and I feel like they make me look bigger than I am. This is not a thing I would have said out loud in my previous life, so that's weird. (Who cares if I look bigger? And yet... ) I hear you on plastics becoming more and more a consideration. So happy to hear about all your activity and movement triumphs! Yay for taking the stairs like a normal person again!
  13. Talk to me about Body Pump

    This is a hard thing for me to accept, but I will have to take your word for it. I think I need to cast a wider net looking for classes -- the evening options at my community fitness center are heavy on Zumba and Body Pump, and we know how I feel about the former! Ha. I'm glad you also hate Zumba! I was thinking something was wrong with me, as it seems universally beloved. I might want to try my hand at kickboxing again. I tried it last summer with 100 more pounds on my frame and couldn't bring myself to go back. It was too hard.
  14. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Ditto. So much envy. You look so lovely @KMFL28! The shape of that dress is really flattering on you. (I hate the word 'flattering' but can't come up with anything better. Main point: you look amazing. )
  15. Talk to me about Body Pump

    While I have this fitness class topic going, can I get your insights on some other classes, @Gretta? (Or anyone else who wants to join in?) Zumba: I have done it twice now, once with the toning sticks, once without. And I kind of don't get it. It's so fast paced and the movements are so ambiguous that by the time I've figured out what one step is, we've moved on to the next. I look around the room, and it's like two or three people who seem to know it as well as the instructors and a lot of others like me who are fumbling around. Is there a trick to this being fun that I don't know about? Because I don't feel like I'm getting much of a workout when I'm constantly trying to figure out what the heck I'm supposed to be doing. There's also no emphasis on doing any moves correctly, which screams 'injury waiting to happen'. Just me? Am I being a killjoy? Tabata: the class description says that all fitness levels are welcome, but the internet says this is way hard and you need to be relatively fit to try this. I know better than to believe things I read on the internet, but I'm curious if anyone has any opinions.