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  1. I've been overweight my entire life so I was excited when my doctor suggested wls for a means to stop the deadly path that I was on. 6 months later, my surgery is now in 2 weeks. I've known about the risks the entire time but the closer it gets the more I'm afraid of something going wrong. I also don't know if I should have the surgery because I am young and haven't consistently stuck to anything long for weight loss so I can't help feeling maybe I should try a new diet. I am only 19 years old, but I am 300 pounds. I don't have any illness and I have good health except for my weight. I was so ready but I am afraid that I have chosen this too early in the same time I also think it might be smart to go through with it before I get seriously ill cause of my weight. I'm afraid of long term risks because I have my entire life ahead of me. I am also worried if this will change everything for me and stop me from being able to live my life. My parents want me to have the surgery and I know it's probably the best choice. I am just so afraid now I also think I still won't be happy with myself. My mom put the new worry of loose skin in my head and I am afraid i'll still be miserable post surgery. Idk if I should wait and try something else or if that will be too late. I have been upset over this for the past few days, as I am struggling greatly with this decision.