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  1. Mrs.NA

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I have a couple of NSV. 1: traveling on an airplane. Pre-surgery the first thing I always did when sitting down was to extend the seatbelt to its fullest so that when I buckled it, it would actually fit around me. This trip, I put the buckle fearlessly around my hips not knowing how small the person before me was and each plane still having room left in the belt. 2: hotel towels - I used to think hotels were stupid for making towels so small, but the last few stays I’ve had no issues wrapping the towel all the way around my body... and adding to that, the place we’re staying right now has those tiny little robes... that also fit!
  2. Mrs.NA


    Sorry I’m a little late to the forum here, but congratulations! Welcome to onderland I’m very happy for you... and your toes look great
  3. Mrs.NA

    Down 200lbs!!!!

    Wow @AustinJ Your progress is absolutely amazing! You must be incredibly proud of where all your hard work has taken you. I’m so happy for you
  4. Mrs.NA

    6 months post op

    Thanks everyone!
  5. Mrs.NA

    6 months post op

    @CheeringCJ thank you so much. I was so happy to get on the scale and realize my bmi was “normal”. As for the swimsuit, this was a two piece that had a good hold plus a skirt... flatness is a complete illusion lol.
  6. Mrs.NA

    6 months post op

    The first photo is one week before surgery in September, and the others are from vacation in March.
  7. I just got my blood work results and my B12 is high. I was quite surprised as this is something I don’t always remember to take and I thought it was why I’m losing so much hair. I won’t hear back from my surgeons office until after the holidays so I thought I would check to see if anyone here has had the same thing. Is this something to be concerned about?
  8. Mrs.NA

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Warning TMI NSV of the week... pre-surgery I went regularly to an aesthetician to have some of my more private areas hygiene taken care of as I couldn’t reach and maneuver well enough without it being an entire workout. I hadn’t gone since surgery as my schedule was just too all over the place to time an appointment. Anyway, I just discovered that I can do all the waxing and trimming myself without getting winded or over exerting myself. Soryy forthe TMI, it was just so exciting to be able to take care of myself
  9. I really didn’t think it would be quite so exciting to be an overweight person, but falling under the category of ‘obese’ (ugh, that feels like a dirty word somehow), for so long... litterally most of my adult life makes this a very exciting moment. When I was 19 I had my first child, and shortly after that my weight just accumulated at a crazy fast speed. There was a brief period of time in 2010 that I made it under the 200lb mark, but it wasn’t quite where I am now, and it didn’t last after some stressful events that occurred. Meaning this is the smallest I have been since I was 19 years old. That’s kind of a big deal. My mother and my husband have both been telling me for weeks now that I should stop losing weight. Last night I finally decided to be very direct and told my husband that he couldn’t tell me to stop when I’m just over half way to my goal. I think he understands now that am still not happy with where I am and have a ways to go. But overweight... that color change when I calculate my BMI (which I know is not the most useful tool in the world) that lets me know I have changed from one category to another... it’s just nice. Its been just over 14 weeks and my BMI is down 9.67 points.
  10. I too hated the crushing of the pills. Life improved greatly since I started to take them whole. Just in case you’re not allowed to do this yet, I did find that sugar free pudding was the best for masking the nasty, nasty taste of them.
  11. Mrs.NA

    3 months post op update

    Thank you guys <3
  12. Mrs.NA

    3 months post op update

    So I did my full measurements and I’m a little shocked. Lost inches goes: Bust - 7 Waist -10 hips - 7.5 wrists - .75 forearms - 2 upperarms - 3 thighs - 11.25 calf - 4 neck - 1.5 bum - 7 for a total of 54” off my body in 57.7lb and I’m also in onederland! It feels great. It also feels like I have not changed at all... but seeing these numbers feels great
  13. Hello everyone! So it has been 3 months since surgery and everything is going pretty well... I am now down 57.7lb since surgery in September and many inches (I’m not sure the exact total) including 9 inches off my waist. Sometimes im still having trouble figuring out how to eat and end up hurting myself. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to resist a chocolate or cookie and I cave (I’m working on this). My hair is falling out in amounts I was not quite prepared to see. And my 3 month blood work is done but not back yet. Overall would I do it again?... in a heartbeat, which I’m sure everyone here knows very well. Anyway, that’s all for now <3
  14. Mrs.NA

    Too much to do

    So I’ve been volunteering at a local church for almost a year now serving people hot lunches almost every week. Over the summer I did cooking for a couple of the meals myself, and really enjoy helping.. so of course I offered to volunteer for the Christmas dinner this year. This is when I found out that the coordinator was stepping down this year and they were looking for her replacement. I remember my brain saying ‘no! That’s too much’ while my mouth was saying “sure, I’ll take it over”. So here we are a few weeks away and it’s kind of hitting me that I’ve never coordinated anything in my life, never been to the church Christmas dinner so have no idea what it will look like or how it functions, and I have 1 week to raise $1200 in order to give our regular patrons who are in need some gift cards for Christmas... oh yes... and I need to make sure 150 people get fed. Of course I’ll do my best, but just starting to feel a little overwhelmed with it all on little sleep and not much time for my real life with a spouse and two kids to think about. Thanks for letting me vent that TTF fam!
  15. Thank you @BurgundyBoy It really felt like it took forever... and I noticed that my stall was lasting extra long until I cut the carbs