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  1. Quick Introduction and General Question

    Hi, Even though we have Mayo here in EC, my insurance company requires that I have my surgery at a "Center of Excellence" which is Rochester. Even though my initial appts where in Rochester, my follow up appts will be here in EC. So I shouldn't have to go back to Rochester until my surgery. Thanks for the advice! I was actually thinking about that as we all drink something with our meals. What a change that will be! What about drinking 30mins before a meal?
  2. Quick Introduction and General Question

    Hi, I'm in Chippewa Falls (Lake Wissota). I have the same requirement but Mayo requires 10 dietary sessions that are provided weekly and have to be taken consecutively. As you can see, I'm new to the process, so there may be something that I'm missing, I'll have to ask.
  3. Hello Everyone, I've been watching/reading for a while and now submitting my first general question. First thing, my surgery will be done at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN) and I have already had the following appointments. 1. Endocrinologist Appt - Completed 2. Initial Dietitian Appt - Completed 3. Psychologist Appt. - Completed (Only sat with the Dr. for 45mins, not the 2hrs or had to answer the lengthy questionnaire that I've heard of) 4. Initial Blood work - Completed 5. Remaining - The Mayo Clinic requires that I attend 10 "diet sessions" for a lack of a better term. To start that, I had to meet with another type eating behaviorist. Her questions were more about what triggers me to eat. So my question is around the 6 mos. period. I'll ask in my next appt. but was wondering when does the "official" 6 month period start? Many thanks to everyone for sharing their journey!