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  1. I been craving so bad something crunchy, and SPICY. I been doing really good on keeping myself away from other foods and over eating the fact I can only consume 1.5 0z food once it reaches down there i will feel pain, once I feel pain I stop eating. I never finish my 2 oz food
  2. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. So far so good. No complications, everything has been really smooth for me. The only thing that I'm having trouble is keeping my self from eating spicy, crunchy food. Is so hard this 12 days has been hell food wise. I'm so disgusted of broth big time.
  3. Yes i am! i can't wait i pretty much have everything ready and been reading lots of information/books to be well inform on what to do on my post op process.
  4. sorry to hear that yeah i totally understand you my first vitamin pill was last week and it tasted disgusting but now it has been couple days i can now tolerate the taste and i'm okay drinking them now. So how's your experience with Dr. Callery?
  5. that's very true however i have had tried so many different options to lose weight and i probably did lost couple pounds but that's just about it. I been doing this for so many years and i notice my only problem i have is my precious stomach pouch it doesn't get full it takes for ever to tell me when its full and when it tells me it's when its about to explode!
  6. gosh now i have to buy more.. then i bought them all without making sure they were the right ones.
  7. i love it! thank you so much for replying to me.. I totally agree with you. From the bottom of my heart i now feel i'm ready to have this surgery. Despite the risks there might be i still want to do this and praying i will be one of the good odds of the statistics. About Health 5 months ago when i started my six month process my blood work came back with high levels from my cholesterol i was afraid when i was told about this so my doctor told me to immediately stop consuming fried food and believe i did stop i didn't want to get sick and then 2 months ago all my blood levels came out o
  8. hi Goodmorning @lightenupwoman wow i didn't know Asia had it too? that's interesting to know what do they eat right hehe. you had me laughing where you said your hubby did ham and you wanted to punch him haha. let me tell you i been watching what i eat since the beginning of this month and where i work most of the times there's potlucks going on and i hate it when i say no and they still bring me a served plate and leave on my desk even though i had told them no thanks! my surgery is around the corner i'm happy and scared.
  9. hi everyone just wanted to share that i took my fist muli vitamin today and guess what it tasted disgusting it literally came back up when i couched and i almost vomit i had to cover my mouth because i didn't want to vomit the vitamin and so i forced it go down again. it's a huge pill omg how in the world am i going to drink that pill after surgery? anyone else did or drank something else? or maybe i got disgusted because i dranked it around 7:30 am without eating breakfast??
  10. thanks. yeah and that's what it frightens me. Hopefully it won't happen to me and i will try my best to avoid having complications by taking all my vitamins and eating accordingly and speaking of which this morning i started my pre-op diet and taking vitamis today and guess what i almost threw up i drank a multi vitamin pill it was huge and for some reason it came back up omg i had to cover my mouth and let it back down. i wonder how am i going to drink those huge pills after surgery? i will ask my surgeon on thursday.
  11. wow i love how informative you're statement is i love it and you're absolutely right. i just turned 30 3 months ago and believe that hit me big time to realize years had passed by and yet i'm still fat i been fat since i was 7 years old a lot to it has to do with my childhood but uhm i don't want to share all that negativity right here but i now want to do something about me. i want to be able to be active and look good most importantly for my kids i have 4 that need me 24/7
  12. Hi thank you for replaying! yes you're absolutely right. my parents have health issues, my dad has heart problems the side of his family they'all have diabetes 1, 2 cancer and my mom has diabetes oh and my dad was just diagnose with Parkinson
  13. Thanks for your feedback that's true though but that doesn't take away my concerns of waking up something I didn't intend too.
  14. Hi everyone my name is Jackie I'm from San Diego, ca. My surgeon is Dr.Callery. surgery date 8/23/17. The real concern is that despite the overweight i have on my body I have 0 health issues always been sick free I rarely get sick of the common flu you know and I read stories of people going under bariatric surgery and having multiple health issues afterwards. Any one else here had surgery with Dr.callery? I need feedback please.
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