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  1. I like the cover version of "Signs" that they did. ( Showing my age)
  2. Thank you for sharing, that made my morning, I laughed out loud and hope I did not wake the rest of the house!
  3. I was embarrassed as I had to excuse myself from the meeting 3 times. Never again, I had a feeling someone could relate!
  4. boredstiffcliff


    So I took some breath savers prior to a meeting ( several) , suddenly, my tumbly became rumbly and it was not good for the next half hour, several trips to the rest room. Lesson learned! On another note, I keep moving notches on my belt and my pants are baggy on me. Good will here I come.
  5. I was formally employed as a mystery shopper , I would visit fast food restaurants, eat and then report my findings. ( I am kidding, I did that for leisure)....LOL. I am the Plant manager for an employee owned manufacturer in LA.
  6. Fascinating field! I have told my youngest son that he would make an excellent trial Lawyer as he has a rebuttal for everything. He loves to debate.
  7. Nice to see some stuff for an Old guy can relate to!
  8. Thank you for all of the thoughtful responses! I am new, curious, nervous and I want to succeed. I can see the need to have support and I am not comfortable ( yet) going to a group setting, I know I would feel self conscious even though the room was full of peers. It is hard for me to admit that! I will continue to monitor and ask questions when I have some. Thanks again.
  9. Great topic and lesson, things are still "easy" for me, the weight is falling off and I am not craving anything............Yet. I need to prepare. I had not thought of the triggers. Listen to me almost 3 months in and I think I have this.
  10. I am glad to see you have been here for 2 1/2 years and are doing great. I get your point about people who have never been obese not understanding, it is just very noticeable when you look around the Forum that many long term people have left. That could also be due to the longevity of this board. I hope I did not come across as judging the validity of the board, my initial thought was more of concern that people were moving away from the Forum too early and wondering if they remained successfull. I guess we will never know if someone walks away.
  11. Cinwa - Thanks, I had a feeling that was the case. Would be interesting to know how many remained successful!
  12. I have been looking around this site at topics through the years and have noticed that many members are only here for a year or two and then poof, they are gone. I am new , so am not getting much from a Forum setting/networking. I realize that I am in the "easy" portion or honeymoon period and that the process is working and I am not having difficulty as I am so "new". My question, do most folks realize success after a year or two and no longer need the Forum?
  13. My first reaction when I saw this topic was to think back to the 90's, Jimmy Kimmel had a foolish show and had girls on trampolines.....LOL Trampoline must be an amazing workout.
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