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  1. 5 days post-op Doc trying to get me to go full liquids but can hardly tolerate anything but clear!
  2. Hi All, My surgery is is scheduled for Monday 8/14/17. so I am like on Day 11 of the pre-op mostly liquid & veggies (some fruit) diet. I have lost like 15lbs/7kg but I have had recent bouts of a feeling like I am going to pass out a few times. I have checked blood sugars (lower but ok) and blood pressure. Anyone else have this? Secondly, after tomorrow I am liquid only. I was thinking of slightly cheating tomorrow with some lean meat. I don't want to but I am feeling deprived and obviously a little weak and hungry. james vsg 8/14/17 HW 369 CW 351 GW ???180
  3. Thanks @kayak19 for the tip on food tray inspection!
  4. Begging to get scared.

    So Mike, just share my decision making process-for the record I have my VSG on Monday (6 days). I am mid-40s with a young child 4 years old. I have battled weight my whole life. I probably was only fit in high School and college (Go Duke!) I have hypertension, high cholesterol , diabetes (4 shots a day), kidney issues, etc.. so that coupled with the fact that my father died at 54 from cardiac issues this was a no brainer for me. However, I am ever the analyst- I listed out pros and cons did weightings and risk charts and all that told me was the same thing your common sense would. Now I haven't had my surgery just yet but in only the pre-op diet I have reduced my insulin intake significantly. It just shows change can happen and for me it's all quality of life. I pray everything goes well but I know I made the best decision I could with data I had. Good luck !
  5. I am just 6 days away from Sleeve surgery. I noticed that at the end of week 1 of pre-op diet I am having headaches too. However I think it's just hunger/carb withdrawal. I am hoping it will pass. I'll tell you what I am pretty concerned about post-op day 1 and being NPO in hospital ( no food by mouth). People have told me that horrible. jamesbert Vsg 8/14/17 HW 369 CW 352 GW 180