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  1. New to the Scene

    Thanks, all! The anti-rejection drugs may make weight loss more challenging, but certainly better than being on dialysis! I'll be on a good deal of prednisone for the duration of the life of the new organs. I hear it makes you ravenous, so that'll be a challenge, but VSG is a tool, and I'm hoping to use it to the fullest extent. I'm about 2-6 months (for average estimate) from receiving my new organs and may have to do dialysis for a bit before - that said with decreased kidney function, it's harder to loose weight. I'm still making mindful choices in what I am eating and doing my best to make healthy changes now.
  2. New to the Scene

    Hey all, My name is Heather. I'm 27 and awaiting a kidney/liver transplant. After the suggestion was made by my surgeon that I'd be a great candidate, I'm pursuing having VSG done at the time of transplant. I've done a lot of research, and it seems to be the best option to set myself up to be as healthy as possible, to keep the new organs kicking! CW-247 H- 5'5.5" Anyone out there with a transplant under their belt, along with gastric surgery?