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  1. I have to agree. I live less than 1/2 hour from Valley Fair (another Cedar property) and my goal this summer (after losing 245 lbs and a penni) was to ride the Renegade, the newest coaster in the park. I went back to riding coasters last summer after a 20 year hiatis, due to being too large. Long story short, after having the penni, I could lock in and ride -- it is still a rush!
  2. Hang tight guys. I am about 2 1/2 years out and am doing wonderful. I can go to Target and buy a full dress wardrobe (no suits) for under $200. At Casul Male it would have been over $$400. I had a penniculectomy this summer (skin removal from the lower abdomen) and can't wait until things settle and the swelling is completely gone. I will be hitting up the stores. I started at a 6XL shirt and 68" waist and now fit comfotably into an XL shirt and 42-44 pants.
  3. I just got my approval last week to have a penni done this summer. I have BCBS of Minnesota and they will cover for medical reasons. And ditto on the embarrassing photos.
  4. Hey, Just checking in. I have sabilized at about 280 (275 - 285) and feel great. Scheduled a penni for this summer, hopefully it goes well. Have'nt been on much lately as life goes on.
  5. Please have a discussion with your sleep clinic. After surgery I was switched to an APAP which automatically sets the correct pressure. It has been wonderful.
  6. Carrie, A lot of Sheldons shirts are available at They have great other products as well. I have to catch up during the summer on Big Bang as it is in conflict with my schedule. I will try to find time to watch the internet availability.
  7. First of all, I am sorry for your loss. Secondly, Stay the course! I too have had difficulty dropping lbs. I am 21 lbs from goal and have not moved in 2 1/2 months (3lbs). The beginning of the school year is always difficult and extremely stressful but use what you have learned. Get out and walk, even if it is 10 min. once or twice a day - it will help.
  8. One of my favorite memories...... so far... was going into Casual Male and being told they did not have my size but could order that SMALLER size if I wanted them to. I got a full wardrobe at Target for school (I teach) for $65 that would have bought 1 pair of pants at CM. I was wearing 5-6X shirts and a 68-70 waist befory surgery and now wear XL shirts and 44 waist (would be 42 if not for extra skin) pants. My issue with big sizes was the pant fit. I am 6' 1" tall and almost every big pair of pants was so short in the crotch that I had no room for my........ When I could finally shop at "regular" stores, it felt great.
  9. I'm still around as well. I have less time with a busier and more active schedule. I have been floating between 270 and 280 for the past 3 months. The doc wants me to lose another 30. Back at it with renewed vigor when school starts in 2 weeks.
  10. I am a 7-12 grade teacher in a small school district. I ask "Why not?". Why not tell others; it is part of my support system to have others know and keep me accountable. I have a great fear of failure, but so far things are going well. The staff is happy for me and the students are excited (they saw me drop a dramatic amount of weight in the past year). I think that part of teaching (especially the high school age group) is to model good behaviors and soultions to life's problems -- with a good attitude and tenacity.
  11. I had a great Wow yesterday! I went to Target for a few groceries and decided to check the sale racks in the mens department. I fit very well in an XL shirt (formally 5X) and 44 waist pants (68s used to be snug) - but I digress, sorry. I bought 2 pairs of pants (chinos) and 4 shirts for $65. The same items would have cost a minimum of $180 last year from the "Big and Tall" store. What a cool feeling!!
  12. I would echo what Karlos is saying. I too lost 75 lbs a month prior to surgery; on a liquid diet. My question was - could I do this forever? (NO) I was a big kid, graduating from high school at 280 lbs and college at 305 lbs. I gained about 75 lbs over the next three years and weighed 380 when I tried my first "program"; dropping to 225 lbs. I gained it all back + 40 more within 3 years. I did another "program" twice later on and lost significant amounts of weight but with the same results over time. About 15 years ago (at 450 lbs), I decided to stop yo-yo dieting because it was harder on my system than just staying heavy. I started to investigate GBS 10 years ago but it was "experimental" and my insurance would not cover it. Using various excuses I waited until a year ago to have GBS and wonder now, why I waited so long. My body has not taken lightly (no pun intended) to the stress and strain; I have degenerative arthritis in my knees, ankles, feet and back. It is not crippling, but is annoying (especially since I am so much more active). I will not tell you what to do - you have to answer your own questions. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  13. One more for the guys, I am 6' 1" tall Pre-surgery - 5X shirts, 68x32 pants Now - XL shirts, 44x32 pants (Waist is 42" but hips are 49" due to extra skin) Shoes - have gone from a 13 EEEEE to a 12 EE (depending on type of shoe) I carry my weight all over.
  14. Welcome to TT, if you have questions, fire away or PM me.