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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! Which protein shake did you find that you like?
  2. @TammyP yesterday after I wrote that my family ended up making a "game" out of the aspirator (probably is the name), my 21 y/o daughter really tried hard and got to 2500, my husband similar, only two were 2 athletic friends of daughter that got above 3500 almost to 5000! I feel better about that part now. Re: CPAP - I was diagnosed before the surgery and couldn't sleep well with it then either, I know it is a MD question and I will figure it out, truth be told, I'm really hoping the weight loss will improve my sleeping / sleep apnea or eliminate it altogether, sometimes it does. Tried a little decaf coffee in my shake the other day and didn't even get through it - so, no caffeine currently
  3. @Cadoddle I can relate to some of your frustration, and in my case, I felt things changed for a reason and am really glad they did. At first my insurance required the 6 months of consecutive md supervised weight loss, I went through every single step, meeting, appointment..... surgery was scheduled for 6/29/17, I had all of my PREOP testing done, got a call about a week before surgery that due to a technicality between insurance company / medical provider / my personal employer health insurance - that I will go into if someone wants me to but will leave out the gory details for this post - they could not do the surgery. I spent about two days really upset and trying to move a mountain and then finally said OK, if insurance will not cover this facility but WILL cover this facility (further away) guess I will check it out. Did so and after some really great people going above and beyond to help make it happen, I had my sleeve this past Tuesday. I felt really good about it, nothing bad about the other provider or place, but the second one was different and I liked it even more. Also, some personal challenges at the same time as the denial - made me sure the change was for the better. Good Luck!! Sometimes you have to get through the incompetence with grace to find the super competent stars that will help you soar, that was my experience and I wish you the very best!!!! @TammyP I feel like some of our experiences were similar, I was also borderline but due to the sleep apnea, it put me over, don't want to say thankful for it, but, I battled that 100 lbs for decades up and down and I never had a steady weight my entire adult life! I'm curious about your oxygen / cpap experiences since the surgery if any? I was diagnosed prior and brought my cpap to hospital but during my recovery period my pulse ox kept dipping when I was sleeping. Finally they let me go home but had to have oxygen hooked into my cpap at home for sleep at night. Here's the bad part, I haven't been able to use it one night (been home for 3 nights) I'm so wide awake (due to lack of energy to be very active during the day I think) but I lay awake forever and finally take it off and eventually sleep without it. Also they said that I needed to expand my lungs more and they sent me home with thing to blow into (think they may have called it an "inspired breathing" apparatus) well, they wanted me to get up to 3000 or 3500 on that and I haven't got much past 1500 on that either. I know these sound like questions for a doc, jw if you had any of this as well.
  4. @NerdyLady I think it is amazing that you are so involved, you have done such an amazing job, so close to your goal in a relatively short time, a true inspiration! It's easy to read and ask for help when you are four days post op like me, but when you are months or years in like you, and many other members, and life is moving along great, taking the time to help the people behind you is great! Quick question, what is NSV?
  5. Thank you all for your kind welcome. This forum was a real lifeline today, I read so much, it really served double purpose, it distracted me from thinking about eating and I got a lot of great ideas and information. (Normally I would DO stuff, but still low energy and sore from surgery) I made a shake I drank before WLS which included SVELTE Cappucino protein drink, 4 oz coffee (used decaf this time) some fat free milk, sugar free French vanilla creamer and ice, I really loved it before. Today, I could only get maybe 4 oz total down before I felt some heartburn type feeling and just didn't feel great so I quit. Looking forward to more energy in the upcoming days and reading more about all of you and trying to figure out the best way to navigate this site! On the plus side, I've had no nausea (SO THANKFUL), down a few lbs and pretty much tolerating everything and feeling better each day.
  6. Quick intro - I started this journey after 20 years of yo yo ing +100 lbs, usually in 20,30, 40, 50 lb increments. - Mom to 4 adult kids and Nana to 9 grand kids, great supportive spouse. I tried everything but found a great trainer and started getting "healthy" about 1 1/2 years ago. Still couldn't touch the weight, finally on my 58th birthday, I said, at this rate, I will be thin by the time I am dead!!! I had a client and a friend that had the surgery and I began my research. In the 8 months of this journey a lot has happened in my life and a month before my surgery my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, had a heart attack, my full time assistant was offered a job she could not refuse - life gave me every reason to quit or give up possible. Somehow I did not, I have the most amazing support network out there and they encouraged me to keep on. All I really want is to be the best I am capable of being. period. I want to be healthy enough to enjoy fully my family and including runnning and playing with little ones. I "stumbled" upon this site while looking for answers being fairly new to this area. It has been very helpful and I'm thankful you are there. Don't know what specifically I have to offer, but I am sure I will be referring frequently. I am not super techy, so don't even know if I'm doing the "intro" right - wow do I sound old. I feel a little alone out there, I had been with one surgical group and had to change to another after completing 6 months of qualifications due to insurance issue, was super frustrated, started over with a group over an hour away from my home and I don't know them well, but they've been great so far. Just so many questions . . . .I'm going to list a few and if anyone has any input, feel free to let me know, I'm sure many of the answers are on these pages but haven't found yet . . . 1) I didn't expect the hunger, not in my stomach, in my brain. WOW, mid summer - come home from hospital and of course everything everyone does seems to revolve around food - this is a rhetorical question obviously, but when people talk about foods I love or I see them in person or on TV, I psychologically still really want them, not sure how I didn't see that truck coming, does this go away somewhat with time? 2) I am a coffee lover and I am getting in my 3 protein and 3 protein supplements per day, + the added water, etc., decalf coffee is on the "allowed extras" page, if I put a little sugar free creamer in, would that be OK, didn't think it could be too much different than sugar free pudding, jello, but haven't tried it yet. I'll stop there, nothing quick about it.