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  1. New to Thinner Times :)

    That is def. a good motivator lol oh good idea with the unflavored protein powder I will look up some options for that! Thank you!
  2. New to Thinner Times :)

    @Laura Bee welcome to you and congrats! I agree, the first month is so hard and I find myself sad sometimes but I know it will get better and I keep reminding myself what my goals are and my why! @cinwa @Jen581791 @Trish1967 @Spunkycat @Gretta You all are so welcoming thank you so much for all the shared experiences and advice! I think you guys nailed it.. I am def. not getting enough fluid... I really am struggling. I met with my physician today and she told me I need to find a way to get my protein in.. I just can't eat or drink right now .. everything makes me feel sick but do you guys have any recommendations on protein drinks? I tried muscle milk, slim fast, bariatric advantage and some others and ugh I can't even get through a quarter bottle in a few hours lol I would appreciate any tips on how you guys got in some protein. I think walking I def. need to do more of (I just started walking in the pool this weekend which seems to be okay) and I wil def. take up the suggestion on sipping all day from a bottle to get water in
  3. New to Thinner Times :)

    Hi All! I am Dana and I will be 4 weeks post op. My friend recommend I join this forum. Looking forward to learning more. I feel like I am def. struggling at this stage with getting in fluid and food I just don't feel like I want to try anything. I have been having some nausea this week (which didn't have before) so I am not really sure what thats about but hopefully it will pass too