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  1. kristinwitha_k

    How long for incision pain to go away?

    I had a sleeve, but perhaps my experience is still relevant? Took me a week to get off regular painkillers, but probably another week before I didn't have any twinging at all from my big incision point. (With the sleeve they remove your stomach, so there is one incision that's larger and takes longer to stop hurting, I believe.)
  2. kristinwitha_k

    Rewiring of brain

    I was just attempting to talk to a non-WLS friend about this phenomenon the other day, and of course she just didn't. get. it. I'm having to feed my mom and my aunt this week when they come into town (we're all going to Italy together this weekend), and I have been really struggling to figure out how much food to make for them. How much food is the right amount of food for a person with a normal stomach anyway? I'm really struggling to figure it out. If I make too much we can just freeze the rest, but what if I make too little? That's my worry. I also see commercials for chain restaurants on TV and I look at the plates of food and think to myself "OH MY GOD a person cannot possibly eat that much!" But of course, they can (whether they should or not is another question), and I used to eat that much myself. If not more.
  3. kristinwitha_k

    An update.....and my new job

    You do have to unhook it to use the bathroom but I don't find it even remotely difficult to do, and I've still got plenty of pounds on you. Ha. I think you would be just fine. The edges are all non-elastic which is why no bulging. I wear it allll the time.
  4. kristinwitha_k


    Oh gosh, and this Dear Sugar piece: (I have a thing for advice blogs, if you can't tell.)
  5. kristinwitha_k


    I agree with @cinwa -- you are only 21. Definitely do not rush into having a baby or getting married if you're not sure right now it's what you want. I don't think that makes you a jerk, nor do I think that means you automatically need to break up with your significant other, either. But I do think it's time for a serious talk with your partner about where you are emotionally, and also some therapy, if you can afford it or have coverage for it. I also HIGHLY (HIGHLY HIGHLY) recommend Captain Awkward. She probably hasn't answered your exact question before, but there is a lot of good stuff there for you, particularly in the 'breaking up' and 'relationships' tags.
  6. kristinwitha_k

    Post op 9 days SICK of shakes

    Fairlife milk. A cup has 80 calories and 13 grams of protein.
  7. kristinwitha_k

    Brave, brave article by Roxane Gay on WLS

  8. kristinwitha_k

    An update.....and my new job

    I'm so glad to hear how happy you are at your new job, CJ. I remember you talking about your old one around our surgery time, and you sounded like you felt really unappreciated there. Such a great development. I bought this piece of shapewear and I LOVE it. No bulging anywhere.
  9. kristinwitha_k

    How could I NOT buy this shirt?!?!?

    Clearly kismet.
  10. kristinwitha_k

    100 lbs down !!

    Congrats, Tracy!! That is a huge milestone. So happy for you.
  11. kristinwitha_k

    Brave, brave article by Roxane Gay on WLS

    I would triple-like this comment if I could.
  12. kristinwitha_k

    Brave, brave article by Roxane Gay on WLS

    My feathers are definitely not ruffled @AustinJ, but I do think it's important to acknowledge that not everyone can just "try harder" to not suffer the ill effects of depression, whether related to food and weight loss or not. Positive thinking isn't a replacement for therapy and/or mental health care.
  13. kristinwitha_k

    Brave, brave article by Roxane Gay on WLS

    This point reminds me of Kate Harding's piece "The Fantasy of Being Thin" that has been really meaningful to me over the years. There are really solid reasons to have weight loss surgery: regaining health and mobility are the big two. But being thin doesn't magically solve all of your problems, and not grappling with how you feel about yourself before you lose weight is a recipe for disaster, imho.
  14. kristinwitha_k

    Bread Cheese

    I'll for sure let you know! It looks like 100 calories per ounce, with 6 g of protein. So about standard for regular cheese.
  15. kristinwitha_k

    Bread Cheese

    I might have good luck at Mariano's or Whole Foods, since their cheese selection is pretty good and sometimes fairly local. Fingers crossed! Last resort I will have to order some directly. This is right up my alley. So glad you posted about it!