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  1. kristinwitha_k

    November "Knockouts" (thanks Cheering CJ!) - How you doin'?

    Love all the body-pos talk in this thread. Thanks for keeping us all uplifted, @Cardamom77. I am struggling a bit to love my new body though, I have to admit. At my highest weight, I gladly wore skirts/dresses and short sleeves, and said TO HELL with anyone who cared what my arms and legs looked like. But, since I carried so much weight in my extremities (I'm for sure an ovoid!), I have a lot of extra skin in both places. My calves especially make me pretty shy about showing them off. I feel like it flags me as a former fat(ter) person. Working on this, y'all. It's harder than I thought it would be. Like everyone else, my weight loss slowed dramatically after month six, but the scale still moves, so I can't complain. I've been in a bit of an epic stall for the past two weeks now, at least, but I put on a pair of pants I bought at a local consignment shop that barely buttoned before and they're nearly wearable now, so I KNOW things are happening in there, whether the scale shows it or not. (The pants were too cute to pass up, and hey: I'll fit in them eventually!) Also, I'm exhausted today, so more run-on sentences ahead! I'm not going back to fix that one. I'm also finding it harder to stay on track in the evenings. I want to have a snack, but can't seem to find the snack that I will enjoy enough to make it worth eating, but not so much that I'll be tempted to have two of them. My food lawyer is as convincing in her closing arguments as ever. But also, if a really *bad* day means I had 1300 calories, I can't complain about that too much either. My pre-surgery self would have thought that was a GREAT day. Most days I eat between 1000-1100 calories. My carb count has gone up with my calorie count, but I try to keep them really healthy carbs (veggies, fruit, the occasional whole grain like farro). Summer has also meant an endless string of work retreats and conferences and weekend outings with friends, and while I feel pretty good about the choices I make at those things, not knowing the exact macros of what I ate for the day always stresses me out a bit. Should I still have my snack, even though I don't know how many calories or grams of protein were in my lunch? I still WANT my snack. Oh, the drama. I may have finally crossed some sort of invisible line in the sand, because no fewer than THREE people have asked me in the last week how many pounds I have lost. Say what? No, I'm not going to tell you that. Super personal question. I just smile evasively and say "a lot." I've also run into an interesting phenomenon: does anyone else feel more or less the same? Like, I often find myself saying "oh, well that's easier than it used to be", or catching a glimpse of my reflection in a window or mirror and thinking "geez, who the hell is that?" but I don't know that going about my daily life feels all that different. I don't always feel different in my body. Is that just my brain needing to catch up? It's not that I feel bad, or like I still weight 380+ pounds. I just... I dunno. It's weird. I have for sure stopped telling people this, though, when they ask how I'm feeling. (I was saying, "not all that different!") After a particularly strange reaction, I realized people thought I was saying "I still feel really fat!" which is definitely not what I meant. So now I just say GREAT, THANKS, HOW ABOUT THAT SUBJECT CHANGE!?
  2. kristinwitha_k

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I'm doing great, thanks! I poke my head in every once in a while to comment where I think I might have something to add. Otherwise, been busy with house projects and travel and work stuff. Hit 100 pounds down since surgery very recently, which was fun! In yet another stall at the moment, which is less so. But at this point out, the stalls are just business as usual, eh? So funny how freaked out I used to get.
  3. kristinwitha_k

    REGAIN! I feel out of control.

    I am so sorry those things happened to you. You have nothing to be ashamed about - life has handed you some very difficult circumstances, and you're doing the best you can. I think you tell the therapist and the NP what you've told us. Your bariatric office's nurse practitioner has certainly seen regain before, and both the NP and the therapist can help you make a plan. (If your therapist judges you, then that wasn't the right therapist. Don't be afraid to try again if the first one isn't a fit.) I think you've taken the necessary first steps by scheduling those appointments, and by coming here to tell your story. Be kind to yourself while you get this figured out. You are not a failure, you just took a little detour. You might want to think about getting in to see your primary care provider. They can get you on some antidepressants if you and your doctor agree they would be helpful. I've taken Zoloft daily for years. It's okay to need the boost. Some people might suggest to you something like a 5 day pouch test, but honestly I think you need to get into the therapist and the doctor and get your mood stabilized first. Hang in there, you've got this.
  4. kristinwitha_k

    Blood work

    Daaang! So happy for you! I just got my first bloodwork back, too, and all is normal. Well, my B12 is a little high, so I'm being cut back to an every-other-day supplement, but that's better than a deficiency. High five!!
  5. kristinwitha_k

    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Mine was J. Crew! I have already spent more money than I should be spending on clothes that won't fit for very long, simply because I CAN. You look so cute! I love the monochrome. You look like a sunset.
  6. kristinwitha_k

    I really need to catch up on fluids

    I posted my schedule as a suggestion of how to set a schedule - if you're only 3 or 4 months out, yours would look different. Don't take my 20 oz as any sort of recommendation of how much you should be drinking in any given period of time. I'm almost 8 months out, it doesn't take me long to get in 20 oz. If you replaced my 20 oz with 10 oz you'd be at 60 for the day. With 15, you'd be at 90. Catch my drift? Also, each of those time frames for 20 oz is 2ish hours (although my commute is only 45 minutes.) If you can do 10 ounces of shake in 15 minutes, an hour to drink 20 oz seems reasonable to me. Do you find plain water harder to get down? I do, so everything I drink is decaf iced tea or Mio/Dasani drops in water.
  7. kristinwitha_k

    I really need to catch up on fluids

    I also don't wait 30 minutes before eating after drinking (but always wait at least 45 after... that's my comfort zone). There's absolutely no way it takes 30 minutes for water to leave my sleeve. I give it 5-10 usually, long enough to grab and prepare/heat up whatever I'm going to eat. I find it really helpful to have a schedule for drinking, so I know early on in the day whether I'm behind or on track. My schedule: 20 oz on my drive to work, breakfast, 20 oz, lunch, 20 oz, afternoon snack, 20 oz, another 20 oz on my drive home from work. That's 100 right there, and sometimes I'll have another 20 oz after I have dinner and my evening snack, if I feel like it. Obviously you don't have to follow my schedule, but having any schedule will keep you on track.
  8. kristinwitha_k

    It makes me very uncomfortable...

    If that's the vibe amongst your friends, then I say have at it! It's just something to keep in mind with acquaintances or coworkers. And honestly, I don't think any less of someone if they don't compliment me in the "right" way, it just might make me uncomfortable. I REALLY don't like the size or shape of my body being commented on, regardless of what it is, so I might be somewhat of an anomaly in this regard.
  9. kristinwitha_k

    It makes me very uncomfortable...

    I heard the distinction made somewhere, and I try to follow it myself, between complimenting people on their choices rather than on their bodies, if that makes sense. So "I love the color of that sweater" is much better than "that sweater makes you look so tiny." Commenting on someone's clothes, or glasses, or make-up (as in how they've applied it) or even a choice of a new haircut are really affirming, and comments about body size and the like make people feel examined. I'm sure you're probably doing just fine. I'd love to stop the "you look great" and "you just keep getting smaller all the time" comments, as well meaning as they are, but... people think it's rude not to say something. So I smile and thank them and move on, unless it gets really obtrusive.
  10. kristinwitha_k

    Why no carbonated drinks post SG

    I found carbonated water to be uncomfortable every time I tried it in the first few months, but I'm fine now, particularly if I pour it into a glass with some ice to take out the fizz. Like straws, I think this is another of those absurd WLS bugaboos.
  11. kristinwitha_k

    Six Months Out and Hey from Italy!

    Thanks everybody for the lovely responses and support! ( @Gretta, @Res Ipsa, @Readytobeme, @Jen581791, @Lankyliz, @CheeringCJ, @Kio, @BurgundyBoy, @EMHMaine, @xmandy - sorry for the group tag but it's easier to just respond to everyone at once. ) I got back a week ago today and am now, after dropping water weight all week, down 8 pounds from my pre-trip weight. Some of that I was due to lose before I left (the way my cycle works) and surely some of that is from this last week, but I feel pretty damn good about 8 pounds in a month, considering... Getting back on track hasn't been picture perfect, but it hasn't felt impossible, either. It's nice to feel so relatively in control - to just say no, this is how I eat now, regardless of whatever junk I put in my body on vacation. I'm still getting over the last dregs of carb cravings, but things are coming along. I also ended up with a UTI, which may have been in part because of how much I struggled with fluids. That was NO FUN. (I also suffered from various weird afflictions throughout: a sun allergy rash, a stye, the heaviest period I've had in a decade, and some mystery bug bites. But I loved every second regardless!) @BurgundyBoy - I absolutely agree that gelato is a protein source. I like the way you think. It was nice to be traveling with people who didn't mind sharing, because we would get a medium cup for the three of us and that was really all the more I needed. Twice I decided I needed my own cup, and both times I regretted it (sometimes I'm a slow learner... ha). @xmandy -- thanks! I love my short hair. I always encourage people who want to do it to go for it. It's hair, it grows back!
  12. kristinwitha_k

    Six Months Out and Hey from Italy!

    Hey everyone! Short update from Florence about 2/3rds of the way through my trip and on my official six month surgiversary. I was a total Girl Scout for the first week, loosened my restrictions in the second, and am now throwing caution to the wind. But hey: it's Italy. Plus: if I have to eat one more sliced meat and cheese plate I'm going to throw it at someone's head. Also: why do Europeans eschew ice? My stomach hates room temperature water. High weight: 387ish. Current weight: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (250ish, give or take? Haven't weighed in 2 weeks now.) The clothes you see below are all Old Navy 16/18 or J.Crew XXL or XL. I miss my hair. :-( Hope everyone is doing great! I haven't been reading any updates, will have a lot of catching up to do when I get back...
  13. kristinwitha_k

    How long for incision pain to go away?

    I had a sleeve, but perhaps my experience is still relevant? Took me a week to get off regular painkillers, but probably another week before I didn't have any twinging at all from my big incision point. (With the sleeve they remove your stomach, so there is one incision that's larger and takes longer to stop hurting, I believe.)
  14. kristinwitha_k

    Rewiring of brain

    I was just attempting to talk to a non-WLS friend about this phenomenon the other day, and of course she just didn't. get. it. I'm having to feed my mom and my aunt this week when they come into town (we're all going to Italy together this weekend), and I have been really struggling to figure out how much food to make for them. How much food is the right amount of food for a person with a normal stomach anyway? I'm really struggling to figure it out. If I make too much we can just freeze the rest, but what if I make too little? That's my worry. I also see commercials for chain restaurants on TV and I look at the plates of food and think to myself "OH MY GOD a person cannot possibly eat that much!" But of course, they can (whether they should or not is another question), and I used to eat that much myself. If not more.
  15. kristinwitha_k

    An update.....and my new job

    You do have to unhook it to use the bathroom but I don't find it even remotely difficult to do, and I've still got plenty of pounds on you. Ha. I think you would be just fine. The edges are all non-elastic which is why no bulging. I wear it allll the time.