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  1. Protein Question

    My dietitian recommended these, from Amazon: (1Shot protein drinks, 24g protein, 96 calories) There's also a berry flavor, although I only tried the tropical. They're definitely strongly flavored and not my favorite thing to choke down, but for a lot of protein in a small amount of liquid, can't be beat.
  2. Travel Tips?

    Thanks!! Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, and I love sharing my photos with other people. (As I also love seeing others photos!) I will definitely come back and share my pics from Italy, once I weed them down to some favorites. (I took something like 1300 photos in Japan over 2 weeks. I just can't help myself.) I got a new camera for this trip, too, with a huge increase in megapixels, so I'm so excited to get out there and take some cool shots. Yes, I think that all I need to ask of myself is to be intentional about the choices I'm making. A couple bites of someone's gelato is NOT, in fact, going to kill me, as long as I remain in control. I'm feeling good about things at the moment.
  3. Yes, I'm THAT teacher....

    Sounds like so much fun!
  4. Happy!

    @Nana Trish, you are such an inspiration to me. My high weight and surgery weight are higher than yours, but seeing someone whose surgery weight was in the 300s hit goal in only 9 months gives me such hope I want to cry. Maybe I can end up at goal when the year is out, too. Congratulations, so excited for you!!
  5. Travel Tips?

    Thanks for your thoughts @Stephtay and @CheeringCJ, definitely some food for thought. I think there was part of me that was hoping I could do both. Have a taste of things here and there and properly enjoy Italy, and manage to lose a couple pounds still while I was at it, but it's probably better for my emotional well-being if I don't expect it, eh? I also have been struggling with where it's appropriate to draw the line between a true "special occasion" and making excuses to eat things I shouldn't. I agree that a big trip to Italy falls under the special occasion category, but I need to process my feelings about that slippery slope I'm worried I will find myself on. I definitely don't have the capacity to seriously overeat (obviously), but I'm also worried about feeling a strong desire to have more and being unable to. Like having one bite of gelato will just make me sad I can't have more. Lots of thinking to do on this. Yay for therapy. Good point about setting expectations for eating out, @NerdyToothpick - I generally am pretty good about just going with the flow, but WLS has made me a bit more uptight about finding food options. (As this entire post will attest!! Ha.) We are trekking all over, here's the general itinerary: 6 nights in Rome, 4 nights in Sorrento (also visiting Pompeii, Capri, and a tour of the Amalfi coast), 3 nights in Venice, 3 nights in Florence, 5 nights at an agriturismo outside Monteriggioni (we're renting a car to see Siena, San Gimignano, small towns in Chianti and the Val d'Orcia, and a trek down to Assisi), 1 more night back in Rome before we fly out. There are so many amazing places we're not going to get to, but even with three weeks, I had to apply some limits. And yes, I do love grocery stores away from home! My last BIG trip was to Japan a few years back, and food markets and grocery stores are some of my favorite pics. I'm going to subject you all to a few of them:
  6. Travel Tips?

    Interesting... why?
  7. Travel Tips?

    Yes, what is with carb-laden breakfasts!!? Even BEFORE I decided to have WLS, I had to have protein for breakfast or I'd be ready to gnaw my own face off by lunch. Hadn't thought about tuna, that's a good one. Particularly if I can buy it there if I need something. @BurgundyBoy and @Cheesehead - I hadn't even thought about the airline meal yet! Blech. I'm going to go investigate meal options right now. If all else fails, a protein bar and a couple snacks should get me through. And yes, I think I'll do pretty well with tagliere/antipasti platters and the occasional caprese salad. Luckily I'm traveling with two others, so we can order a variety of things to share. Good reminder on the sugar substitute - I'm a Mio drops user, will need to take a couple with me. And yes, @Stephtay, I have definitely been picking restaurants based on both good reviews and availability of things I can reasonably eat! Thank goodness we live in the era of the internet. We're going to be traveling around so much I'm worried about carrying anything heavy like liquid protein shakes with me, but good call on the moon cheese. Those cheese "crackers" are really lightweight. Also was looking at roasted edamame - there were some 100 calorie snack packs on Amazon with 10 grams of protein each. Not bad. Thanks all for weighing in!
  8. Travel Tips?

    Ha, well clearly you just need to shrink down small enough by May 5th that you fit into my bag! You're well on your way, so I'm sure it's possible. I'm taking my mom and my aunt for their retirement trip. Not paying for them of course, I am not made of money, but planning it and functioning as travel coordinator for all things. It's going to be so fun. I thought about protein bars but was worried they might be heavy - I'd need, like, 20 of them. Heh. I might have to go poke around and see how much that would actually weigh. It would be a simple solution. Yes, I would definitely prefer not to have to resort to any non-food protein supplement if I can. And yes, cheese! Of course, cheese. There will indeed be plenty of it in Italy! Nuts would be a relatively light option, I'll have to think about that one. Thanks!
  9. Pre surgery nervousness

    The university I work for just released (as in a month ago) a research study that shows that bariatric surgery prolongs patient lifespans: Surgery is always scary, and you could certainly be one of those people who has complications, but statistically speaking, you are better off having the surgery.
  10. Travel Tips?

    I'm headed to Italy for THREE WEEKS in early May, so I have just over two months to figure out my food plan. I will hit my six month surgiversary while I'm there. I'm already scheduled to talk to my nutritionist about this in early April at my next visit, but you guys are on the ground with me, and will probably be just as much help if not more. So... I'm feeling a little stressed about what to pack in terms of protein snacks for supplementation. I don't necessarily feel stressed about what to order in restaurants, although any tips for that would be welcome as well, but I find that I get half my protein each day from 1-2 snacks and my Fairlife milk, so what on earth am I going to do to replace that? Some of my thoughts: First, protein powder is, if not out entirely, down for the count for me. I still can't seem to enjoy it. Maybe I could choke it down for 3 weeks? I dunno. Last resort. Maybe the Liquacel 1-ounce individual packets? Maybe individual serving packets of beef jerky? Any other ideas/suggestions/tips? What have you done when you traveled? Anyone been to Italy who can tell me what I can buy there for snacks that would be appropriate? I've been other places in Europe (and technically was in Venice for a day back in high school) but I for SURE wasn't paying attention to high protein snack options at the time. Again, I feel good about meals, it's the snacks/protein supplement that's giving me some fits. I'm also taking a backpack only, so not excited about lugging around anything heavy.
  11. Carbs ?

    My program was explicitly clear that I should be trying to get 64 ounces of clear fluids (so not including protein shakes) as soon as I could manage it. But naturally that's really difficult in the first couple weeks.
  12. COLD !!!!!

    Yep, it's a fun little side-effect, isn't it? ::sarcasm:: My fingers and nose are always cold, even when the rest of me feels warm, and it leads to my nose running a lot. Sympathy!
  13. Devastated

  14. What will it feel like when I wake up?

    Yeah, the recovery room post-op is not the most fun part of this experience, but it'll be over before you know it. We all have variations on a theme in our experiences, and it's a toss up what you'll feel and experience. I had no nausea (ever, still to this day, thank my lucky stars), but I was pretty uncomfortable/in pain from trapped gas up around my shoulders. My throat was also really sore from the intubation, and that actually took a week to fully heal. I did not have to drink anything for a leak test, in fact I wasn't allowed to put anything in my mouth other than my Biotene spray until sometime the next day when I was started on one ounce cups of water.
  15. How much fat do you eat?

    You and I are pretty much date twins, so I obviously don't have any veteran or sage advice, but I definitely don't stress about fat at the moment. I keep my protein high, my carbs low, and my total calorie count within a range I feel comfortable with, and let the fat numbers fall where they may. I actually prefer the low fat versions of milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt (although never fat free! ew!), and I do buy block and shredded cheese made with 2% milk a lot, as I get more protein for the same amount of calories (since there's less fat.) I think it tastes just fine. I definitely don't worry about the fat content of my meat, though: if my calorie and protein goals are good for the day, then I'm good with it. Also, my desire for crunch has been fairly satisfied with pickles. Mmmm, pickles. I get either the big refrigerated dill halves, or I buy the Vlasic "no sugar added" bread & butter pickle spears that use artificial sweeteners. They're delicious.