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  1. kristinwitha_k

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

  2. kristinwitha_k

    I am not sure what i should eat. 2 years PO

    (Psst, @Boho Rosy, my diet looks a LOT like yours. You're not alone.)
  3. kristinwitha_k

    That feel when.....

    Obviously I am nowhere near close to 11 years out, but I also have never thrown up. (And I almost never did so pre-op, either.) Twice I have either eaten something dense too fast or too big a bite and I really wanted to throw it up but couldn't, so I just was absolutely miserable for a good 20 minutes if not more. Vomiting: not the solution.
  4. kristinwitha_k

    Saggy skin

    Ack, so excited for you!!! Welcome to the Century Club. You're amazing.
  5. kristinwitha_k

    That feel when.....

    So I wasn't there for this conversation (obviously!) and only you know, but is it possible there was an unspoken "and that would be terrible" tacked on to the end of her statement? I can totally imagine myself saying something like "well, I *could* eat more, but then I'd throw up" meaning, "I could eat more, but then I'd be sick and miserable" and not as an actual solution to overeating. Possible? I think the original tone is everything. I think you're totally right to check in with her on this, because if she did mean it as a solution to overeating, that is definitely disordered.
  6. kristinwitha_k

    Saggy skin

    Saggy skin is entirely individual, based on how much weight you're losing, how long you've been carrying it around, and your personal genetics and skin elasticity. Typically, everyone has loose skin to some degree: your body has literally made extra skin and it won't unmake it. Whether it's a "problem" is also really individual. It can feel heavy, or chafe; it can also... not. Don't worry about it. Saggy skin is not a reason to avoid WLS. (Take it from someone who has plenty of it.) And no, there's really not anything you can do. Muscle tone can minimize the appearance, but won't make it go away. People typically either have it removed or learn to love it.
  7. kristinwitha_k

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Cruel twist of fate, I guess! I've found there's very little information out there on the internet about removal of extra skin on your calves, because so many heavy people still manage to have stick legs. I have always had really big calves and ankles, and hoo boy is the extra skin and loose fat there a problem. Learning to deal with it is a struggle right now. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm really mostly very happy with how I look, snide comments about my ankles aside.
  8. kristinwitha_k

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thanks, @NerdyToothpick! Yep, I cut my hair into a pixie about 4 or 5 years ago. Every once in a while I contemplate growing it out again but I honestly don't think I'd make it very far. Ha. I am way too low maintenance for having hair. Thanks to you, too, @CheeringCJ! I admit I never shied away from horizontal strips. Oops. Haha. I am confident you could rock the ISH out of them. Just do it!
  9. kristinwitha_k

    What a difference a year makes !!!

    What an amazing year, @tracyringo! You should be so proud of yourself. You look great.
  10. kristinwitha_k

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Love the hair, @Cardamom77!!!
  11. kristinwitha_k

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I went to Old Navy for a tank top, and walked out paying full price for this romper, but I couldn't help myself. I LURVE it. (You can see my hateful chubby ankles but I'm trying to care less about that. I think someday I'll be able to lipo those down.)
  12. kristinwitha_k

    Tough love? Talk me down!

    Glad you're doing better, @Cardamom77 -- it's interesting to see how those of us from the November group are now on to our next set of struggles. The honeymoon isn't over, yet, but as we inch ever closer to our 1-year marks, it legit becomes a lot harder! I've been doling out tough love a few times lately here, but I need some of, too. I've had too many days in the past few weeks where I'm at a catered event, and end up indulging far more than I should. I ate two mini scones today. (Although avoided the afternoon cookies/cake, at least? Small victories?) I need to revoke the permission I gave myself to step outside the lines at these sorts of things. Just because it's not a "regular" day doesn't mean I'm not responsible for staying on my plan to the best of my ability.
  13. kristinwitha_k

    August 23 ( Newbie)

    CHEAT DAY RECIPES? Wut? Welcome to the forum, @never2late! It's lovely here.
  14. kristinwitha_k

    Meal Too Big

    I was eating 800 calories at 4 months out, and only sometimes hit 1100 at 8 months out. And I weigh 30 pounds more than you do right now. I'm not going to tell you how much or how little to be eating, but just a comparison for you. I hope your nutritionist has some insights. I would really look hard at your statements that you were hungry 10 minutes after eating a burger, and that you "couldn't resist" the mini muffins. 1) Were you actually hungry, or did you just want to eat more, because eating feels and tastes good? 2) You're going to have to resist or you'll be right back where you started. Trust me, it doesn't get easier as you get further out.
  15. kristinwitha_k

    Meal Too Big

    THIS RIGHT HERE. I loved the way it felt to have my stomach full. That warm and cozy feeling is long gone -- being full after bariatric surgery will never feel that way (at least it hasn't yet for me). Stop trying to achieve it.