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  1. Hey! Well i've now lost 11 pounds since the op which was about 6 weeks ago. I've had my first fill and currently have 5.5ml in my band. I definitely notice a difference now when i'm eating. I'm full quickly and if I eat too fast I have a horrible feeling in my chest like the food is stuck and I sometimes need to be sick. Hopefully the weight starts to drop off now that i've had my first fill. But yes i'm doing well thanks for asking xxxx
  2. Wow well done!! Hopefully i'll start losing once i've had my fill xx
  3. Thanns Gretta, and how are you getting on if you don't mind me asking? Are you losing 2lb a week with that calorie intake? x
  4. If i'm honest, i'm probably not monitoring it enough. I'm definitely eating much much less than usual and i'm only drinking water and black coffee so no sugary drinks at all which was one of my main problems. How many calories should I be having a day? I'm unsure as a lot of people say different things. I've lost about 2 pounds since the op but I was just expecting more than that. I get my first fill in 2 weeks and I can't wait to feel some restriction as right now I feel like I can eat normally! Any advice is much appreciated! xxx
  5. Hey everyone. I had my gastric band on the 2nd of July. I lost about 17 pounds on my liquid pre op diet but I have barely lost any weight since the op. Is this normal?
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