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  1. Hello from Pre-op Newbie

    I am amazed at how different each clinic's prescribed "diet" is like. The commonality seems to be grams of protein and ounces of water. However, some prescribe 4-5 small meals, protein shakes, etc. My office calls for 3 meals and NO snacks.
  2. Hello from Pre-op Newbie

    I am having trouble with not drinking before, during and after a meal too. I am also eating with a baby spoon to get used to small bites.
  3. Hello from Pre-op Newbie

    @Michael_A, I would love to hear how you are losing weight pre-surgery! Thanks BurgandyBoy for the good advice regarding documenting my pre-op diet. Thankfully, my bariatric center is very organized and has done a lot of work for me. They created a checklist of all my insurance requirements so it is easy to track where I am in the process.
  4. Hello from Pre-op Newbie

    I have just begun my weight loss journey. My insurance requires 6 months of a physician supervised weight loss program, so I am several months away from surgery.