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  1. Thanks, everyone! In my mom's defense, it's not so much that she doesn't think my face changed now that she has evidence to the contrary, it's that she had forgotten just how much it changed. I showed her the photos after she said that, and we had a good laugh. It's fun to feel pretty. It's fun to flirt with guys I think are cute and have them flirt back. What a crazy new world to live in.
  2. Like so many of us, life has gotten so busy for me that I just don't find myself here so often anymore. How is everyone? I've had an emotional rollercoaster of a week, but my friend sent me a group photo we took yesterday at a paint and sip party, and I was so happy with how I looked that I thought hey: maybe time to post to TT and remind myself of how far I've come. I also would like to say to all the newbies: you don't have to reach your goal weight to be happy and satisfied with where you are. I still think sometimes I'm going to try to lose these last 30 pounds to get to onederland, and maybe someday I will, but life is so good right now regardless. I *plan* to eat 1400 calories every day, which gives me room to occasionally slip up and not derail. Mini cupcakes in the kitchen? Why not? One isn't going to kill me. Especially since I go to 9Round and sweat my a-ess-ess off nearly every day. Kickboxing has made me so strong. A trainer called me one of the most fit people in the club the other day, and I about fell over. Me? Whoa. Happy to be on this side. Happy to be alive and healthy and all those good things. HW: 387ish (probably higher, but I don't have a record of that); size 26/28 CW: 228 (but like, with SO MUCH MORE muscle); mostly a 14 (sometimes a 16, not yet ever a 12; working on that) My mom tried to tell me that my face hadn't changed that much, she thought. I laughed and sent her this succession of photos (before surgery, 6 months post-op, 18 months post-op): Full body before: And after:
  3. Thanks for the ideas, @Kio and @BurgundyBoy! I ended up doing the old piece of shapewear today since I haven't had a chance to go shopping and it worked well. Will have to go looking for some extra long and extra tight layering pieces. Sigh. I wouldn't trade the floppy for the fat, but it is just one more thing to have to deal with, no?
  4. Anyone have any recommendations? My stomach in particular is giving me trouble - there's enough fat still there that it really flops around when I'm doing anything that's higher impact (today was jumping rope) and it's not just awkward, it's uncomfortable. I've seriously thought about wearing an old piece of shapewear that's starting to get too big, because I'm not convinced a compression t-shirt would stay put if I'm also being really active with my arms. What do you do?
  5. This sounds ROUGH. I'm so sorry. Sounds like I need to be way more careful about taking probiotics. I never worried much about it, because I was never sick. I do NOT want to start down this path. Yikes.
  6. Ha, perhaps we are crazy. :-) Thanks for chiming in, @msmarymac and @athenarose. I do actually hope you're right and that this is more of an unfortunate confluence of events than a trend. I just used to nearly brag about my iron immune system - I *never* got sick - and it's so strange to feel like a human Petri dish lately. I did have a really heavy period and was traveling twice over the last few weeks which definitely increased my stress levels and could have made me more susceptible. Im not a fan of antibiotics, either, but I've had this cold for two and a half weeks, and the sinus pain started 5 days ago and has only been getting worse. I almost had to have surgery on my sinuses in high school from recurring infections, so I got a bit nervous.
  7. Thanks for the info! 36k for just the facelift, huh? Yikes, indeed. Does that include hospital stays and anesthesia and the whole shebang, or is that just the surgeons fee? I actually want to prioritize my arms and legs, since they keep clothes from fitting correctly. Kind of a bummer to hear your surgeon says not to. I guess we will see what happens! Kaitlin said I could schedule a consult after one year, just to get an idea of how this might play out. Luckily, I CAN get a lot of time off work or work from home. Plus I have a total desk job. Keep us posted on your results! I totally thought I wouldn't care about the skin, but am finding I am much more vain than I thought. :-)
  8. This IS exciting! Dr. Nagle did my sleeve, too. Any chance you feel comfortable sharing what your procedures are costing you? I'd like to start preparing. I know I'm going to want the whole shebang -- possibly even starting with a facelift.
  9. Hey friends! Long time no chat. I am on antibiotics right now for a sinus infection. I was on antibiotics two weeks ago for strep throat. And back in June for a UTI. I don't remember being on antibiotics since they tried to give them to me when I actually had mono six years ago; before that it was college (like, 20 years ago!) Three times in four months seems like a LOT. Is this purely coincidental or did anyone else notice that their body's immune system changed? It's hard not to see them as related, but if no one else says 'me too' I will totally accept this as a fluke. Plus some of you I know are medical professionals and may be like, that's totally not how that works, Kristin. I will accept that, too.
  10. (Psst, @Boho Rosy, my diet looks a LOT like yours. You're not alone.)
  11. Obviously I am nowhere near close to 11 years out, but I also have never thrown up. (And I almost never did so pre-op, either.) Twice I have either eaten something dense too fast or too big a bite and I really wanted to throw it up but couldn't, so I just was absolutely miserable for a good 20 minutes if not more. Vomiting: not the solution.
  12. Ack, so excited for you!!! Welcome to the Century Club. You're amazing.
  13. So I wasn't there for this conversation (obviously!) and only you know, but is it possible there was an unspoken "and that would be terrible" tacked on to the end of her statement? I can totally imagine myself saying something like "well, I *could* eat more, but then I'd throw up" meaning, "I could eat more, but then I'd be sick and miserable" and not as an actual solution to overeating. Possible? I think the original tone is everything. I think you're totally right to check in with her on this, because if she did mean it as a solution to overeating, that is definitely disordered.
  14. Saggy skin is entirely individual, based on how much weight you're losing, how long you've been carrying it around, and your personal genetics and skin elasticity. Typically, everyone has loose skin to some degree: your body has literally made extra skin and it won't unmake it. Whether it's a "problem" is also really individual. It can feel heavy, or chafe; it can also... not. Don't worry about it. Saggy skin is not a reason to avoid WLS. (Take it from someone who has plenty of it.) And no, there's really not anything you can do. Muscle tone can minimize the appearance, but won't make it go away. People typically either have it removed or learn to love it.
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